Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Pumpkin Bars

Two of the best actors in GH history--together in a great scene. 

I honestly didn't know if I would blog today. Just so sad but I decided we all need a little diversion and what better way than celebrating our show. 


Leo is dressed at Einstein. HE and Lois play a math guessing game--they are math geeks. Then Leo leaves and Lois tells Eddie how great that kid is. Eddie has FLASHBACKS to him being on the Brooklyn Bridge with Lois! Back when we had a budget for real location shoots! 

Ned sings in the kitchen.. Lois goes to listen. "Ya still got it, Eddie".

Tracey and Brook snipe at each other. Yada yada, Deception. It's so tedious. Tracey only wants the best for Brook. 

Cyrus goes to visit Carly at Kelly's (which is closed right now). She's not happy. He wants a JOB as a cook! ahahaha. She says get lost. He says he remembers her wearing that white dress to the meeting they had when she ran the mob. She tells him to leave and never come back. Later Avery and Ava come in. Avery is a mermaid...she decorates a cookie.  Carly finds out Ava's selling Wyndemere. She's surprised. 

Anna goes to Valentin's. Charlotte wants her to try some of her baked goods. Valentin looks scared LOL. Anna tells them she's moving into Maxie's apartment. Charlotte is happy she has her own place. Charlotte's pumpkin cookies are great but she burns the next batch and the oven catches fire LOL. 
Then we jump to GH and Charlotte goes to see Kevin. Kevin wonders if Charlotte is ready to talk. She asks if he'll tell her papa everything. He says general stuff but not specifics. She starts talking about boarding school. Then they are done! 

Robert and Scotty are arguing in his office. Diane listens. Then comes in and tells Scott to leave. Scott calls Scotty Crocodile Dun Dee. Scott leaves. Diane invites Robert to a black tie event but won't say where it is. He's all excited and goes to order a tux. Then Anna comes in. She wants help moving. 
They show up outside Maxie's...carrying a giant trunk. Anna says Robin had it in her storage since she's moved. Now she can't find her key to get into the place. The super lets her in and she has to get a copy. 

Lucy meets with Ava at the coffee corner and Lucy says someone wants to buy Wyndemere. Ava wants to know who it is. Lucy says an LLC --Ava tells her they'll have to put up all the money upfront or she's not selling. Ava leaves. 
Scotty comes in and Lucy wants him to get her out of the deal she made with Tracey. Scott says there's no way. 

Charlotte has Anna's key...smiles.

Kevin makes notes on Charlotte and basically says she has an unhealthy relationship with Valentin LOL 



  1. ---so glad Kevin realizes Charlotte is troubled course I don't think he should be seeing Laura's granddaughter...
    ---I am really trying but JUST NOW ANNA REMEMBERS A TRUNK OF WSB THINGS? Come on writers....
    ---I didn't understand why Charlotte will still torment Anna since Anna IS outta the house but I guess she wants her gone/gone.....wonder if she will destroy the trunk next?
    ---NED/LOIS flashbacks!!!! Tracy and Lucy have become irritating..
    ----I don't want Cyrus falling for Carly......I think it's Cyrus who is trying to buy Spoon Island but maybe it IS Nicholas?
    ---I like Robert and Diane - I think though he is gonna show up wearing a tux for that fund-raiser and it's probably a costume thing.
    -----Maura = gorgeous green blouse and fantastic earrings.......

    1. mufasa I can't decide if it is Cyrus or Nicholas buying Spoon Island. If it is Cyrus that blows his story that he donated all his money.

      Maura looks good in anything.

    2. "mufasa says, I don't think he should be seeing Laura's granddaughter..."

      Charlie doesn't even think about him as he grandfather, since she called him Kevin, so I think it's okay. :)

    3. The writers are just stupid about her not calling Kevin Grandpa

    4. The older Maura gets the more beautiful she gets. I want what she's having! She doesn't look like she had any work done either, just gorgeous!

  2. Love the clip. Both so good.
    Had to laugh. I thought the trunk was rather small.
    Can it be that predictable about the Wyndemere sale? Now that Ava knows that Nic is alive and the buyer is anonymous, the Ava we all knew and loved might have a clue.
    The whole Deception thing is tiring and confusing.
    Leo is da bomb!

  3. A lot of funny one liners today.

    Robert's office:

    Robert and Scotty: Great scene!!!! :D

    Robert, Scotty, and Diane: Crocodile Dundee!!! Hahahahahaha!

    Robert and Diane: Ooooo a date!!! Can't wait to see them on a date! Robert is all nervous hahahaha.

    Robert and Anna:

    Robert: Hi sweetie!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) My RnA heart!!!! :D


    Carly and Cyrus: Awww come on Carly! Let Cyrus have a job at Kelly's as a cook! I want to see him cooking!!! :D

    Carly: Half the people I care about have rap sheets.

    That's not something you want to brag about Carly! ROFL!

    Carly, Avery, and Ava: Mama Carly! Awwwwwww. :) And also Avery is adorable. :) Why is Carly surprised that Ava is selling Wyndemere? I thought Carly knew Ava was going to. Why was Carly telling Avery to spin, when she was already doing that? That was weird.

    V.C.'s home:

    Vanna and Charlie: Wow! Charlie is so happy that Anna got her own place!!!

    Charlie's thoughts: YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie and V.C.: A fire?!!??! Oh Charlie another fire?

    The hospital:

    V.C., Doc, and Charlie: Time for Charlie's therapy session!!!!

    Doc and Charlie: Will she manipulate Doc? Hmmm.

    V.C., Doc, and Charlie: Charlie called him Kevin?!!?!?! Uh you should be calling him grandpa!

    Doc alone: Nope! She didn't manipulate him! :D

    Quartermaine mansion:

    Leo and Lois: Hahaha adorable!!! :) Hello Mr. Einstein! :) Love that they were playing a game. Oh hi Vampire Eddie Maine! He wanted to get out of there quickly! Hahaha.

    Vampire Eddie Maine and Lois: DOH! HE HAS A MEMORY! YAY! :D Love the flashback!

    "Karen says Back when we had a budget for real location shoots!"

    Yes the good ol days!

    Brooky and Tracy: So who won? :) I say Brooky! And uh Brooky? There will NEVER be quiet in that mansion! ROFL!

    Anna's new home:

    Robert and Anna: Anna lost her key? I'm thinking Charlie stole it!

    Central perk:

    Lucy and Scotty: They crack me up!!! I love their scene today!!! Lucy wins the line of the day!

    Lucy: What is so important about the pen?


    Lucy: Maybe Yuri has it.

    Scotty: Who's Yuri?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think Lucy needs to introduce Scotty to Yuri! :D

    V.C. home: CHARLIE STOLE ANNA'S KEY I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that smile of hers!!! *Snicker*

    1. I hope Ann had enough sense to get a new lock and key.

  4. I think Carly should have hired Cyrus under the "keep your enemies closer" theory. Plus, it would be interesting story wise. Cyrus trying to cook and Mason Jar, or any of his other minions, coming in to get orders.

    1. Haha sounds good to me!!! :)

    2. They have missed so many opportunities. Carly should be shown struggling it would be funny. Then enters Cyrus to help and she has to hire him

  5. That video!

    Nik: I don't see the need for anymore children.

    ROFL! Well, Nik has Ace now. :) Would Queen Helena like Vampira? I bet she would!!!! :D Too bad Helena is dead. :(

    1. Helena would adore Esme, well the old Esme. Can't you see the two of them plotting away over tea?

    2. I agree. Heck I adore the old Esme. Fun to hate!

  6. Great scene with Helena and the OG Nicholas. Love it


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