Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Parade....Off Camera

Thanksgiving Eve!! I took time out of my cleaning schedule to do this blog--so be happy! LOL...seriously, Hubs cooks and I clean. He's got the better deal--(but then again, his food bests mine by a mile). 

I see Jordan and Curtis' wedding is next Monday. Mixed feelings. Hopefully, the family will be getting more airtime and I do seem to like NuTJ but I miss VA.  

ON to the SHOW!! 

St. Jaysus arrives with the Donuts..and Sam has a cold. She sneezes all over the donuts.  He takes care of her. She ends up falling asleep in bed. 

Cam comes to Joss' house.  Not sure why but she's making turkeys for the table . He gives her a present.  I missed what that was --btw.  OH! Cam and she KISS! And she wanted to !! WOOT!!  Cam feels really bad and guilty and tells Joss that Oscar is sick!!  She realizes he knew all along Oscar was ill and didn't tell her-- she yells at Cam. Cam's like: Ummmm duh... wha? Josslyn leaves to find Oscar.  Cam gets mad and destroys the entire turkey hat display! 

Sasha tells Nina what happened with Griffin last night. Nina's pissed of course. She goes to the gallery.

Laura and Kevin are at Charlie's. They argue over the press release. Laura says she thinks he's lying about something. 

Ava is trying to leave the country with Avery.  She gets tickets and papers from some shady guy. She's about to leave..and Nina walks in. They argue. Ava finally yells: YOU CAN'T PREACH TO ME AFTER YOU RIPPED MY CHILD FROM MY WOMB" ahahah!! Ryan comes in later and breaks up their fist fight.  Nina leaves. Ryan talks Ava into staying in town.  OMG he tells her they are kindred spirits and he sees her as a GODDESS!! Then kisses her--HARD. Laura walks in@@@!!!

Oscar meets with Alexis at The Metro. She's worried about him. He's like I'm ok. He asks why Alexis is doing this..helping him. She says in NYS girls who are 16 can make their own health decisions when it comes to abortion and she thinks he should be too. He asks what she would do if he was her kid. She's like FIGHT LIKE HELL to make you get that treatment! LOL. Nice scene. She gives him a little kiss on the head when she leaves. 

Spencer (who's supposed to be at the parade) is at Wyndemere to be snotty to Valentin. He tells him when his grandmother gets to be mayor, Val will be OUT. LOL Valentin says Charlotte was talking about him bragging about the election. Valentin thinks Spencer tampered with it. Then Sasha walks in and Spencer's interest goes up. Valentin makes him leave the house. Sasha says she really should leave town. Valentin is sorry about what happens but gives her more money to stay. 

Sonny tries to get Krissy to go with him to the parade. She has to work.  Then, Daisy, the cult girl comes in and meets him. That was weird.  They want Sonny to come and give out food. Sonny's like: Um, no...but here's some money lol. Daisy dogs Oscar for not reading his 'material' enough--even tho the kid is sick with headaches! geesh!!

END OF THE SHOW:  Josslyn walks into an empty Charlie's while Oscar is cleaning up. 

* A WUBLAR THOUGHT: You know, Ava should have taken over the Jerome Fam syndicate from Julian and gotten together with Valentin (who would be a REAL Cassadine) and they could rule PC -- Hospital board, Crime-- take down Sonny


  1. I had to turn off GH as soon as sam appeared on the stairs. never liked this character. where is RYAN when you need him

  2. the last 3 days have been great tho

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Wub Tubbers and especially to our Wub Queen, Karen. : )

  4. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Looks like we will not have a Quartermaine pizza Thanksgiving this year? But they MUST sing the song, it always makes me cry . . .

    1. I heard that there is going to be a Quartermaine Thanksgiving next week.

  5. Perhaps on the Monday episode it will still be Thanksgiving, so still room for singing the song.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Really nice acting job by Joss and Cam. Loved the ending but poor Laura.

  7. Carson's home:

    Jam: Oh come on!!! Joss wants to kiss you!!! KISS HER ALREADY!!! :) Love their scenes today!! OH THE KISS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Wait what?!!?! NOW you tell her that Oscar is sick and dying?!!?! HUH?! Well okay then.. Damn Jam is over before it starts.

    Sonny and Spencer: I want more scenes with them!!! I am glad Spencer is sticking around!!!

    Sam's home:

    Jasam and child Cheeto: Awwww Sam is sick with a cold.. :( Jasam having eye sex while she is sick with a cold. Oops she took too much Nyquil and fell asleep! :)

    Jasam: Sam so delirious!!!

    Sam: No don't go! Stay with me. I miss you.

    Oh oh! More cold showers for Jason!!

    Cheeto and Alexis: Cheeto wins the line of the day.

    Cheeto: Upstairs in bed with daddy.


    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Cult girl, Krissy, and Sonny: Cult girl working on her charms.. More food yes!! We need more food! Food is good!!! Food is life!

    Cult girl and Oscar: Cult girl working on Oscar! READ THE BOOK!!!!! READ IT ASAP!!!! Get brainwashed by this awesome book!!!

    Ryan and Laura: Oh I thought she had divorce papers on her. No Laura it's best that you aren't with him anymore. He don't wuv you!!!

    Laura and Sonny: Awww we need more scenes with them. It's been awhile with them in a scene. Sonny has your vote Laura! Awwwww! :)

    Spencer, Laura, and Sonny: Hehehe great scene. :) Yes Spencer you have a choice! Go to the parade with Sonny and Avery, or go to the Jurtis wedding.. Hey good choice. :)


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Nina: Yeah she was drugged Nina.. And had to drink a ton of water!!! I bet she had to pee all night and probably still has to.

    Alexis and Oscar: Awwwwwwwwww! Great scene!!! Love the kiss on the forehead!!! Acting like a mother to him. :) Awwww!

    Ava's art gallery: Ava you are running away?!!?! I was thinking nobody has any proof you did anything! Unless one of your hairs fell somewhere in the hotel room. I can't believe you admitted what you did to Kiwi!!! Very dumb.

    Ava and Nina: Great scene!!! :) Oh shut up Nina you hypocrite!!! I love how Ava brought up Nina taking her baby out of her womb!!! YOU TELL HER AVA! :)

    Rava: A RAVA KISS! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! About time!!!! Chemistry flying!!!! Oh hi Laura!


    Sasha and V.C.: What?!?!!? He did a good thing because he loves Nina?!?!! SHUT UP SASHA!!!!

    Nina, Sasha, and V.C.: More lies from V.C.!!!!


    "AntJoan said..But they MUST sing the song,"

    That is what I say every year!!! THEY MUST! It's important!!!!

    "it always makes me cry . . ."

    Always makes me cry too!!!!

  9. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I only come on periodically and post something once in awhile, but I really enjoy this site and reading everyone's opinions and perspectives about what is happening on the show. I can't wait for Ava to eventually find out that her new relationship is with a serial killer! And they need to move on from this brain tumor storyline. I can't stand it.


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