Friday, December 16, 2011

Want a Kiss? ....Chocolate!

It's Florencia Lozano (Tea OLTL) Bday today!! Happy Day to Tea!! OLTL was hysterical. "Franco James was the evil puppeteer" says Roxy. Heh. Destiny calling her out on National TV!! ahahhaaa. OMG, the whole thing on the Blanca show was just hysterical. The tree trimming was fun too. *sigh* 
FLASHBACKS of little Starr and young Blair!!  
The cast was having SO MUCH could tell. Roxy was dancing all over!! Little Sam hugging Todd. awwwwww.  

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maybe Jason should have Jack Nickolson come and do some Anger Management.  
WOW....Steve Burton looked SO ORANGE next to Bradford today! ahahaaa..sorry I hate shake n bake tans. I do like the Spin-Jase friendship. However, "The Superhero" talk made me just-- want to tear my hair out. I hope it was sarcastic.I really do. We call him SupahSt.Jasus anyway. Maybe Garin knows that? One can hope. Spinelli is really underused lately.
JJ and Jen lilley looked really cute together, they did! Maxie decorated that place really fast.  Geesh...and Lucky and Ethan just stood around watching her.
Ewan needs to get naked. That is all.
Wyndemere needs to GET GOING and quick. GOD--her looking out the window and writing in the dust is NOT EXCITING or "Mysterious" It's boring as all hell.
Michael calling Abby's Mama...not sure about this. She asked him if he wanted money? Weird. 
Johnny and Dolores... at least BB has chemistry together.
Kirsten Storms tweeted Bradford Anderson today and asked if he was missing her..awww 

MONICA and Jason made my day!!


  1. Liz and Ewen: Ummmm Zzzzzzzzzz. Oh Matt showed up YAY! :)

    Matt and Liz: Oh so THAT is why Matt hasn't been around! Oh I love that Liz is the first person he told on where he has been!!!!

    Monica and Jason: :( Great scene!!!

    Jason and Spinny: Jason KNOWS that something is wrong!! GO GET HELP!

    Dante and Lulu: Oh boy they are engaged!!! When you get sober Lulu you might change your mind.

    Johnny and Mulva: They need to have a fling! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Sam and Michael: Oh FINALLY she tells him Franco raped her! Michael is hurting, Sam is hurting. Are they gonna have a fling? :)

    Woman in white: Still mute! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lucky and Maxie: I just love her outfit! :) Love that she decorated the house. :)

  2. Where was Hope today?
    Visually gone.

    Just walked in from hospital and haven't watched GH. Sounds good?

  3. Can't wait for Lucky to leave. It's about time Sam spit it out! But she should know that Michael will want more than ever to take Franco down himself, especially if they find out that Abby's death was not an accident but Franco's doing.
    I am tired of Jason's 'episodes ' and a huge part of the problem is he and Sam hiding what happened on their honeymoon. It's destroying keeping that a secret and it is exactly what Franco wants. Foolish.
    I really just want their story DONE.
    Watched online again, big for me since I am usually down to once a week.

  4. My2Cents2 said...Just walked in from hospital
    Were you having a check up? Are you okay?! *BEARHUGS*

  5. No Sonya my mom has been sick for weeks in and out of hospitals and rehabs. So I went to see her today. Very emotional week. WOW I am drained!! Emotions take alot out of a person. I think my room is ready at Shadybrook!

    Sam is not a good actress.
    Loving Jason though. Always love his scenes with his Mama. I forgot about Monica this week. We didn't get her for the usual 5 minutes until she showed up today!
    I think Jason's behavior is fine. His wife was RAPED! Franco is a nut case. Why doesn't Franco go over to 'Fraternity Row' and work as Franco James?? lol

    Sonya..LMAO I think Lulu was sober. Didnt everyone say yesterday she put the drink down in Kates office??

    WTF is Maxie's 'title' on that show? Kates assistant or Pt Chuckles decorator?? Geez.....

    I am liking Mulva and Johnny. I really like me & Johnny but I am giving up on that dream.

    All in all it was nothing special today on GH. Or maybe its just my mood!

  6. I actually enjoyed GH again today, it is picking up the pace and getting some good stories going. Also, less Sonny and Carly is good, everyone is tired of them and the same old lines they are given over and over again.

