Friday, November 17, 2023

Tears of Austin

 Laura and Jordan talk in Laura's office. They talk about Jordan staying Deputy Mayor. Jordan isn't sure she wants to. Cyrus knocks on Laura's door. Wants to talk. He got a job doing dishes at the Port Charles Grille. 

Austin goes to the PCPD to see Dante. He is going to give up his boss but won't testify. Dante is recording his statement. Then Dante says Austin isn't in a position to negotiate. Then Austin says, fine I'll go. Dante says if he can get proof, then maybe he can get a deal. Then Austin starts crying a bit?? WEIRD AF-- and says ok, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do the right thing. 

Sonny asks Nina why she's selling her half of The Metro. She says he's the one that said it was too much for her. He says that was a long time ago and things are going well. Plus Nina wants to make peace with Carly. Sonny says it's not going to be that easy. 

Carly is at Kelly's and Millow stops by--Carly tells Michael that Nina wants to sell her half of The Metro back. Michael flashesback to telling Nina she HAS to sell. Willow thinks it will heal the family. She thinks Michael should help pay for it. 

Curtis and Marshall. Trina comes in stomping around. They want to know what's wrong. She tells them about Spencer. Curtis says she has to talk with him. Marshall says the same. Trina has on her Easter Blazer today. 

Spencer is at Trina's dorm which is full of flowers. Joss says, nice gesture but she's not here. Joss also says on a scale of 1-10 she's an "11 mad". She says saying Ace was the choice was a deal-breaker. Spencer says why he loves Trina. Also says that he doesn't think Esme is a bad person anymore but she needs help taking care of Ace. 

Robert and Felicia talk at GH about Anna. Robert thinks she's avoiding him. yada yada. 


Robert tells Dante they can get Austin a deal

Austin is shown shot in the chest and some shoes are walking out

Jordan accepts deputy Mayor position



  1. I just knew it. Austin was a useless character that even RoHo could not help. There have been rumors about this and maybe a new character for RoHo. Hopefully. Anyone else think it's not Cyrus who is the BOSS? Too obvious. Could it be NC himself?
    Poor Laura. She is the fashion no-no of the day. Second to Miss Easter Blazer.

  2. Well I guess that definitely counts as a cliff hangar. lol

    I hope that Roger is dead. As for RO playing someone else yet again, I certanly hope not. Enough is enough.Move over to another soap Roger or a good full time comedy show on tv, but I don't want to see your face with another name attached to it ever again on GH.

    And zazu, what's the obsession with fashion. Laura looked fine to me, just like many women her age out in the workplace. Blazers were in all spring and summer here, and now into the fall. I seldom even remember what they're wearing unless it sticks out like Ava's beautiful blue blouse this week. it's my colour and I wanted it. Or Trina's pink pink blazor as it was so loud.

    And I wonder who shot Austin? New hitman in town?

    1. Fashion is part of every soap. Why not comment. Rather than call me out, just scroll along. We all have our "obsessions".

    2. Roger Howarth is the best male actor on "GH." If Austin is dead (and I don't think he is), bring him back as Todd Manning.

      And fashion is definitely part of every soap.

    3. I'm TOTALLY obsessed with wardrobe!! From the blazerpalooza to Maxie and Laura horrors. I'm Genie's age-- and-- there are much more stylish things out there, I swear.

  3. I knew Austin would get hurt because HOW STUPID to go to the PCPD - meet Dante in the Metro Court or somethiing------------------------so AVA and SONNY know Cyrus is the boss but they probably won't say a word but I think now Ava gonna feel guilty......sigh----I don't think he dies/he is in a coma for weeks and then wakes up and doesn't say a word------
    --------nothing to say about the other stories today - yawn
    ------shocked that Jordan decided to stay as Deputy Mayor - so this mean Dante gonna be Commish????? Can't be Chase cause we NEVER see him!!!
    ------interesting that Carly only said she couldn't take money from Michael - that she had to do this on her own so I took that as a 'yes' but they made it sound like a no....

  4. The hospital:

    Felicia and client: This is so boring! Now is this client going to kidnap Felicia or something? Give me something exciting here!

    Felicia and Robert: Awwww Robert! :( Give Anna time!! :( I just want to hug Robert!

    Joss and Trina's dorm room:

    Spencer and Joss: Spencer is cracking me up! He wins the lines of the day.

    Spencer: I may have gone overboard. Yeah it smells like a flower shop or a funeral, I'm not sure which.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah I'm sure the flowers smell strong, but it was sweet that he sent flowers. :) I like Joss talking to him. This was a good scene. She is right though. He hasn't changed! He is still like when he was a kid! It's his way or nothing!

    Purtis home:

    Curtis, Mr. Hat man, and Trina: Great scene!!! I like that Trina is figuring out what she wants and doesn't want. Curtis and Mr. Hat man are very helpful. Love that Mr. Hat man was talking about his wife and the corn bread! Awwww. :) Then the next love was Piffy awwwww!

    Curtis: I don't even know how to make the corn bread.


    Police station:

    Dante and Pawtucket Holtster: Dante! Give him immunity!!!!

    Dante and Robert: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thank you Robert! Now Dante you listen to Robert and give Pawtucket Holtster immunity! :D

    Laura's office:

    Laura and Jordan: Yes Jordan yes! Say yes to Deputy mayor! :)

    Laura, Jordan, and Cyrus: Cyrus as a dishwasher at the Port Chuckles Grille? BOOOOOOOOOO! I want him as a cook!!!

    Laura and Jordan: YAY!!!!! Deputy mayor Jordan. :D

    Metrocourt restaurant: OH HI TRISH! :D

    Nison: Yeah Sonny! Nina is right! It has nothing to do with you. It's between Nina and Carly! I don't know why Carly had to drag you into this. Oy!


    Carly and Mildew: I bet Michael is so happy that Nina wants to give Carly back the half of the Metrocourt that he peed his pants.

    Pawtuck cabin:

    Pawtucket Holtster and assailant: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!! :0 Is he going to die?!?!!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Geez poor Roger. He gets shot as BobTodd and now Pawtucket Holtster. Was that 4 shots or 5 shots? :( Did Cyrus hire someone to have him shot? Or was it Mason Jar all on his own?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to May 6th 2015* Hayden aka RayRay and Nik! I forgot that they were together!!!!

    Sidenote: Nathanyael Grey who plays Mason Jar, apparently he is on soap central website. :) He talked to me. :)

    1. You got to talk to Mason Jar? Did you call him Mason Jar? I'm sad to see him go. He was so good as being bad.

    2. "Gary says, You got to talk to Mason Jar?"

      Yes!!!! :D I told someone, I didn't know he is on there, and he showed up saying "Yup. I’m here from time to time." Then I said hello nice to meet you! :)

      "Did you call him Mason Jar?"

      ROFL! No. :) Someone called him Mr. Lollypop, and I said I call him Mason Jar. And also Telly Savalas whenever he has a lollypop in his mouth! ​​

      "I'm sad to see him go. He was so good as being bad."

      Yeah me too! :( Yes he was so good as being bad. Hopefully he comes back!

  5. Ingo Rademacher posted a statement on Instagram that is getting some attention.

    1. yeah, I replied there AND on twitter. I'm trying to stay out of it here because it's a hornet's nest. I'll just say that Steve Burton left (was asked to leave) as well and HE Sure didn't sue anyone. He just went and worked elsewhere.


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