Friday, November 30, 2018

Did You Hear the News?

It's the next morning...

Drew and Kim are waiting for Oscar at GH to start his trial. Kim wants him to move home but he likes the group house he's in.  Oscar asks Dr. Terry questions about his trial and if he'll lose his hair. 

JaSam"wake up"..zzzzzzzzzzzzz.Kristina flounces in and interrupts their kiss.  Boring.  Jason leaves to get Sam's medicine. Krissy talks about the community meal and her new friends. 

Ava is surrounded by Kiki's photos..she cries horribly. Ryan comforts her--with no expression. heh.. THAT'S HOW TRUE SOCIOPATHS DO IT! "How can I get through this"?? --with Help says Ryan and holds her. 

Nina is in the Metro...sees Curtis, asks why he's there and not on his honeymoon. He tells she, Valentin and Sasha that Kiki was murdered and Griffin was arrested for it last night. They are shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!  Sasha mentions that Ava 'set them up" and Curits overhears. 

At the PCPD, Julian goes in yelling and wants to beat up Griffin. Jordan talks to him and WHAMMO!! Anna takes him down and bangs his head on the desk!! GLORIOUS!! She tells him to get out. Then Alexis comes out and Julian is mad she is repping Griffin. 
Anna goes in to see Griffin and tells him she knows he's innocent. 

Liz' kids go to school.... Scotty comes over and tells them about Kiki.  Franco can't believe it. Scotty and he go to see Ava. 
At Ava's Apartment: 
Ryan is counting pills and Julian comes in. Ryan says she can't see anyone and is THISCLOSE to a nervous breakdown. Could Julian go to GH and get her refill?? Julian says sure. Leaves.  Scotty and Franco come over. Scotty is all "HI KEVVVVVIN" (in  a Seinfeld Newman voice) and walks in. Ava gets up and says: I'm sober, someone fix me a drink. 
Franco and she talk-- Ava says that she should have kept Franco in Kiki's life because he would have protected her from her mother--and that she (Ava) was manipulative and yada yada. She's blaming herself for Kiki's death. 


The little bit at the end I saw: Ava's gone from the apartment, she took her gun and went to the PCPD. Monday she confronts Griffin (looks awesome!!) 


  1. Doesnt Griffin have a guest list? All jails do. I have friends in jail and I need to be approved not only but the inmate, but also have to submit my driver's license ahead of time to be checked.

    So anyone can just walk into the PCPD Jail and visit anyone they want?

    According to this post, Ava has a gun with her. When I go to visit someone in jail, I have to go through a metal detector, and I am not even allowed to bring in a belt, I have to put it in a locker.

    Just saying....

    And what will happen in 2023 when the PCPD FINALLY catches Ryan as the killer. (they're slow, remember). Will everyone who accused Griffin of killing Kiki apologize to him?

    I'm bummed out now.

  2. I love roger howarth,best actor in daytime. why does he have to be franco. the rest sam,jason,drew, kim and oscar are zombies. zero emotion. and all stone face. ryan I give you permission to kill them off. also love jon linstrom.

    1. You couldn't of wrote that any better. Totally agree. Plus they didn't give Roger much to work with today with dialogue.

  3. I agree, Karen! Ava did cry horribly. Or make that Maura. Bahaha. I know I'm in the minority here, but I think she's been WAY over-acting. I hate Ava, so could be biased. (Cough ::: that's not it ::: cough)

    Dave - yes, people come and go from the PCPD interrogation room all the time, and it's so irritating and unrealistic.

    I won't ask why you visit people jail so often. I'll just try to get and stay on your good side. ;-)

  4. Haven't finished watching yet, but saw that Liz's kids went to school. Isn't it the Friday after Thanksgiving? Aren't schools closed?

    I was afraid that they would interrupt GH due to the Alaska earthquake, don't know yet if it is interrupted in NYC, will find out soon.

  5. 7.0 Earthquake in Alaska!!! Holy cow!!!!!

    Friz home:

    Friz:I love when BobTodd tries to make her laugh! :)

    Friz and Scotty: GAH! BobTodd's reaction to Kiwi's death gave me shivers!!!!

    Ava's home:

    Rava: She is making me cry again!!!

    "Karen says Ryan comforts her--with no expression. heh.. THAT'S HOW TRUE SOCIOPATHS DO IT!"

    Hahahaha! YEAH IT WAS PERFECT!!! BRILLIANT!!!! :)

    Ava and BobTodd: Great scene!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    BobTodd, Ryan, and Scotty: Great scene!! The way BobTodd told them that Ava wants to hear that it is her fault, was excellent!!!!

    Ava's bedroom: OH OH! She has bullets!!!! She left and has her gun!!!!! Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: Oh Ava! What have you done?


    Police station:

    Anna and Julian: HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?!?! I don't like what Anna did! She had no right!!!! I hate when she uses her moves on people for no freakin reason! Julian's niece just freakin died! He is upset! He is in mourning! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Anna, Jordan, and Alexis: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hate how they were treating him!!!! No sympathy really?!?!! If someone you loved just freakin died, how would you feel?!!?

    Griffin and Ava: OH BOY! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE WE GO!!!! Yesterday he told her that he loves Kiwi!!! HUH?! Since when? He never told her that. So he never loved Ava but he loves Kiwi!

    General hospital:

    Oscar's room: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Talkin to much. Let's get on with the trial!


