Monday, November 12, 2018

Bizarro Sonny

That's MB's kid playing Sonny as a youngin... and it looks like Sonny basically shot Marino in the head as he was pleading for his life. In the fantasy version, Mike saves him and makes him give his gun back.
Sonny wakes up in another house. He sees a pic of Dante..and 2 daughters on the mantel (I think his RL daughters)..and one of Olivia holding a toddler. I think that's Lisa's RL daughter.  She says they are driving to Port Charles to see Dante.

Dante and Sonny bicker about him being in the mob. Dante mocks Sonny for being "only a sergeant and getting shot on duty. Says Olivia will always have to work in the salon because they'll never have money.

They go to Polluzo's Restaurant... Dante and Sam are running it. They are going to have dinner. Sam looks like A Jersey Shore girl.  He works for the Jeromes. Ava is awesome...she's a mobular moll with Julian and is kissing their right hand man..Jason!

Anna is Police Commish!!!! She's like a hard-boiled crabby thing. Alexis is there too. Sonny wants to stop the Jeromes. OMG Get this... Anna's a sad sack because Robin died of HIV. WHY? The AIDS WING never got built!! So-- in order for Sonny to do that, he had to have shot Marino. WTH!! OMG. 

Dante is actually helping the PCPD (Jordan) to get the Jeromes. He's doing it for his father. He can't tell him though. 
The DA is Jordan, she brings in Ava and Julian. They think Sonny did it. 

Sonny talks to Carly at Kelly's and Charlie's--because you know, Sonny and Carly-- :eyeroll: 

Meanwhile Sam sees this as a great time to get out of the mob. Dante only turned in the Jeromes to take over the business. She tells him to leave. He says no-- and if you don't like it, I'll find someone else to take your place. He leaves. She puts her rings on the bar..and out walks..JASON. because you know, Jason and Sam.. :eyeroll:  Sam says she wants to go to Montana. Jason says he misses his motorcycle-- Scully made him give it up. Dante calls Jason to go to the Pier. 

END: eesh!! Dante shoots Jason in the stomach--that shocked me!! He goes to shoot him in the head and Sonny rushes out in his puffy jacket to stop him. They tussle for the gun. Sonny ends up shooting Dante just like he did before. Olivia rushes out and screams "Sonny, you shot your own son"!!

Then, Sonny sees himself going to shoot Marino and Mike trying to stop him. Sonny says "no it's his choice to make" and the Kid "Sonny" Shoots Marino. "Whatever choice you make is your's to live with"

Hmmmmmmmmmm VERY Camus!


  1. Oh I love reading your twitter feed at work...Best hour of my day. :) Do you have a page you can recommend with screen caps? Would love to see more! Thanks.

  2. wow karen. thanks for spoiling the entire episode for me! geesh!

    (I'm kidding)

    I usually watch this on dailymotion at work but it isnt coming up today.

    i know a few people were complaining about all the newbies yesterday. I look at it this way.... Ryan needs some expendable people to kill off on his rampage. And since Nelle wont die (fingers crossed on that one), maybe they brought in some new women for Ryan to kill off?

  3. I have a feeling that Ryan won't kill the new women--just a feeling though. Oh, BTW, finally watched Grey's and saw Mary Pat!

    I won't get to watch until later tonight, when I finish work, but it sounds like they told an entire Sonny saga--it sounds like a lot happened in the 40 or so minutes they have to do a show!

  4. Just finished watching& thought it was fast moving,suspenseful &interesting.It was fun to see the characters play roles different from their usual ones. Sonny's real life son played him as a young man& the pictures on the mantle were Sonny's real life daughters.Sam looked beautiful, although somewhat overdone,but not her plain self.

  5. Just finished watching, went back on my word haha! Disappointed that Dante was in that role. I did love seeing Dom though. I have to say I loved this dressed down Carly. Loved her in that red jacket and her straight hair. Disappointed that they paired Dante with Sam, gag me yuck. I guess I'm glad I watched....

