Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Head Surgeon Sabbatical

I hear GH was awesome this week! Of course, it's the week I pick to be away!! So let's have you all scrub up and answer a few questions:

Did Maxie tell Spin about the baby?

Was Connie's death gruesome!? 

Are the Jr. Mints of TJ et al still MIA?

Where's Britt?

Most important: NAME THE PROP OF THE WEEK!! 

I have a lot of catching up to do next week--and guests in from England Monday (totally messing my schedule ) LOL
Tuesday I'm all GH's...then, it will be Back to WORK! 


  1. Connie still kicking.

    Mediocre week.

    They are 'warlocking' AJ again, and Sonny wants Liv but is torn. He freaked in the elevator and Spin freaked at Ellie for truthtelling, while Maxi was near death.

  2. Ok, I thought this week was really good.
    Maxie didn't get the chance to tell Spinelli. Ellie did though. The baby was born with everybody unaware that Maxie was hemorrhaging. Nice scenes with ghost Goergie followed. When Maxie did finally wake up she frantically wanted HER baby and insisted it was hers and Spinelli's. Another great scene. Friday cliffhanger was Connie with a gunshot wound- not dead yet. Julian/Derek realized that he is Sam's father when Alexis recalled how she conceived Sam to him, which was kind of dumb because he is relatively a stranger.
    Luke and Laura, Felicia, Mac, Sonny and Olivia were all there for birth of baby. Very appropriate and realistic, good scenes.
    AJ was just freaky this week and mean. He threw Jake's death in Liz's face and she hulled off and slapped him. It was so cruel I probably would have spit on him too. SK played being a drunk really well though. While AJ was hallucinating, Chad Duell had some of his best scenes to date. He told AJ to stick a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. Awesome scene.
    Olivia is seeing the dog again right as I was wondering if she lost the ability to have visions anymore. Then she sees a boat load of blood.
    Scene of the week: Spinelli yelling at Ellie about the baby.
    Prop of the week: Toss up between empty vodka bottle, poster in elevator of wolf/dog looking for his mommy, or the actual beautiful baby!


  3. Did Maxie tell Spin about the baby?
    No, #Ellie did and then BA gave the Performer of the Week and Took her arse to Task for her part in the Lies and Coverup!

    Was Connie's death gruesome!? Just Started. Sonny walks in and finds her SHOT and BLEEDING in another Damn White Dress. Continues MONDAY.

    Are the Jr. Mints of TJ et al still MIA? YES and they will be. Teen Scene storyline has been scrapped.

    Where's Britt? In Jail but she has called PRince of Hotness to Bail her out. That will happen this week as well.

    Most important: NAME THE PROP OF THE WEEK!! Maxie's Hair! or that newspaper Pic of Fraud Quartermaine Kiki.

    Must See Scenes:
    Franco vs Ava
    AJ vs Ava
    AJ vs Liz
    The Mobster Grandfather Club:
    Sonny and Luke

  4. Maxie didn't but Ellie did

    Connie had a lot of blood but isnt dead yet.

    Junior mints still all mia

    Britt I guess still in jail?

    Prop of the week Vodka bottle

  5. Much to my shock Ellie spilled the beans. Spins reaction was awesome. Best I have ever scene him.

    Connie's almost gone. You would think she would say who killed her to Sonny next week, but probably not.

    Lets hope Guy416 is correct and the whole teen scene was scrapped- not my cup of tea. I didn't even like the teen storylines when I was a teen.

    Britt is handcuffed to a table in the police department after lying about her mother to Anna. Called Nik to rescue her. I guess she will have her baby soon too... I don't think any of these actors are liking this storyline. And it shows in their portrayal.

    The Vodka bottle showed up a lot this week or the gun that AJ was toting around.

    It was really a good week all around. The story moved along, secrets came out. Vets were on, the grandparents scenes were awesome. And a Georgie surprise appearance was the icing on the cake. Plus cliffhangers for next week...

