Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Lay Your Hands on Me

Now think hard and I'll make this story go faster....

I had a very stressful week, and you?? It was capped off by: SNOW!! Not just flurries-- SNOW SNOW. It's too early !! Anyway, GH did provide some respite for me which is a good thing! It's still bloated and I have plenty to complain about so don't you worry. I am enjoying the show in a frustrating way. Hope that makes sense? 

I'm also thinking of everyone in the way of the fires in CA. I know a lot of people there and many of my readers are in that area. Please take care, and please think about donating to the Red Cross or shelters in need. This is just horrific. 

Let's get the biggest bitch out of the way. We have another newbie on contract. Yes, we do!! You know the teacher, Willow? Seems she'll be in one of the major story lines--either baby mama or Nina's real kid. (I'd love to go with baby mama, she's way too short to be Nina's daughter). Nothing against the actress but COULD YOU HAVE PICKED A MORE STANDARD LOOKING person? I mean, for GH that is. She looks like everyone else!! She's a Ford Sister!! She could have at least had really short hair and a nose ring..  Willow's on  Chase Ford's radar, is going to grief sessions with Michael and Aiden's teacher. I feel nothing for her yet. Just...nothing. Put her on top of Sasha and DA lady and ..well... just stop it.  Who needs to be on? Molly and TJ. Fighting over money and his time spent on medical internship.  Her OCD... him taking beanies to stay awake.  I can think of so many things besides this. 

Here's this week, presented in no particular order because it was all over the place. Very disjointed and didn't thread together at all. A lot of little things happened, each in it's own box. I'll do my best to catch you up. 

Oh my god, Britt, I stole a baby...
No, she gave it to you! I'm the one that stole a whole zygote...remember? 
Oh, yeah, you did, didn't you? And gave birth to it and pretended it was your own!
And I'm all ok now, no lasting effects. 
That makes me feel so much better. Thanks, pal. 

I just love these two.  It's really unfortunate that Kelly moved to NYC --she would be a welcome addition to the show. Get rid of about 5 other characters, thank you!  By the way, Britt was in the hospital so she could be injected with the common cold and Brad could mess with her lab results. Why? I'm guessing to make Dr. O think she's dying and turns up?? 

See. I told ya. 
I told you they wouldn't give this story to Laura... 

AND here we are in Ferncliff! Laura's off crying about "Kevin" and JaSam and Curtis get sent in to try to save the day. How predictable. Why not have Felicia, Laura and Mac do this? WHY? Does it cost too much for  JJY and KW to come on for a few weeks? I think not. *sigh*. Now Carly's being falsely accused of killing Nurse Pat-- just after she was accused of pushing Nelle down the stairs. Didn't we just to through all this? Yes, yes we did. 


And look, right there--that's a star!! 
Really? A star?? Like, a constellation?!
Yes, isn't it twinkly? 
Do you think the fault lies in our stars?

Um, this story  is going ALL WRONG!!  The entire TL is rooting for Cam and Joss now because well--they are adorable and have something.  Mopey Oscar is out with tumor headaches and people are all: WHATEVER!! Seriously-- if they wanted us to feel badly for Oscar and long for Joss to find out the truth and rush to his side, this wasn't the way to go. Not even close. Nope. Oscar's not a likable disgruntled teen either. He's a pain in the ass. 

SO, you see, serial killers take joy in killing and putting fear into the hearts of the community 
Wait, I thought you had a tumor? 
Well...yeah...but you know, I can imagine how it feels..sort of all warm and glowing

In a nod to his Russian heritage, young Spencer totally messes with the election and will probably end up in federal prison. Or--France. 

Here, here's a book, Kristina... It's really good.  We all love it. We all read it. Every night. Then, we read it again in the morning. You'll love it too. Love it. You'll love it...

 We seem to have some sort of cult going. Daisy "laid hands" on Oscar and made his headache go away. Krissy was SO impressed! Oscar is also living at the "common house". You know what? This may have been a better story if OSCAR DIDN'T HAVE A TERMINAL ILLNESS.  Because--?? Really, what's going to happen? At least if he was just a jerk teen who decided he was going to rebel, we could follow this more. Krissy could move in too. But--again, isolated story. Isolated characters. PS.  I bet this is a veiled dig at Scientology. 

Oh, have no idea how your rage-filled rants fill me with glee..... now excuse me because I have to go pee...

Sorry, just indulge me here, ok? LOL.. Ava and Ryan are the best part of the show for me! They are feeding off each other's darker sides and it's just fun to watch. Maura and Jon are just brilliant. 

If you watched these scenes then you'll know what's coming. If not? Settle in because it's a bit long. Sonny is wearing a wire to trap DA lady's mother in to confessing. I'm kinda sure none of this will hold up in court but that's besides the point. Sonny goes to Janette's house and confronts her with the things he learned in the letters. Janette (great actress) flips out and Margo hear it all. She stomps in, wants answers and realizes what she knew was false.  Then, she throws her mother OUT of her house!! Remember, they went to Janette's house, not Margo's so that was just-- um...weird. Then Margo drank and drank while Sonny watched her pain pour out on the floor.
We all could feel it--Sonny was going to make his dimpled Sonny move! And....wait...NOPE. She passes out and he puts her on the couch. Sits and stares into space. We find out this is the place he'll imagine what his life would be like if he hadn't joined the mob. 

