Monday, November 5, 2018

Blurred Lines

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SONNY and DA Lady... Talking about the head in the barrel at The Floating Rib.  He says Carly's really upset about it but they didn't do it. Margot says she'll catch whoever did--SHE ALWAYS DOES.  Sonny's going to tell her the truth about her mother and father. Wait, not yet..he says to back off or it's "gonna get bad for her" .  They talk more, he threatens and finally tells her he thinks that her mother was seeing Scully. "Your mother is a widow because she wanted to be one" ... DA goes to slug him, he grabs her arm (Usual precursor to Sonny Sex) 

Curtis and Jordan ...Jordan wants some advice/someone to talk to about the whole case. She tell him about the blonde hairs. I have no idea what they were doing other than recapping. 

Carly's at Jason's. She tells him she said she would kill Mary Pat.  And that she talked to the cops. He thinks that bad...but whatever.  It was pointless. I think they are having Carly tell St. Jaysus so he and Carly can team up and Laura can go to the sidelines. Because....GH 

Lulu comes over to see Laura and Spencer is there too. Lulu thinks Laura is out of it.  Laura says she's not going to actively canvas for votes anymore. She's not sure she's ready for public service.  Spencer goes to check his computer. Laura tells Lulu that "Kevin" left her. WHAT!? WHY!!? Laura tells her why-- Spencer is listening at the door.  Lulu tells her Kevin's a jerk and to get ready to go to the polls and vote.
Spencer says exit polls are in her favor. Lulu and Laura go do her make up-- and Spencer takes out a zip drive for his computer?  I think he's going to hack the election.  Yeah at the end he put it in the computer at the polling place. 

Ava and Ryan at the The Art Gallery. Ryan tries to comfort her.  She says there were blonde hairs in the body's hand. He says he wishes he was there when she found the body. :giggle: He has his morning free and would love to talk to her about things.  They go to Charlies. 

Laura and Lulu go into Charlie's and of course, sees "Kevin" with Ava. She and Lulu leave. Spencer stays behind for a 'coffee' and marches over to KAva's table and "If this was 1776, I'd challenge you to a duel"... "you sir are hollow and have no loyalty"... (looking at Ava) "You too deserve each other. 


  1. Laura's home: SPENCER!!! YAY! Where have you been?! Laura is really trying not to cry! :(

    Laura and Lulu: Awwwwwwww Laura! :( It's for the best!!!! He is not our Doc!!!!

    Laura, Lulu and Spencer: Spencer is a sweetie! I was wondering what he is planning with the flashdrive!

    Poll place: OHHHHHHHHHHHH! Awww Spencer! I get it, but you really shouldn't be doing that!!! You are so sweet! I just want to hug you! :)

    Ava's art gallery:

    Rava: Is it really bad of me that I want Ryan and Ava to have sex? :) Their chemistry is off the charts! And I can tell he wants her! :) If he is going to kill Kiwi, let Rava have sex just once, before he kills Kiwi! If he does.

    Charlie's restaurant and pub:

    Rava's table: Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: If this was 1776, I would challenge you to a duel.

    ROFL! Great scene!!!!! :)

    "Doc": The way Spencer just lashed out at you like that, saying we're the same. That we deserve each other.

    AH HA! Did you see the look on his face when he said that? Then when she said they are kindred spirits?!!?! He SO wants her!!!! :)

    Jason's home:

    Jarly: Wow! Carly hasn't gotten over Mary Pat's death! That is shocking. I thought she would have gotten over it by now. :)

    The floating rib:

    Margoo and Sonny: I thought she was going to blame Sonny for Mary Pat's death!

    "Karen says: DA goes to slug him, he grabs her arm (Usual precursor to Sonny Sex)"

    Yup!!!! I am waiting for the sex. :)

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She is still doing her, I smell something bad face..

    Sidenote: Did anybody watch Supergirl last night?!?! That actor who played Manchester Black, I was very impressed by his crying scene when his character's fiance died!!! WOW! The actor's name is David Ajala! I have never seen him before. I WANT HIM ON GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "ishouldreadmore said... Karen, your FB has been hacked."


    "Michelle Latta said...She's on it."

    Oh good!!!!!

  3. Of course Carly is still upset, Sonya, she was bobbing for apples and got a gruesome surprise! That would be traumatic, no matter who it was in the barrel!

    I don't remember from last time if Ryan has sex with women, or just kills them. I had asked if his obsession with Felicia was sexual, or just murderous, someone said maybe both, but I am not sure. But, yes, Laura is lucky to be separated from him now, she just doesn't know it yet.

    As I have said here before, please DO NOT have Sonny have sex with the DA!! I do NOT think they are going there, but, even if someone thought of it, she is wayyyy too young for him! I still love my Sonny and will be loyal to him always, but he is mature now, plus he and Carly seem kinda settled in to me.

  4. A poster on another site thought that Mike was possibly the bio dad of Margaux,but the storyline was changed to make it more focused on Sonny.What if the very young Sonny hooked up with Margaux's mom& he was her bio dad? Probably not,but very possible.

  5. "AntJoan said...Of course Carly is still upset, Sonya, she was bobbing for apples and got a gruesome surprise! That would be traumatic, no matter who it was in the barrel!"

    Haha I know! But this is Carly. You know how she is. :)

    "Shelley D. said...What if the very young Sonny hooked up with Margaux's mom& he was her bio dad? Probably not,but very possible."

    Oh no! HAHAHAHA! Sonny does not need another long lost child! Although we all know his swimmers are potent! :)

    1. LOL Sonya!! They are pretty potent! Not sure how old Avery is, but if the DA isn't his kid then he's due for some angry sex and oops no condom and therefore 9 months later he's a dad.

  6. We can't forget the lawyer that Carly retained the last time she& Sonny were divorcing.Sonny slept with her several times,then she left when the divorce was called off.One of these days,I expect her to reappear with another little Corinthos.

  7. Spencer just cracked me up yesterday, but for shame messing with the ballot box! This is so going to blow up in his face.

    Mary Pat's murder was great (I sure sound bloodthirsty!) and Jon Lindstrom is the best. So glad "Doc" split with Laura and moved out though, I did NOT want to see him sleeping with her. Nope, nope nope! This thing with Ava is something to watch...hoo boy!

  8. "Julie H said...Mary Pat's murder was great (I sure sound bloodthirsty!)"


    "This thing with Ava is something to watch...hoo boy!"

    What thing? You mean with Ava and Ryan? :)

  9. Yes Sonya, Ryan and Ava are on fire!

  10. "Julie H said... Yes Sonya, Ryan and Ava are on fire!"

    Oh good! You notice it too!!!! :) The chemistry is YOWZA! :)


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