Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dominator Gets All Gussied UP!

Aw, Alice looked all Purdy!! AJ thanks her and they are all out to dinner at the Metro Court.

Morgan with the roses. ugh.. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrr Will he give her a dress like his dad does for every female he knows? 

ahahahha I KNEW IT!! OMG I'm dying here. And , he also got her a ring.  Which she clearly isn't ready for.

Julian walks into Jake's...while Alexis drinks at the bar. DEJA VU!? Mac DADDY DAY! HE was rolling his eyes at Julian trying to pick up Alexis.

Connie, you idiot.Why didn't you ask Sonny to start a new mag first? WHOOPS. She tries to kill the story
They left a LOT OF PASTA On that table! Geesh!

Liz and AJ are called "Quiz" on twitter, btw. AJ wants to sleep with her. 

Michael and Olivia have  a drink together to commiserate their love lives, which are very similar. 

Sam actually said  she knew Julian was "an active heterosexual" ..WTF is THAT?? ahahhaaa. Ok, so check that database. 
And WHO GOES to the paper for bone marrow info? God, get it on TV-- the internet, anywhere!! PC has a station. 

Music Montage at the end.
Nice paper throw at the end "Kiki is not a Q"!!



  1. An "active heterosexual" was SUCH a weired line lol

  2. hmmm sounds intriguing. Two days in a row of GH watching for me.

  3. Is Michael 21 or did Olivia pour an underager a drink in the restaurant owned by the youths mother?

  4. I think it has been established that Morgan is 19 and Michael over 21.

    Why oh why did I have to watch endless Morgan/Kiki and Connie/Sonny grossness during that montage and only a few seconds of AJ/Liz? Not fair.

  5. I think by saying that Julian was an "active heterosexual," she was trying to emphasize just how futile her search is.

    I ALSO SAW THE PASTA!! What, time for dessert, with all that luscious Sonny-pasta on the plate?? I'LL EAT IT--GIVE IT TO ME (but only if it's gluten-free).

    Connie was very surprised by Sonny's offering to start up a new mag for her, she didn't expect that, and it seems she wouldn't have asked him for that.

    Don't you think that Julian and Alexis would recognize each other? I know it was a dark bar, dark car, and she was only 16, but still--I'll bet she hasn't changed that much. . . .

  6. I think she was trying to be sarcastic saying she knew only 3 things about him. His name is Julian, he is hetero, and he was in New Hampshire at one time. Ill placed humor perhaps.

  7. Seriously, girls. I'm not at all surprised that they didn't recognize each other. Let's all take a look at a picture of ourselves at 16, and then compare it to today. Major differences. And it would be even more obvious in a teenage boy. Add to that the fact that Alexis would have been heavily made up trying to make herself look older. And the hairstyles would have been very different too.

    I've run into guys from high school who recognized me but I didn't have a clue who they were.

    Also that would have been 30 years ago and it was a one night stand.

    Nope...I'm not surprised at all.

    And Kiki...Kiki...Kiki...there's a name for girls who can be bought.

  8. After Brenda, Michael is drinking with Olivia over kiki/starr...

  9. Hey!! Scott Sickles was one of the writers today!!!! :)

    Metrocourt: Awww a little celebrating for Alice! Sweet! :) Oh AJ wants to spend the night with Liz! :) Liz is gun shy awwww! :) Liz I hope you use protection! :) A couple asks Olivia for a table, and she says just sit anywhere?! HUH?! Olivia and Michael scene. Are they going to get drunk and have sex? :)

    Q boathouse When StarKI was walking around, I thought someone was having a dream, the way the camera was moving. Poor Morgan! He tells her he loves her, and she doesn't say it back! The pain on his face! :( I'm glad he gave her an out but she didn't take it!! Oh and with the rings, she is all shocked and says we didn't even talk about the rings! Uh that's what married people do! They wear rings you idiot! DUH! Did you think you weren't going to wear a ring during your wedding?! Idiot.

    StarKi: I love you Captain!

    Translation: I am going to learn to love you Captain! If it kills me!!

    Q home: Liz and AJ going up them stairs to have sex!! :)

    Sonny's home: Oh look! Sonny is going to get dessert, when they haven't even ate their dinner! ROFL! Oh Connie! Yes go sleep with Sonny when you know you should tell him what is going to happen in the morning!

    The hospital: Uh Mcsilas don't wait to get your results until later!! Ava might switch the results! Oh wait. Nevermind! The truth will come out in the morning paper. :) Sam and McSilas together awwww! :) Sam wins the line of the day today!

    Sam: He's an active heterosexual!

    ROFL! Um what?!?!! ROFL! I googled it. :) Scott Sickles did you write that line? :)

    The floating rib: Julian on the phone leaving a message to his sister.

    Julian: Hey sis it's me. Julian.

    Gee how many brothers does Ava have? :) Must be a lot. I guess she is too stupid to recognize her own brother's voice. :) Julian and Alexis scene awesome! Mac rolling his eyes hahaha! Wow Alexis looks older than Julian! Come on Alexis recognize him! :)


    Wow!! I didn't expect they would show morning at the end! :) The newspaper! Kiki NOT a Q! Gee if Todd was running the paper, he would have a catchier and funnier title than just Kiki not a Q!

  10. ah, maybe it was a joke.it sounded so SERIOUS!! LMA

    AJ and LIZ.did it!

  11. Sonya said: " The newspaper! Kiki NOT a Q! Gee if Todd was running the paper, he would have a catchier and funnier title than just Kiki not a Q! "

    I agree. Todd would have had a catchier headline. Maybe...

    Kiki is Q LESS!!

  12. LOL @ "Kiki is Q LESS!!"...that sounds like Todd lol

  13. Di said...I agree. Todd would have had a catchier headline. Maybe...

    Kiki is Q LESS!
    Hahaha! There ya go!!! :)

    Mario4rory said...LOL @ "Kiki is Q LESS!!"...that sounds like Todd lol
    Yeah it does!! Di got in the mind of Todd! :)


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