  6. Really good week on GH! Still can't believe they're getting rid of Kelly Sullivan. I really warmed up to her especially after the Kate/Connie disaster. Sexual chemistry radiated between her and Julian. That would've made for a great triangle w/Sonny, throw in Olivia...magic! Opportunity wasted by TPTB.

    AJ and Michael had fantastic scenes via alcohol hallucinations. And of course King Sonny had to play a part in it too.

    Nice scenes with Liz and Michael. Anyone else see chemistry between them?? Now that could be so interesting on so many levels!

    AJ throwing Jake's death in Liz's face was just so wrong. I am officially #TeamNiz now.

    Connie is bleeding out.

    Spixie baby born!

    Spin knows he's a Daddy thanks to Ellie.

    Dead Georgie made another appearance.

    No Junior Mints. Still MIA.

    Britt is still handcuffed to the table at the police station with a beach ball under her dress.

    Prop of the week is definitely AJ's vodka bottle. It got lots of airtime!

    Oh, and in the Twitter universe -Ron C. got his diapers in a wad the other day over negative tweets. He wants only positive tweets regarding actors and CHARACTERS. Nothing derogatory. I realize there are some Ron haters out there who tweet him nothing but mean and nasty things (which is stupid), but making a blanket statement basically telling GH fans what we can and can't say about a CHARACTER is ridiculous. He either needs thicker skin if he's going to be on Twitter or close his account.

    1. I have always been #TeamNiz.
      But I must admit I did notice the chemistry between Liz and Micheal.
      Maybe because Micheal reminds me of a young Jason, the scene made me long for Liason.
      What ever it was, yes I noticed the on screen chemistry. And I think that could make an amazing SL. ;) It would drive Carly insane, so that's an added bonus.

  7. Overall I thought this week was really good.
    There were, of course, scenes and characters I could've done without. Not to mention, character I would've liked to see were MIA.
    BA and KS were awesome!
    Maxie waking up and wanting her daughter. Trying to explain to Mac and Felicia that the baby was hers and Spins. Wonderful performance!
    Spinelli loosing it on Ellie when he learns the truth of baby and that she hid it from him.
    I loved the roller coaster of emotions BA portrayed in these scenes. First being confused, then being overjoyed, and then anger. Very well written and acted.
    As for AJ going off the deep end...
    I understand that is who AJ was written to be in the past, but I was hoping that this new regime was going to get away from that. I would have rather seen AJ almost go on a bender but then decide against it. He could've went off for a drive, no one knew where he went, so no one to prove his whereabouts. This could've still let the door open for him to be a suspect and yet let AJ remain on the road to redemption. Instead of once again making him be the drunk whiney loser.

  8. The MUST SEE SCENE practically of all time, is Spin w/Ellie fighting about the baby.

    I think the prop of the week is the baby.

  9. i thought it was a great week too and Spin/Ellie the scene of the week for me. Glad I wasn't the only one that thought it was kind of strange for Alexis to spill her guts to a stranger

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  11. Prop of the week: AJ's Quartermaine family gun that he never actually did anything with

  12. Karen,
    What's the story with the sudden influx of spam? E.g. abul hosen

  13. I agree that Spinelli and Ellie's scene was amazing! I really hope those rumors of Bradford Anderson being switched to recurring are false. He is a really good actor.

    I am planning on skipping this week. I think it is awful that they killed Connie and I cannot stomach everyone thinking that Maxie is delusional. At the very least, Ellie should come forward with the evidence. To see this thing dragged out is a bore.

    And I am sick of AJ. He STOLE the relish recipe. Where is all of this entitlement coming from? He is such a wuss. If anyone on the show is delusional, it's Elizabeth!

  14. Last week was phenomenal.
    All of AJ's scenes were must see TV. With Liz, Michael, Connie, Tracy.
    Georgie is love. Maxie's secret is out. Spin was mad.

    Between the bottle of vodka and AJ's gun (a family heirloom!), it's difficult to choose.

  15. No one has mention yet, but GH hit storyline mistake, when Connie called Sonny, instead of 911. Why?

  16. No one has mention yet, but GH hit storyline mistake, when Connie called Sonny, instead of 911. Why?


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