Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Monica's Not At Home

Happy Way Back Wednesday!! Do you see Reggie the butler back there??!! Aww. and look at Amber!!

TODAY'S SHOW ...WHICH HAS absolutely nothing to do with the last few days. :eyeroll: 

Chase sees Austin at GH, asks him about Mason . Austin doesn't know about Mason, they aren't close. :eyeroll 

Chase goes to question Mason.  Mason says maybe if they cut him a deal, he'll talk. 

Sonny talks to Ava about Austin and his connection to her abduction. He says that Mason's boss is Cyrus. Tells her Austin testified in his parole hearing. She says Austin was probably protecting her. Sonny says yea but he never told you about it, did he? 

Brook goes in to see Maxie and Sasha's there. Maxie tells Brook "Sasha's back, you're not" ! Then Sasha tells Maxie and Brook to make up. They do. Maxie talks about Georgie's trauma when Charlotte got shot. She's going to a grief counselor. OFF camera. 

Someone important calls Maxie. Some photographer. She wants him badly for the spring issue. BUT is SHE READY? IS SASHA READY? They decide she is. 

Drew and Carly go to see Michael at Aurora. Michael is thrilled. Carly is a hero!! BUT! She still wants to know who turned them into the SEC. Michael looks guilty. Carly and Drew wonder if Ned will ever get his memory back and realize he turned them in. Michael say: Um, what if it wasn't Ned? What if the target was you, mom. Carly says that Diane thinks that it was to get to Sonny through Carly. Drew gets mad and says to leave it alone. He's out and it doesn't matter. 

Tracey is leaving. Olivia wants to know why. She's going with Bobbie to Amsterdam to take care of Luke's affairs. OH! AND-- Olivia is throwing a GROWING AWAY PARTY!!  WHAT? THEN she says "with you gone, MONICA NOT IN THE HOUSE and Lois leaving, it's going to be quiet around here". UM, WHERE'S MONICA? Then they argue about Eddie. 

Eddie wants to finish his song. Lois talks to him about it. She talks about the past. IT's all boring and about singing and writing and .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz He goes to the boat house. Then Lois talks to her mother, Gloria on the phone. Olivia and Lois talk about Ned. THEN Olivia is kinda jealous of LOIS? WHAT? Lois tells her that's Tracey talking, they have a long history and she's happy Ned and her are together. Then she tells Olivia to go to the boat house where Eddie is writing a song. 

Eddie is at the boat house singing. Starts to remember something. He jumps in the lake. YEP. Olivia comes out later and finds his shoes/jacket. Can't see him. 


Chase sees Austin talking to Mason 

Ava realizes that Austin has been lying to her 



  1. started off slow but got better I thought:
    -----Jane Elliott is gone for a time and I'm glad
    -----Lois will stay when her mother tells her this big secret
    -----Ava and Sonny talk was irritating and then got better that Ava FINALLY realized Austin lied to her---------and Sonny finally uttered the words "Ava you are smarter than that - Austin is playing you"
    -----STILL no mention of Bailey.............SCREAM
    -----because there have been multiple multiple conversations between Carly and Michael of 'who turned me in"-----------------which I think leads to a major riff between them down the road......."how could you lie to me" kinda convo.
    ------I think Ned is seeing Nina - yep not Lois or Olivia - water/pool, etc. I think it's Nina and he remembers.....if it's Lois it'll be stupid that SHE didn't think of the woman being HER an that is too easy...
    -------there better be a good reason that Mason is still alive.

    1. mufasa, if there is a rift between Carly and Michael because he kept the secret that Nina was the one who turned in her and Drew to the SEC - I am totally behind Carly being mad at Michael - someone needs to remind her that he learned all about not telling people important information from her. How many secrets has Carly decided needed not to see the light of day because SHE thought it would be a good idea? Pot, meet kettle.

    2. absolutely - everyone keeping secrets and mad = I am all in!

  2. lol You've got to stop rolling your eyes so much, kd. If the wind changes you'll be in big trouble.

    I enjoyed today's show. Don't care if it's different people from yesterday. Everything seemed to move forward and in a positive way for me. And I enjoyed all the scenes.

    I think Lois will talk Brooklyn into taking the shares of Deception and letting her be her proxie there. That will be right up her alley and we'll get to have her stay to help liven the place up.

    I think Ned will start to pass out and surface and Olivia will stop yelling Eddie and yell "Ned!" as she did when he fell in the pool , and he'll be jolted back to reality.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Ava in revenge mode again. hehe

    And I wonder who will end up offing Mason??

  3. So many funny one liners today.

    Nison home:

    Sonny and Ava:

    Sonny: His first loyalty is with Cyrus Renout.

    Maybe because Cyrus is his daddy? Or Uncle?

    Sonny: Ava, you were smarter than this.


    The hospital:

    Chase and Mason Jar: Chase! Mason Jar is not telling you the truth!! Keep working at it! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Mason Jar: Mason Jar is full of sarcasm! *Snicker* Ooooo Chase is watching.. Chase you suspicious? Good! :)

    Deception offices:

    Maxie, Brooky, and Sasha: Sasha got blonde hair now. Will Cowboy Cody be gettin blonde hair too? :) Maxie and Brooky are like sisters that bicker!

    Sasha and Maxie: Georgie is also going to therapy? That's great, but we didn't see it!!! Any of it! We didn't see anybody spiraling!!! Salvadore? Salvadore pizza guy is going to take Sasha's picture? :)

    Aurora/Michaels office:

    Michael, and Crew:

    Drew: It's gotta be Ned! There is nobody out there with a grudge that's trying to target us.

    Oh shut the hell up Drew! You sound like an idiot! Ned didn't do it!!! *Throws Tribbles and the green beans at Drew*

    Q mansion:

    Brooky, Tracy, and Lois: What?! Didn't she take care of Luke's affairs already? I'm so confused. Wait Monica isn't there? Where the hell is she? Is she with Audrey at a restaurant smoking cigars? :) Lois is leaving?!?!! What the hell?!

    Tracy and Olivia: Tracy wins the line of the day.

    Tracy: Look at the lounge because he is probably watching cartoons!


    Lois and Vampira Eddie Maine: I'm thinking, does she really want him to jump into the water? Or is this metaphorically speaking?

    Lois and Olivia: Oh come on! Seriously Olivia? Being jelly? DON'T LISTEN TO TRACY!

    The boathouse: Geez I hated that they would cut off the scene to go to another scene. Stop it! That creepy sound in his head, well I'm just glad I didn't watch it at night cus YIKES! Very creepy and scary! OH! He literally jumped into the water! :) Looks like in the previews he got stuck! Oh hi Olivia!!! Now I guess you will have to save him!

    1. That creepy sound was the siren's call.

    2. "Di says, That creepy sound was the siren's call."

      Well, that was cringy!!! ACK! *Covers eyes*

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  5. I read that Ned is gets his memory back after a freak accident. Hopefully Ned gets his memory back tomorrow and we can have one less amnesia storyline.

    1. that is why I think he is seeing Nina and then remembers!

  6. I will miss Jane Elliott. Even though her material wasn't great this time around, she has a commanding presence that is fun to watch. It made me realize just how much I miss the character of Tracy and how important she is the Qs.

    Today's scenes between Sonny and Ava were good but they were LONG overdue. I hope Ava puts Austin through the wringer but that he survives all this and they start a real relationship.

  7. A great article on our Mason...

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