Wednesday, November 22, 2023

And... Whatever

 Today's a new show and so is tomorrow but I won't be around. I think I told you all we eat at 2~~ SO .. no go!! I'll watch on Hulu Friday because Friday there is a football game on and no #GH 

Sonny goes to see Sasha. He wants to talk to her about her financial situation. HE wants to help her because Gladys took all her money. He feels guilty. 

Greg goes to Alexis' office with his cane. He wants help with his son (Finn) and the lawsuit. He tells her Diane can't take the case. She says Diane never loses. She's going to make some calls. She gets Marty in to talk about the case. 

Dante and Chase are in the morgue and the lab forensics guy says there's someone that is there with blunt force trauma from stepping out in front of a car? Okay...the body had 3 IDs on him. It's Forsythe. The guy Anna was talking about at the WSB. 

Dante calls Anna to come see the guy. 

Charlotte freaks the hell out when Anna walks in her room. She screams and Valentin and Liz rush in. NO WAY Anna would DO THIS!!!!!!! This is DUMB. Liz gets Anna out while Valentin hugs Charlotte. Liz says Anna made things worse. Valentin comes out and is angry with her too .

Curtis and Nina talk about the shooting. He wants to figure out who did it.. Nina gives him a key card and her password to look at the security footage. She says to tell people he's working on a special project for her if she asks. 

Jordan interrupts Laura and Marty while they discuss Cyrus and needs to talk to her asap. She asks if she and Curtis can look into his shooting. Laura says SURE !! GREAT GO AHEAD! I mean WHY LET THE PCPD DO IT??????/ AHAHAHAHA 


Sasha won't take Sonny's money

Martin will take Finn's case 

Anna IDs the guy as Forsythe 


  1. the show was all over the place but I kinda liked it -
    -------because I HATED the idea of a Forsythe coming in and we didn't care, the fact that he was deliberately hit by a car means someone was after HIM after Forsythe I think was trying to shoot Anna?
    ----HOW does Jordan still not know about the surrogate? HOW has Curtis not told Portia what he is doing? What about the Savoy? And JORDAN who never solved a case suddenly wants to work (of course) with Curtis........
    -----SO I think there is gonna be a connection with Curtis and Jordan looking in to the shooting and Forsythe and after MONTHS the case is opening again ---------which means the writers are changing the storyline again.....
    ------goodbye Valentin - I have loved you but today was the nail in the coffin: "it's not your fault Elizabeth - it's Anna who thinks she is never wrong."
    ------Anna SPY would never barge in to Charlotte's room - at LEAST she told Val "I am trying to undo the damage YOU and YOUR FATHER did"
    ------please tell me there is a reason for this malpractice suit ---------------either Alexis gets her degree back??????? it's about another doctor messing up or Liz messing up? WHY is this needed?????????
    -----Genie's make-up was flawless today...
    -----Gladys been gone a long time - Sonny just shows up but I honestly thought he was gonna ask Sasha to Thanksgiving....
    -----if you are keeping score at home, Chase was on for 45 seconds today.....

  2. still waiting on Robert/Anna convo ESPECIALLY after this Forsythe body...

  3. So now they write Anna as a total jerk. She would never. That said...WHY isn't anyone gently telling Charlotte the truth. At least start to. Ridiculous.
    Also ridiculous is this new side investigation that the Mayor is just fine with.
    Never mind the upcoming and probably too long malpractice story.
    Day 3 of a dying/dead man lying on a floor somewhere. Really stinky. lol

    1. A couple more days and it will get really, really stinky. And bugs.

  4. Replies
    1. that's my guess and was the shooter in the pool., then Cyrus had him killed or whoever the boss is

  5. 5 freakin days since Pawtuket Holtster has been shot bleeding on the floor!!! I'm sure the neighbors smell that horrible death smell!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Hmmm will Gregory's cane really help him from falling? Not sure about that, but he does look distinguished. :) Gregory wins the line of the day.

    Gregory: It's not all that dire.

    ROFL It's not? :) Are you sure? :) Hmmm that thing that looks like a toilet seat behind Alexis!!! I don't see anywhere where you can flush.

    Alexis, Gregory, and Marty: Okay good Marty will take the case! WOOT WOOT! :D

    Laura's office:

    Laura and Marty: Awwwww #Family.

    Laura and Jordan: Hmmm. Laura should have Tribbles in her office.

    The metrocourt restaurant:

    Curtis and Nina: #Friendship. :) Yeah Nina is skeered because if the truth comes out then she will lose EVERYTHING!!! Time is ticking away!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sashay's home:

    Sashay and Sonny: Oh Sonny it's not your fault so you shouldn't have all the guilt feels! Gladys is family sure, but she is also a snaky snake who manipulates! She is good. Yes Sonny! Give all that money to the charity of mental health! Great idea! Would be good for Adam!

    The hospital:

    Anna and Charlie: WOW! Anna that was not a smart thing to do!!!!!!!!!! What were you thinking?!!?!?!

    Liz and Anna: Liz is right!!!!

    Vanna: :(

    V.C. and Charlie: Wow Charlie needs really big deprogramming!!!!! ASAP!

    The morgue:

    Morgue guy, Dante, and Chase: Chase is working!!! YAY! :D So the guy who died is Forsyth? Well I did not see that coming. I'm glad he is gone before we ever got to meet him. I didn't care about him in the first place. Who ran him over with a car? Was it the Tribbles?

    Dante and Morgue guy: Huh?! Why does Dante want to keep things secret?

    Dante and Anna: Well rest in peace Forsyth! We hardly knew ye!

  6. I try not to be too much of a Negative Nancy on here but if ever there was a perfect example of why "GH" needs new writers, it was the scene between Anna and Charlotte. The Anna we have watched over the years would never have barged into Charlotte's hospital room and put her through that trauma. Completely out of character.

    1. but it was the strike writers. SO I have hope


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