Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bed Bug

Oscar at the Qs. Man that kid can't emote...anyway he's getting the treatment. "For Josslyn only".. but he's living with the cult still and working at Charlie's. 
Drew goes to see Josslyn. 
Kim gets mad a Julian?? About?? I think not really kidnapping him or something? 
Oscar fires Alexis. 

Joss and Carly. Eden's so good. She and Laura are very good as mom and daughter.  
Drew comes in, thanks Joss.

Wedding: Stella says she's sorry but she's at the wedding now and will be joyful.  Jordan has a HUGE floral budget. GEESSSHHH 
They say vows, go to the Haunted Star and STILL WE DON'T SEE KIKI!! DAMN IT@!! I ran home in the snow for this and Tillie hasn't pee'd yet either!!!!!!!
First Dance
Cutting the Cake
Laura's not feeling good. She tells Lulu about "Kevin" kissing Ava. She says something is off with Kevin.  

GRIFFIN goes to the apartment, finds the door open and a broken vase. He calls Kiki and says "I guess we missed each other, you forgot your shawl, I'll go back to the reception"
HE'S SO STUPID!!!!!!! 

SO not what I wanted today!!!!!! I really needed to see Ryan and KIKI!! 


  1. I think we did see Kiki - at the very end. :-O

    1. Yeh Paul, before the newlyweds opened the door, I said aloud to myself that Kiki was there.

  2. Yes but we didn't see the murder. I'm glad they didn't interrupt happy wedding scenes with that. And Griffin is stupid. Kiki's door was open and stuff was broken but he didn't suspect that anything was wrong till he saw the drop of blood after he left the apt.

  3. I enjoyed today. I'm starting to like NuJordan better.

  4. I agree that Griffin was being stupid. The door being open and the broken stuff was bad enough, but he knew she was planning to go to the wedding.

    Liking NewJordan a bit better also. I miss old TJ, even though the new one is good. I'm sure he'll grown in me.

    I always love scenes with Monica - she's so good with Oscar. Great Carly/Joss scenes too. Eden really is very good.

    1. Loved Monica with Oscar and Alexis as well. Carly and Joss were good. Natural.

  5. Kiki is there - obvious because it says something happens and Jordan and Curtis can't go on a honeymoon. having a dead body in your bed would qualify!

    so are we not going to have Stella get with Marcus? I mean was it a one and done episode so Stella could go to the wedding?

    1. We may see Marcus again,although not sure Stella will rekindle her relationship with him.I read that his wife,Yvonne,has scenes upcoming with Mike.She apparently is a patient in the same facility as Mike is in.

  6. * Grow ON me. Talk about a Freudian slip! Maybe I like him better than I thought. HAHAHAHA!

    1. LOL Paul! Freudian slips always make for fun times. 😂😂

  7. Haven't seen the episode yet, but was prepared for a Ryan and Kiki showdown. I like Oscar, but hate the storyline.

  8. Griffin is beautiful, but I don't think he's the brightest bulb on the tree . . .

  9. The wedding: Awwww Stella approves! :) Jordan is beautiful but she looks like a marshmallow. They are MAAAAAAAAAAARIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Ashford! :) Hmmmm She doesn't have to change her last name! ROFL! She is actually Jordan Ashford Ashford. :) Griffin is looking for Carmen Sandiago! Where or where is she?

    The reception: Nina catches the bouquet! ROFL! Who is Nina gonna marry next? Wait what about the men catching the garter? Why didn't they do that?! Griffin still lookin for Carmen Sandiago!!!!

    Q home:

    Oscar and Drew: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Love the scene! Love how Drew is holding on to him and hugging him! :) YAY!

    Oscar and Alexis: Oscar wins the line of the day.

    Oscar: You're fired.

    ROFL! Alexis is so happy to hear that! :)

    CarlyKim and Charlie: Oh give me a break CarlyKim!!! Grow up!!!! Just break up with him already! You two don't belong together!!

    Carson home:

    Carly and Joss: Great scene!!!! Carly has such great wisdom now!!!! :) Joss you can learn a lot from your mother! :) Sure Oscar took Joss's choices away from her, but listen to Carly! :)

    Kiwi's home: Where oh where is Carmen Sandiego!!!! Is she in the bathroom? No. Is she on the floor? No. Is she in the bedroom? No..... I thought maybe she was on the floor at first. Hmm where did Ryan take her?

    Ashford's honeymoon suite:

    Ashford and Ashford: I was thinking, oh oh Kiwi is dead in their bedroom isn't she?! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I have been watching GH, and really, soaps in general for way too long!!! :)

  10. Sonya: Jordan wouldn't have to change her name no matter what - ha.

    Yeah, the ending. Fitting that it's on the Haunted Star.

  11. Doesn’t make sense that the writers would even pair Griffin and Kiki knowing they were killing her off because now we have to endure another mourning period before moving on. We JUST had this with Maxie and Nathan. Poor Griffin has never fit with anyone. Liz is about all I can think of that he had potential chemistry with- like Meredith and Derek in Greys...

    1. I'm sure the actress had no plans of leaving GH when they were paired... ..

  12. I guess I feel Kiki’s departure has been imminent for months!!!

  13. OK, you know that WE all know that most folks in PC come back to life, but THEY are not supposed to know that. BUT, and a GIANT BUT, didn't Kevin morph into Ryan once due to stress or something? So, Laura knows that this guy "is not the guy I married." AND, women are showing up dead. Wouldn't they think that Kevin had a relapse and turned into Ryan again?

    I am sooo sad that Kiki left the show, and was murdered, she was coming into her own and, as I said before, had tons of connections to legacy characters.

  14. Can't wait for today! Yes, Griffin is an idiot, and now his fingerprints are all over the place. Doofus.

    The wedding was very nice and I'm glad that Auntie Stella was more than civil.

    I absolutely hated Kim yesterday. The reasons are endless but she's never satisfied about anything, and she now just seems like a selfish little cow.

    Carly and Joss were everything! :)

  15. "Paul773 said...Jordan wouldn't have to change her name no matter what - ha."

    Oh because of the last name Ashford? Hahahahhaa! Yeah. :)

  16. If the police even think Griffin killed Kiki they would be even bigger idiots than they already are. Is anyone even investigating the last murder? I thought the wedding was really well done - better than most. I even liked Stella for once. I can't stand Kim and her repeating words twice. Just out of curiosity, where would Ryan have been able to kill the nurse, with all that blood, and how could he get Kiki's body onto the Haunted Star?

  17. I also have been wondering what happened to the last murder investigation. With Jordan getting married, maybe the detectives are on it? Loved seeing Valerie at the wedding, she looked amazing, MORE VALERIE, PLEASE!!


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