Monday, November 26, 2018

Turkey Lurkey ...Who's Gonna die?

HI TED!! Olivia invited Julian to Thanksgiving Dinner and Ned's not happy. Monica ordered pizzas just to have them this year ahead of time.  Olivia thinks Julian has changed since prison and wants them all to co-exist.
Drew sees Kim talking to Julian about kidnapping Oscar. Drew gets in Julian's face then yells at Kim. Drew looks like a slob, btw. 

OMG The volunteer from the soap kitchen came to pick up the donations people brought but he TOOK ALL THE PIZZA INSTEAD! ahahaa

Oscar and Joss-- Yada, yada...Young Adult Tears.... Oscar still has feeling for her...She argues with him to do the treatment. They cry..hug...He ends up going to the Q house and Joss goes home crying. 

Laura and Ryan and Ava...Laura lays into Ryan about cheating on her with a woman 'like Ava"-- Ryan's like "OH WELL"!!! ahahaha. Laura tears up Ava's campaign check to her. They kiss again after she's gone.  They are going to spend thanksgiving alone. Ava says she's going to leave town eventually because she can't be around Kiki.
Ryan gets an evil look on his face...

Kiki and Griffin are on the couch, have sex and are going to be late to the wedding. Griffin gets a call from Monica about his status as a doctor and she can't tell him on the phone but has the papers at GH. He's going to go sign them and meet Kiki at the wedding. OR NOT BECAUSE RYAN IS GOING TO MURDER HER!!! :clapping: 
Kiki can't find her pashmina!! Oh nos!! 

Sonny's house: Mike and Stella. She's not going to the wedding. Brucas and the baby--Michael. Bobbie is there too. Sonny pops up. Not sure where Carly is? We know she's not cooking the turkey lol. 

Wedding's started.  Curtis and Nina are talking about how to treat Jordan. "Don't cheat"!!  Nina brought Peter as her plus one. GROSS. TJ and Curtis talk..nice scene. Nu TJ is a natural. 

Bridesmaids give old, new, blue...Maxie is there with Lulu and Anna and Molly. Maxie looks.. well.. just plain bad. EESH.  During the ceremony Stella walks in... will "Say her piece" tomorrow. 

Kiki opens the door and RYAN is there with BIG OL KETTLE DRUMS GOING!! WHOOT!! 


  1. Okay, so . . . Ryan kills Kiki . . . Does he think Ava will thank him?? Like, even if she's mad at her, it's her DAUGHTER. She's not going to thank him for killing her!

  2. Ryan killing kiki,disgusting.cant he kill sam my least favorite character

  3. She is leaving the show So Ryan will kill her

  4. I'll miss Kiki. For the longest time, I thought the character was pointless, but I have grown so fond of her and the actress. Can't wait for Ava to find out (eventually) that she basically caused her daughter's death. I HATE AVA!!!

    Loved the way Laura handled Ava and Ryan. I was afraid that would break her a bit.

    I thought Maxie looked great today. Most of the wedding party/guests did, but I thought Anna looked especially beautiful.

    Always love the Q. Thanksgiving!

  5. Yeh Ava won't take any sort of blame just like she didn't for Morgans death. Hate her!

    1. She will blame herself, but if Ryan kills Kiki it is totally NOT AVA’S fault. She thinks she’s confiding in a psychologist—even said psychologist’s wife doesn’t know any different.

  6. Elizabeth is suddenly like a whiny person - she needs to be like she once was - headstrong/protective of her child....

    as a former teacher, I agree that Willow would not tell Franco and Liz that Charlotte was the bully but saying every child should feel safe is true to a point ---you do NOT allow a 9-10 year child to rule your classroom!!!!!!!!
    that is the writer's slant on things.

  7. I am sooo glad that the Quartermaines sang, no one mentioned it today, so I thought that maybe they would do it tomorrow . . .

    Well, they have broken with recent tradition at GH and have more than 5 people at a wedding . . . they even decided to spring for a few extras. I really enjoyed the show, but found it a bit disconcerting that there is a NuJordan AND a new TJ . . . As for little Uncle Leo, remember when he was a baby, and was African-American? Now he seems to be Hispanic. Olivia is Italian-American, and Julian is Caucasian, so interesting casting choices for their offspring . . .

    I am sooo sad to see Kiki go, it looks like she IS going to go, at the hands of Ryan, she is a longstanding and important character with MANY ties to Port Charles, and a burgeoning medical career, I wonder if they really are going to kill her off.

  8. Ava's art gallery:

    Laura, Ryan and Ava: Oh they reshowed the Rava kiss! YAY! :) Oh shoot Laura! Don't interrupt! You can't divorce him. It won't be legal. :)

    Rava: OH ANOTHER KISS! YAY! Spending Thanksgiving together? YAY! Oh Ava had to bring up Kiwi! Oh my Ryan has something to do before they share Thanksgiving together! I know what he is gonna do! Kill Kiwi! I'm excited. :)

    Carson home: All the family talk, is making Stella think think think!!! Jonah!!!! Michael is calling Jonah little man!!!! Carly used to call Michael Mr. Man, and now Jonah is little man. :(

    Charlie's bar and restaurant:

    JossCar: Great scene! Yeah Oscar! Listen to Joss!!!! Fight for your life!!!!!!!!!

