Friday, November 16, 2018


Yes, I'd like to know who's wonderful lobster that is in the back? 

That's right, Here's the lobster in Ms. Tait's classroom. You know that's no mistake, btw-- IT'S HUGE! AND they don't even live in Maine.
Ah, those prop guys love me. Alberta is smitten 


  1. WOW!!!! Just yesterday I was wondering where Alberta was!!! Now I know!!!! :) I didn't even see her there.

  2. LOL!

    I have to watch the rest of yesterday's show today, because of the stupid mayor's news conference. WHY interrupt GH for that?? There are so many ways to watch news, why interrupt our show?

    I think it is so BEYOND ridiculous that Nina hired her "daughter" to work at Crimson, gee what could go wrong?

  3. I always find it amusing that all the news conferences in America have to be held in that time period, and end apruptly at the end of the hour whether they're finished or not.

  4. So I am FINALLY watching yesterday's eppie, after it was blocked out by the stupid press conference. So, did anyone notice that, when Nina ran into the school room, she had a totally different hairstyle than she did when she ran out of Crimson? Didn't anyone here notice that? Didn't the freakin' editors notice that?? Then she said Charlotte is her DAUGHTER?? Charlotte is her stepdaughter! Anyway, didn't finish watching yet, just felt the need to comment. . .

    1. Definitely noticed the continuity issue re Nina's hair.Someone messed up big time.Were the editors asleep?

  5. Further, didn't Ava learn her lesson about messing with medications after Morgan's death? And, as someone else said, WHY won't Sonny deny that he had anything to do with the murder?

  6. Just read that there will be a new TJ. The other actor has gone to a series. I liked him.

  7. Yes, then, when she was back at Crimson, she reverted to the original hairstyle!

    I LOVE the actor who plays TJ, just LOVE him, I am SOOOO SAD that he left, I feel that he will not be replaceable.

  8. I like the actor that plays TJ too but unless they get a new actor who can devote some time to GH we won't have any stories with him and maybe none with Molly either. She can't even break up with him if he's not there. I just hope they pick the actor carefully and don't use the change as an excuse for a complete personality change as they often do in such cases. I'd love to see him active at GH.


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