  7. Oh, and I guess the small Lulu/Dante wedding in Brooklyn is how they will get around Laura's not being there.

  8. My2Cents2 said... No Sonya my mom has been sick for weeks in and out of hospitals and rehabs. So I went to see her today. Very emotional week. WOW I am drained!!
    Oh no!! I hope and pray your mother is going to be okay! :(

  9. I watched for the first time in years and was shocked at how unattractive Steve Burton has become. Seriously. No wonder ratings are so low when the hunks are no longer hunks.

  10. SB is gorgeous, always has been, always will be!! He just is looking upset lately, and has, I think, an unfortunate spray tan.

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  12. December 16, 2011 4:19 PM

    My2Cents2 said...
    Where was Hope today?
    Visually gone.

    LOL LOL :o)

  13. AntJoan-Steve Burton is a HUNK of a MAN!
    YUMMY. DELICIOUS!! I agree with you!

    Yes Sonya my mom has been really sick but she is finally getting better. xoxo

    Hi Hope/Soapbabie! lol

    Tealita....IGNORANCE is so NOT BLESSED here...........Go play in someone eles's sandbox. You are dirtying up this one.

  14. I had to laugh at the "anger management" pic of Jason! I had a cousin that used to make that face when he was a kid right before he'd have a tantrum!

    GH was far from a cliffhanger on Friday, but was ok.

    I was surprised that Sam finally revealed to Michael that (she thinks) Franco raped her while she was on her least she told someone! A good part of the "problems" some characters are having on this show is that they aren't telling anyone about it! Like with Jasam and also Robin. I realize some of these issues are sensitive to deal with, but telling someone is a lot better than letting the truth fester inside; especially when it doesn't have to. The reactions the character are having are normal...Jason's anger, Sam's anger/sadness, and Robin's fears for her family having to see her get sicker, but I wish they'd be handled differently.

    Monica...nice to see you, even though for a quickie! I am wondering if Jason's problem might be a brain tumor? Every time I see him lately, I keep thinking of the kid in Kindergarten Cop..."It might be a tumor." Nah...just a headache! Liked Jason's scenes with Spin, though the "superhero" reference was a bit much. Well, maybe not...this is SuperJase we're talking about!

    Lulu, Lulu, Lulu...just what the heck where you apologizing for??? Your feelings? Having HER propose to HIM...that just smacks of Guza's old tricks of always making the woman look pathetic. I read they are supposed to get married at Ground Zero in NY. How romantic. A distaster in the making happening at the scene of a disaster! Sorry, but my love for Dante as a character has just completely gone out the window. I can only hope Ms. Spencer becomes a runaway bride!

    Lucky, Ethan and Maxie? Sort of a random, "Let's have a holiday scene" sort of thing. I agree, I'd actually like them to move a bit faster with the Lady in White thing. She first appeared on December 2nd and she's got yet to say one word. She likes apples though, that we know!

    Liz/Matt...I like their chemistry. Ewan was listening in! At least we know what Matt was up to!

    Johnny and Delores...whatever. She looks like Claudia with her hair down, he could go for that.

    2Cents, I hope your mother gets well soon. I can relate to emotional drain. My mother-in-law is in her mid eighties and is battling lung cancer and yesterday, we found out her youngest brother also has cancer and was given weeks to live. That can really be a faith tester!

  15. Thank You Melody. Just when I feel good again, something sets me back a step. Though the pneumonia is gone, she is so crippled up. Life is hard for her and my heart aches.
    I wasn't going to cry today, but I did already. Too late. lol
    Its not fun watching someone you love suffer.
    I wish your family the best as well. So close to the holidays.

    WHY does everyone think there is something wrong with Jason??????
    His wife was raped!!
    As was his Michael! Am I the only one who understands his anger??

    Always a bonus to see Monica. I would like more than a scene a week though. Hopefully that among other things will change next month!

    I WANT Johnny!!!!!! xoxo

  16. Personally, I think Steve Burton gets better looking every year.

  17. Love4Dogs....If I had to pick him now, in comparison to 20 years ago, I would most certainly pick now. He is a man now. Not a boy!

  18. My2Cents2 said...AntJoan-Steve Burton is a HUNK of a MAN! YUMMY. DELICIOUS!! I agree with you!
    Oh hell yeah Steve Burton is a hunk!!! :)
    Yes Sonya my mom has been really sick but she is finally getting better. xoxo
    Oh that's great! :) I'm so glad!!! :)

  19. I remember when SB was first on, he was a bit of a gawky young man with ears that were subsequently "fixed". He has beefed up and aged well. :-)


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