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IT's the next morning so the Vanna stairwell stuff is DONE (it should have been way more??). I mean Laura was talking to Anna outside Char's room. Anyway, Anna is at the PCPD to talk to Dante and Jordan. She says everything is off the record as friends and also that Charlotte is Lulu's daughter. She says Char has been stalking her for months. Dante goes though the timeline and says that Charlotte could have made it to the house to burn it when she was in camp. Jordan points out that Charlotte DIDN'T take a shot at Anna at the Metro Court. Anna thinks that shot was meant for Sonny. 

Liz takes Charlotte for a walk in the hall. Jake comes off the elevator with flowers. Awwww. Jake walks with them. 

Nina goes to Kelly's to order coffee to go and Carly asks about Charlotte. They talk about Anna/Char. Then Martin comes in and sees Nina and turned around and walks out. She chases him. Why shouldn't I have you disbarred? He says Michael already knew about the whole thing, he just confirmed it. Marty says to come clean to everyone. Nina says no and he says "welp, take Michael's deal then". 

Carly comes out to give her her coffee. Nina says "I was talking to Martin about something that concerns you". 

Drew comes in to see Carly, he wants to have breakfast before going to Aurora. They kiss, yada yada. He' SO HAPPY to be out of jail. 

Drew goes to Aurora and sees Michael-- he wants to take over ELQ! 

Wiley is eating breakfast. He asks if he can go see Grandma Nina after school. Michael has a mean face. Willow says not today--he has TBALL. TBALL? IN NOVEMBER? ahahahaha. Um, okay. Michael says that Nina hasn't changed. Then Willow takes Wiley to work. 

Ned and Olivia in bed--- Ned is still Ned. They are happy. Olivia mentions she has a meeting with Nina today and NED remembers everything about the SEC convo! THEN Olivia says not to tell anyone because Nina and Sonny are happy and Drew is out of jail and it would start WWIII. HE's like what? What about my good name!. He finally agrees to hold off for a bit about it but eventually will tell everyone about Nina. 

Q house. Lois and Brook talk over breakfast. It's about what Blaze will sing. Boring Oh Yuri is a country music fan. :eyeroll: They find one Blaze wrote about loving someone and she can't tell them (Cough..Krissy..Cough). Then Ned walks in and Yuri notices he's not Eddie anymore. Ned is clean shaven and has on a suit. They tell them all about the lake and him remembering. 

Greg goes to GH for a check up. Chase waits for him. Greg comes out with a brace on his wrist. He fell the other day and and sprained it. Then he says he's supposed to use a cane and he doesn't want to. He also says he is in deep denial, can't believe he has ALS. 


Drew wants to do the ELQ take over but NO ONE knows but he and Michael

Nina offers to sell Carly back The Metro


  1. I just don't remember Drew caring one flip about ELQ SO I am wondering if Drew will still harrass Ned that 'you turned us in' and Ned loses it and tells him the truth
    --OR Ned would say to Michael privately 'I didn't do it' and Michael says I know
    but it is UNREALISTIC that Olivia would tell Ned to keep quiet - come on writers!!!
    ----Nina's dress looked beautiful - wanna see it - and I liked Marty kinda threatening her
    ---------SO ready for this to be over.....Nina lied about Gladys, then what she did with SEC and then about Charlotte i.e. 3 strikes with Sonny isn't good.
    ----Love Dante's protectiveness of Anna - -
    -----previews show what shoulda been seen last night with Laura telling Val and Nina about Victor BUT BUT I am gonna be so mad if Anna doesn't tell her good friend ANNA who deserves to know what Charlotte is thinking..
    ----Chase and Greg scenes were sweet.......
    -----Blaze's song must be about a woman but she didn't wanna come out at that time.....or they wouldn't have mentioned she wrote about someone she loved and couldn't tell.
    ----YURI for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wonder what day(s) it is after Halloween? LOL

    1. "Mufasa says, wonder what day(s) it is after Halloween? LOL"

      2 weeks? ROFL!

    2. Sonya, knowing GH it could still be Halloween.

    3. "Gary says, Sonya, knowing GH it could still be Halloween."

      Haha nah. It's the morning now. So it's the day after Halloween! :)

  2. Good morning Port Chuckians!!!

    Q mansion:

    Nedlia: MOM AND DAD HAD ZEX YAY!!!!! :D Olivia wins the line of the day:

    Olivia: Please tell me you are still Ned.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Ned is still Ned Olivia! He just is remembering Nina!!!! WOOT WOOT! :D Wait what?! Keep Nina a secret? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND OLIVIA?! He is still being accused of insider trading! Olivia would NEVER say this you damn scab writers!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Lois and Yuri: Yes Yuri no Miss Lois. Just Lois! *Giggle*

    Lois, Yuri, and Brooky: Ooooo Yuri is right about country music! I never thought of that before.. I love country music!