    Charlie and CarlyKim: I was wondering if he was going to show up.. Okay cute little scene there. I hope he tells her that his niece died.

    Sam's home:

    Jasam: Sam is awakey awakey with no make up on. :) Almost kissed! Not a good idea Jason might get sick.

    Jasam with Krissy: Krissy you are annoying me. Shut up! Why don't you just move out and live in the cult house!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Curtis, Sasha, Nina, and V.C.: Love the shocked reactions! :)

  6. Sonya, Griffin had told Ava that he loved her, toward the end of their relationship. And he and Kiwi might not have exchanged those sentiments yet--their relationship was new--but it doesn't take long to fall in love with someone if you are sleeping with/involved with them, I'm sure he was in love with her.

    Well, his romantic history is disastrous! His first lover has disappeared, and NO ONE CARES, even though she is Charlotte's mother! His second lover was Ava--enough said. And now poor Kiwi! Oy, I think he has a thing for tragic blondes. . . And Ava, she went from a priest to a serial killer--double oy!!

  7. Paul773. I don't like Ava (or Maura) either. I am not sure why. Just like some and not others. Maybe she is too "breathy" IMO when she talks??? Just not my "cup of tea". I used to feel the same about Nina actress, although she has grown on me a little. There are just some mannerisms of people I don't care for. JMHO

    1. Yeh Nina has grown on me....some but I agree lindie, something about Ava, the way she drinks from her glass, the way she talks....sneers, not sure.

  8. Also, why would anyone think Griffin killed Kiwi? I am thinking of Ava and Julian really. Maybe because they have killed people? Griffin might be a little bit of a "playboy" now, but never showed signs he would hurt anything or anyone like that.

    1. Griffin a playboy? LOL!!! Nah, that's more up Sonny's alley. They are idiots to think Griffin killed her but of course the knife was planted so of course what else are they supposed to think.

  9. Lindie, I guess because they found the bloody knife in his apartment? Also, Jordan did come up with some kind of motive. Of course, though, I don't think he will be a suspect for long, any more than Carly was with Mary Pat.

  10. Dr. Bensch should have been on lately so he could be suspect

    1. YES!!! He actually should have been the 1st one suspected!

  11. I guess IRL they do suspect the husband, wife, close relative etc. first. So, Griffin being a suspect IRL would make sense. Although, with all Ava's anger towards Kiki lately why is she not a suspect too.

    P.S. I guess "playboy" was the wrong thing to call Griffin. LOL

  12. Lindie and Michelle - I feel pretty much the say way about Nina as you both do. Couldn't stand her, but she has grown on me. I love when Nina and Ava get into it - I always root for Nina - or whomever is up against Ava ;-)

    For the record, I do think Maura West is a talented actress, but just not feeling her acting lately. As far as Ava is concerned, for me, she is not redeemable at all.

  13. Ava is not redeemable to me either. I feel she is just plain old selfish ALL the time. At least Sonny has some good qualities. With Ava it is all about Ava, all the time. No wonder she has latched on to Ryan. ha ha. I wonder what Ryan's end game is with Ava? He is giving her some kind of pills now too. I guess they didn't want Kristina Wagner on all the time,so they paired him with Ava.

  14. It’s been about 3 weeks since a head was found in an apple barrel On Halloween and the rest of the body was propped up with a pumpkin head at Ava’s studio.
    Now there’s a second murder with the victim being left in the police commissioner’s honeymoon suite AND nobody sees a possible connection to a serial killer?!!!
    Hilarious. Or sad. At least have someone ask “do you think Griffin is our serial killer” or something.

  15. Or, at least that someone would see AVA as the person connected to both of these murders. HELLO????

  16. Noone would guess about Kevin. But, wouldn't people wonder why Kevin is so interested in Ava now. Ava is NOT Kevin's type. Although, he was married to Lucy. LOL

  17. One thing about Kevin though....I would THINK that someone (Laura,Felecia,Lucy,Mac,Anna...) would at least consider that Kevin was having a mental breakdown due to the "anniversary" of the Ryan Chamberlain murder story. This stuff is happening at the exact same time as the big anniversary story.
    I also would think they would continue to focus on Franco. Both murders were "performance art". He had connections to both victims. (Yes he was super close to KiKi, but so was Griffin).
    That said, I like the idea of Griffin going away for a murder he didn't commit for awhile. As much as I hate long down out stories...I'd like Ryan to have a full year of mayhem before being figured out.

  18. patrix said...That said, I like the idea of Griffin going away for a murder he didn't commit for awhile.

    *** That could easily happen as only innocent people go to jail on GH. Maybe he and Shawn could be roomies.

  19. Oh, please, not a year of Ryan, there would be no blonde women left in Port Charles! No one answered me when I said this but, 25 years ago, didn't Kevin "become" Ryan when he had a breakdown? So why wouldn't anyone think that this could happen again? Laura can see that he is not "the man that I married," so wouldn't people start to think that Kevin has turned into Ryan again?

  20. Sometimes it seems like the PCPD are the Keystone Cops. I like Anna taking down Julian. Wish she was still Commish! The new Jordan is so bland. Kevin is not himself! Carly has said so, Laura has said so... Doesn't anyone wonder why he and Ava are so close so fast.
    It is almost laughable.

  21. And Ava really isn't Kevin type


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