Thursday, November 16, 2023



Cody and Sasha. They have feels for each other. Hallmark Style. Cody REALLY LIKES HER. Aw, shucks. Then Sasha freaks out because he says too much. She says she can't rush into anything. 

They want Cody and Sasha back on Heart and Home because they have "chemistry" and can sell stuff. 

Austin and Ava. She wonders the terms of Mason's plea deal. Will he tell that Cyrus is the boss? Ava yells/screams at Austin. Good scene for Maura. Austin explains the whole Pawtucket story about Cyrus and helping him with medical school and testifying at Cy's trial. Yada yada. She says she hates him and screams at him to GET OUT. 

Sonny and Anna. NO one has told ANNA YET? Why is she telling SONNY this and not Felicia? Ugh..whatever. LAURA AND VAL should be talking to her about Victor's letter! Why not talk to Robert? UGH 

Anna goes back to the apartment. Sees the blood on the rug. Flashes back to shooting Char. The Forsythe file is missing from her bag--and the trunk. Greattttttt, does this mean there's a Forsythe coming? 

Sam and about Charlotte. They had no clue she was up to anything when she lived there. Just a pointless "going over things' convo. 

TJ and Molly talk about losing the baby. NUNUNUMolly is crying (really well). Alexis comes in and consoles them. Molly wants her to tell her sisters. She can't do it. 

Alexis tells Sam about the miscarriage

Adam is desperate to study more with Joss. He grabs her. Dex freaks out. Joss tells Adam she wants to study alone. He's like NO I NEED YOU! Then he says "ok, it's cool." and Leaves. Joss tells Dex she thinks Adam's parents are driving him crazy about grades.

Adam is on the phone with his dad and getting stressed. Pulls his hair. Hangs up. Takes prescription meds. Probably for anxiety. 


Dante goes to Anna's apartment and she tells him the file is gone. 
Sonny gets Brick to investigate Forsythe. 


  1. Tolly home:

    Tolly and Alexis: Wow! This actress who plays Molly is a great crier!! I like her. She fits in really well. She makes me feel bad for Molly! The look on TJ's face he looks suspicious of Andrea!

    Tolly: Yeah Andrea can't make that decision to not get pregnant again, It's not her baby! It's Tolly's decision!! I don't trust Andrea at all!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Pawtucket Holtster: Wayyyyy too much talking from him about his feelings! I need some action from him!!! ;) Also I'm just waiting for him to tell her that Cyrus is his daddy!!! Yelly Ava YAY! :D Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: As a local kidnapper?


    Joss and Trina's dorm:

    Joss and Adam: Wow! Adam is so wound up!

    Jex and Adam: Hey Dex calm down and have a little patience and compassion!

    Jex: Joss is sweet about Adam. Poor Adam!

    Adam's dorm room: When Adam touched his hair and told his dad he isn't doing it, I'm thinking his dad asked him if he is pulling his hair. Geez Adam's dad stop pressuring him! He is so wound tight! If Adam has Trichotillomania it's not a habit! It's a disorder Adam's dad! And look! Meds!!! For anxiety? Depression? I am really intrigued with his storyline. I like Adam!

    Sante home:

    Sante: So what is this? A foreshadowing of something else that is going on with this whole Anna mess?

    Sam and Alexis: Is it really a miscarriage? Or is Andrea lying and wants to keep the baby?

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Anna: Another scene with them. Is it because something is going to happen between them? I don't care about Foresithe!!!! I don't think Badger Bob cares either!

    Home and heart:

    Sachet and Maxie: Yes of course Maxie knows that Cowboy Cody has feelings for Sachet too!!! Hahahaha.

    Sachet and Cowboy Cody: I'm glad Sashet wants to feel whole. As she should!!! :) Hmmm so no relationship with them.. For now. So this means they are twinsies?!?!?!! :D

    Maxie and Haven: Geez is Haven going to seduce Cowboy Cody?! *Evil smile*

    Anna's apartment: Oh look! A teeny tiny blood stain!

    Anna and Dante: Oh oh Anna's files are missing! Did Foresithe steal them? I don't care about him!!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1989* Tracy and Larry, and Alan and Lucy.

    1. Oops forgot 1 thing.. Sonny calling Charlie a child! Geez!!! Yesterday Diane had it right when she called Charlie a girl!

    2. Sorry, Sonya. TJ and Molly may want to try to get pregnant again but it is definitely Andrea's decision whether or not she becomes pregnant again.

    3. "Di says, Sorry, Sonya. TJ and Molly may want to try to get pregnant again but it is definitely Andrea's decision whether or not she becomes pregnant again."

      It's very suspicious though. No proof of anything. She went to Mercy hospital instead of GH! She didn't even call Tolly to tell them what is happening. And now she doesn't want to be their surrogate anymore? Very convenient! This whole thing reeks of smelly smell!

    4. It does but if she miscarried it's still her choice whether or not she does it again.

    5. I just don't think she miscarried......I think she keeps the first down payment and leaves town cause she is upset and has a baby....ut we will see.......

    6. "Di says, It does but if she miscarried it's still her choice whether or not she does it again."

      Yes, unless it's in the contract. But when she talked to TJ about not wanting to try again, he didn't bring up the contract, so it must not have been in it. The one thing we know that's in the contract is no watching scary movies while pregnant! ROFL!

  2. ----Anna still didn't say "and Valentin made Nina delete the video...
    -----don't understand WHY WHY Forsythe is OUT OF THE BLUE!!! I don't want a former WSB guy coming in unless like he is Dex's dad or now head of the WSB (we have never seen that guy)..............I hate when the writers just change things and bring in someone from which we have no prior knowledge...........
    -----for sure the writers do not want Sonny to be the target of the shooting - still wondering if Curtis was the target/Selina????? whatever - just don't start a NEW story until the old one is settled and WHERE IN THE HECK is the doorman and the cameras that made it a safe buildng (to quote Felicia).
    ------no clue what day it is on there now....LOL
    ------feel sorry for Adam but he's gonna lose it.....

  3. I just don't care at all about Cody and Sasha. Zzzzzz.

    This stuff with "Forsythe" is baffling. Unless there is some huge twist coming, why involve some guy we've never heard of before?

    The Austin/Ava scenes were superb. At this point, I am considering just watching them whenever they're on and fast-fowarding through so much of the rest.

    I do like Adam's character. Maurice Bernard's son can act. I think Adam is addicted to Adderrall, maybe?

    1. I don't care at all about Adam. Zzzzz

      Ava and Austin scenes were fantastic.


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