    Lois, Yuri, Brooky, and mom and dad: YAY! Great scene!!! :) That was a nice hug Lois gave him! Now the rest of the family has to see that Ned is back! Including Monica!!! :D

    Mildew home:

    Mildew and Wiley: Hey Willow is a great mom! No Michael you don't need to get Wiley's homework! He can get it himself! Awww that's sweet that Wiley wants to see his grandmama Nina! :) Yeah I'm glad Michael doesn't show Wiley his Nina hate.

    Michael's office:

    Michael and Drew: You see?!!?!?! Ned really needs to tell the truth about Nina! They STILL think Ned did it! UGH!


    Nina and Marty: Marty turning around and leaving when he sees Nina cracked me up! BAHAHAHAHHAHA! Marty I love you. :) Oh shut up Nina! Don't be so high and mighty.

    Crew: Why did Drew come in from the back way? BAHAHAHAHA! Is it because Nina and Marty were talking? Well he could have still showed up, said hello to them, then went in. He didn't have to hear anything of their conversation.

    Carly and Nina: Nina is feeling all the guilt feels!!!! That's why she is giving Carly back the metrocourt! And Carly will realize that too! When the truth comes out, I want a brawl!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Jake and Charlie: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Looks like Liz finds it awwwww too! :)

    Gregory and Chase: Dammit this made me cry! :'(

    1. Oops forgot.

      Police station:

      Anna, Dante, and Jordan: Maybe Charlie did shoot Anna, or maybe it was Cyrus! Or maybe Cyrus tried to shoot Sonny! I wish we would know soon!!! I forgot all about Pikeman!

    2. I have to agree that Olivia would not want Ned to be quiet unless she wanted to warn Snarly first.

    3. "Linda says, I have to agree that Olivia would not want Ned to be quiet unless she wanted to warn Snarly first."

      Yes!!! Maybe Olivia IS going to tell Carly!!! Then Carly turns into Cujo and tears Nina apart!!! :D

    4. I think Nina is selling back the Metrocourt to Carly because that is part of her deal with Michael.

    5. "AntJoan says, I think Nina is selling back the Metrocourt to Carly because that is part of her deal with Michael."

      But he isn't badgering her about it. Yeah he said it once and now she is feeling guilty and wants Michael to keep quiet.

  3. Of course Olivia wouldn't ever say something like that but the writers often have a character say whatever just to make the story work. Ned's resolve worked for me. Soapy crazy.
    Lois wearing one of those less than half sweater shirts that don't look good on anyone over 12. Like Jordan wore a few weeks ago.
    Almost every time there is a huge build up of a lie/secret the outcome falls flat.

    1. I commented on TwitterX about that 1/2 sweater shirt like Jordan wore - horrible-
      SOOOO true about lies.

    2. I see those sweaters in every store I go to and I always wonder why half of it is missing. I do NOT like that look on anybody! I must be an old fuddy-duddy, lol!

  4. I was shocked when Jordan said something intelligent by pointing out that Charlotte didn't shoot at Ana in the Metrocourt. I don't think it was her - but who knows - maybe they will rewrite it.

  5. forgot ---- Dante called Jordan DEPUTY MAYOR

  6. just watched live YOUTUBE with Wally and Lisa and Michael Fairman - FANTASTIC interview and loved hearing about the water scenes.....but Wally did say twice that Ned is blackmailing someone now that he knows what Nina did - so it must be Michael to do things Ned's way and keep Drew outta the picture------------------scream -------------dragging on forever....(Seemed ilke Wally thought those scenes had aired......but all the chat was TELL ON NINA LOL.........and gotta give props to Lisa who stated she knew she was gonna get blow-back for Olivia telling Ned not to say anything, so she has resigned herself to say Olivia did it for Sonny-not Nina.......very interesting!

  7. oh and Karen YES the scenes today were filmed before the water scenes so Wally had shaved ----and he laughed and all of social media noticed his beard trim 1/2 through the water scenes---shaved after the scene sitting on the bench and jumping in....

  8. What I liked: the scenes between Ned and Olivia, and the scenes between Anna, Dante, and Jordan.

    What I didn't like: Nina not doing anything after Martin implied a threat (c'mon, Nina: show some backbone), and Drew conspiring to get control of ELQ. As someone mentioned above, the original Drew never gave two figs about ELQ and it's hard to believe that a former Navy SEAL would decide he wants to be an executive. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they didn't just make Cameron Mathison either a Jax recast or someone completely new.

    Also, Yuri has GREAT hair.

  9. Totally agree with others in regards to Drew and ELQ. I do NOT want to go thru that again, and I dread the scenes between him and Ned. However, Michael will be interesting to watch thru this.
    I also have a sinking feeling that Jake is going to fall for Charlotte's Anna story/fear/hate and is going to do something that we're all not going to like. Hopefully I'm wrong!
    Loved Yuri yesterday and he was spot on about country music, which I like, too! And seriously, Chase and his daddy made me all teary eyed. :)



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