  6. sorry - but what does CAMUS mean????????

    1. Albert Camus was a French author,journalist &philosopher. He wrote about choices& one of his famous quotes was about life being the sum of your choices.At the end of the episode, Sonny spoke about choices.

  7. Ava kissing Jason is something I cannot unsee

  8. I really liked the episode, though they threw AJ under the bus AGAIN, and killed off Robin. I kind of liked Dante and Sam together, and I could actually hear hear her lines for a change. Dom must of told her to SPEAK UP! I snickered when Ava smooched on Jason because I knew that would cause an uproar. I think the writers were throwing us a bone, (even if it blinded some of us!) because of the fans of Ava and Jason when he first appeared drugged up in the clinic. They blew a good opportunity there in my opinion. I could see Sonny being a cop and an honest one at that. I can't believe I just wrote that. LOL!

    1. Even though I didn't like the Ava and Jason smooch thing yesterday I was one of the ones who rallied for them when he came back. Ava was different and did a good thing. I did notice too about Sam's voice yesterday. Maybe she is trying to sound like a sex pot or annoying her co-star on the regular GH.

  9. Sonny did a great job playing the cop, I knew he would. However, they used the eppie as ANOTHER way to justify Sonny's being a mobster, how it is a good thing and he is a force for good. They have spent almost 25 years trying to justify his behaviors after the sleazy mobster strip-club owner that he was became the most popular heartthrob in soap history (well, IMO, anyway). Now they have taken it to a new level, showing how EVERYONE and EVERYTHING would be soooo much worse if he had not chosen a life of crime.

    1. I liked him better 20 plus yrs ago AntJoan. Kudos to you for standing by him. I just got sick of General Hospital becoming Sonny Hospital.

  10. I rather enjoyed the show, especially seeing the characters in different situations. I had forgotten all about Mike - he hasn't been seen for awhile. They should have had Ava and Julian as a couple, LOL.

  11. ANTJoan, I agree. The push for justification of Sonny's actions - for that reason, I think it was one of the stupidest episodes of GH that I have ever watched. Sonny egoism at its worst.

  12. Thanks Shelley D -
    I did NOT know about Cammus!

  13. WOW!!!! I loved the show!!! Fantastic job!!!!! :)

    Marino and 18 year old Sonny: He looked younger than 18. :) Love that they used Maurice Bernard's son! :) His son looks just like him! :) Um they should have used a younger actor to play Mike.

    Sonny and Olivia: Wow! They were married? I likey! :)

    Dante and Sonny: WOW! Sonny a cop and Dante a mobster.. Very interesting.. :)

    Dante and Jordan: Love that Dante set the Jeromes up. :)

    Sonny and Anna: Yikes you are right Sonny! She IS broken!!! I wondered why at first.

    Sonny and Alexis: Robin died. :'( Then Anna should step down from her job!!!

    Jason and Ava: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! They were a couple and they kissed!!!! ME LOVEY!!!! :)

    Dante and Sam: Yuck! Dante and Sam? No no no no no.... What should they be called? DAM? :)

    Dante: You can be replaced.

    OUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!! Damn he don't love you Sam!!!!

    Jason and Sam: Oh look! Eye sex. :)

    Sonny and Carly: Oh look! Eye sex. :) Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Contrary to popular belief coffee does not sober you up.

    YESSSSSSSSSS! FINALLY someone on the show says that!!! About time!!! :)

  14. "Julie H said...I think the writers were throwing us a bone, (even if it blinded some of us!) because of the fans of Ava and Jason when he first appeared drugged up in the clinic. They blew a good opportunity there in my opinion"

    Yeah they sure did blew a good opportunity!!!!! :(

    "LSV422 said...They should have had Ava and Julian as a couple, LOL."

    ROFL! Yeah they should have!!!! That would have been perfect!!! Since they have tons of chemistry! :)


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