**JaSam and Curtis find Nelle at Ferncliff,  decide she's faking it and tell the nurse who seems to believe a group of 'security experts' over the doctors. 
**Spencer put emojis on the ballots and now the town's all mad because there has to be another vote. Spencer can't quite get the big deal
**Brad spilled to Britt. Britt's going to get sick to get Dr. O home
**New Teacher sees Michael at Kelly's... they bond over grief stuff. Chase is also smitten

**Sasha tries to get Griffin all hot with a cool glass of water; Kiki sees her. Griffin reacts with open-mouth stupidity 
**Ryan and Ava have another session. He breaks it off with her because he can't be "objective" but it's probably because he wants to date her. 
**Janette is thrown out of her own house after confessing to wanting her husband dead. Margo drinks, Sonny sits in a chair
**Carly is suspect in Mary Pat's murder. Diane is retained. She's been to this rodeo before.
**Terry brings Liz a beer and in true GH tradition breaks all sorts of privacy rules and dishes about poor Oscar's brain tumor. Liz also dishes about Aiden. Hmm..connection? (and not the tumor kind)
**Apparently, Franco is now a forensic profiler 

I'm sure I forgot things because so damn much is happening it's a whirlwind. I'm still in shock because of all these new characters. Instead of each story being fleshed out, they are just fragments we see every other week.  Testing my patience, they are! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Why? It talked about missed chances, and a longing to have life different. Plus I love Britt and Spencer. Them running Wyndemere would have been brilliant. 

NEW ITEM: WUBS FAVE SCENE:  Yes, I'm going to give myself a fave scene. Not "scene of the week" which is more honoring the writing and acting... this is just for my straight up enjoyment. Nothing gives me more joy than when RoHo eats on camera. He's the only actor I've seen to really just eat like a normal person does. He snacks, he eats his food when it's in front of him. This day I got treated to a fudgecicle!  This type of thing just makes the mundane so much more real life. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: The wire-- Sonny wore a wire!! Too bad Brenda wasn't there to, I don't know, shove him in a closet and yell at him until he cried. 

COMING NEXT WEEK: Monday is a Sonny episode that looks at his life if he didn't go into crime. Dom Z will be on. It looks interesting, actually.  Who knows though. Sam IS wearing some frosted lipstick in the promos!


  1. so, when Genie returned, she said she was excited because they promised her a great big storyline.

    this isnt it, is it?

  2. Gawd I hope not Dave.

    Is Sonny still wearing that wire? I hope he doesn't talk in his sleep.

    And kd, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Oscar. I laughed out loud at this bit. (Um, this story is going ALL WRONG!! The entire TL is rooting for Cam and Joss now because well--they are adorable and have something. Mopey Oscar is out with tumor headaches and people are all: WHATEVER!! )

    Thanks again for another great SS.

  3. I know. They promise Genie a great story line and screw it up every time. She is a heroine for hecks sake!!!!!! Let her be a heroine!!!!!! Give the story to Laura, Kevin/Ryan, Felicia and Mac. They are the ones that should be doing this story. NOT Jasam or anyone else. I don't mind even if they throw Carly in a LITTLE, but no one else.

  4. PS. Thanks again Karen for great SS

  5. I think this is a pretty good story for Laura--actually quite a few stories: The Kevin/Ryan story; the mayoral election and Spencer.

    Karen, I think you said you didn't watch the entire eppie when Franco ate the Fudgecicle-what happened was that Cam took it for a snack and Liz snatched it out of his hand and gave him something healthy to eat instead, an apple or something. Then I think the Fudgecicle was somehow passed to Franco to put back in the freezer, but he ate it instead!! It really was a priceless scene!!

  6. Almost the entire show is um...weird. It is all over the place. I see tiny little writers all writing like crazy without communicating with other writers. Maura and Jon could have their own show. And Roger, yes he eats well. They are terrific. The DA story....still fast forward for me. Oscar cult thing...someone here I think made mention of Mitch Lawrence from OLTL(good old days). Or Nikolas...someone cool to be the cult leader. Very current. But probably not. Are we in Nov. sweeps, or is there even that anymore?

  7. "The entire TL is rooting for Cam and Joss now because well--they are adorable and have something."

    Who is the TL? :) I am rooting for them too!!! JAM FOR THE WIN! :)

    "Sorry, just indulge me here, ok? LOL.. Ava and Ryan are the best part of the show for me!"

    Me too!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) I love Rava!!!

    "Maura and Jon are just brilliant."

    Yes they are!! :)

    "Sasha tries to get Griffin all hot with a cool glass of water;"

    Yeah I can't believe that she still had the glass of water on his cheek when Kiwi walked in! :) Griffin and Sasha need to have all the sex!!!! We can call them Grasha! :)

    "Griffin reacts with open-mouth stupidity"


    "Ryan and Ava have another session. He breaks it off with her because he can't be "objective" but it's probably because he wants to date her."

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. zazu said.. And Roger, yes he eats well.

    ROFL! He does! :)

  9. Great SS Karen! I don’t get the thrill of Roger eating-that must be an acquired taste, LOL. I’m just thrilled to see Laura, Diane, Bobbie regularly. Maura and Jon have been outstanding. I ‘m ready for Sasha to go. With all this talk about Nik is there any hope that he returns?

  10. Well, TC is off of the other show, so, yes, I think he might . . .

  11. It is rumored that he didn't leave Days under the best of circumstances & the same applies to GH.But,maybe some miracle will occur& we'll see him return as Nicolas.

  12. Thanks Karen, for the great SS. Every word you said, so true!

    I want Rava too, they are soooo good together! And I really want the Aidan story to move along. Sasha can be next on Doc's list then Margoo. Blech to both of them.

    I'll be watching the Sonny show today, mostly to see Dom because I miss him. But I'm thinking I may be fast forwarding a little. LOL!

    Sonya, I think TL stands for Time Line, and I think she was talking about General Hospital on Twitter. Just guessing, mind you! :)


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