    The wedding/Jordan's room: Oh sure forget tradition! Nothing bad will happen. Uh Jordan, famous last words. Molly drinking alcohol. Is she 21 yet? Jordan and TJ scene. Two recasts in a room together.. How odd. Actually the actor who is now playing TJ is doing a pretty good job.. :) Jordan and Anna besties!!! :)

    Anna: I love you.

    Jordan: I love you.

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Oh the wedding! Oh boy Jordan smells something funky in the church too? Geez! Everywhere she goes she smells something funky. Kiwi is late! Gotta call Kiwi!

    Q home: Little uncle Leo wins the line of the day.

    Uncle Leo: He's names Ned silly!

    ROFL! He does look like a Leo. :) Oh oh is CarlyKim going to break up with Charlie because he doesn't want to do what she wants? I hope so. Oh first we sing then we eat! YAY!!!! I just had to cry over the song!!!

    We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
    He chastens and hastens His will to make known;
    The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing;
    Sing praises to His Name; He forgets not His own.
    Beside us to guide us, our God with us joining,
    Ordaining, maintaining His kingdom divine;
    So from the beginning the fight we were winning;
    Thou, Lord, were at our side, all glory be Thine!
    We all do extol Thee, Thou Leader triumphant,
    And pray that Thou still our Defender will be;
    Let Thy congregation escape tribulation;
    Thy Name be ever praised! O Lord, make us free!


    Kiwi's home:

    Kiwi and Griffin: Oh yes sex before wedding.. Might as well have one last sex before she dies. Better comb your hair Kiwi! Oh and take a shower first. Oh yes Griffin has to go to the hospital to sign the papers so that Kiwi could die in peace. Oh oh her shawl is missing. I was thinking maybe Ryan took it. Oh she found it.

    Kiwi and Ryan: Great scene!!! BUH BYE KIWI!!!!

  9. "Paul773 said...I'll miss Kiki. For the longest time, I thought the character was pointless, but I have grown so fond of her and the actress."

    Yeah the actress has gotten so much better with her acting!! :)

    "Can't wait for Ava to find out (eventually) that she basically caused her daughter's death."

    Ava didn't cause her daughter's death. It was Ryan who did it.

  10. Well this whole Ryan thing is great! I really don't want Kiki to die either, but I'll roll with it. LOL! I do like Ava because she's such a mess, and a trouble maker, and every soap needs such a person. And I do agree....hopefully Sam is next on the list. :)

    I also like the new TJ, and this Jordan is ok, but I can't look at her now because Sonya keeps saying she smells something funny. Thanks a lot Sonya. Hahahahaha!

    I was cheering for Drew when he was talking to Kim. She's lost her mind, and she can be on Ryan's list too. Don't like the character at all. And of course I enjoyed the Quartermaine Thanksgiving.

  11. "Julie H said...I do like Ava because she's such a mess, and a trouble maker, and every soap needs such a person. And I do agree...."

    Yes!! We do need such a person on a soap!!! :) I like Ava too! I love when she gets so angry when she talks!!! :)

    "hopefully Sam is next on the list. :)"

    Hahaha! I doubt it. :)

    "Jordan is ok, but I can't look at her now because Sonya keeps saying she smells something funny. Thanks a lot Sonya. Hahahahaha!"

    ROFL! Don't you notice that everytime she looks sad, it looks like she is smelling something rancid? :)

    "I was cheering for Drew when he was talking to Kim. She's lost her mind, and she can be on Ryan's list too."

    Yes! Ryan can take her out and he can also take out Griffin!!

  12. Okay I have some questions I forgot to ask yesterday..

    1. Why was Hiney at the wedding?

    2. Why was Anna in a robe at the wedding?

    3. Will Kiwi be beheaded?

    Oh and a comment.

    I LOVE Nina's dress!!!! She looked beautiful in it.

    1. Nina did look great,gorgeous hair,dress&makeup.Wasn't Peter Nina's plus one @ the wedding?
      Did anyone notice that Auntie Stella had a costume change when she showed up@ the church?Maybe she plans on staying.
      I wasn't crazy about the way they dressed bride Jordan & thought that Jordan&TJ walked down the aisle slowly&strangely;maybe it was the camera angle.
      Carly should have been home with her family,instead of@ the Metro Court.

    2. I loved Nina's hair and outfit. I loved Jordand dress. Stell's probably did a costume "change" cause maybe Mike got thru that thick skull of hers. They seemed fine walking. There was probably a reason why Carly wasn't there. Ya know, a set up since Keeks is being killed...Ryan has already tried to set her up, so it makes sense. Too much trying to make sense haha.....

  13. Nina looked stunning, as did Curtis. I am also sad to see the presumed killing of Kiki. She grew on me, too, especially after the bad actress who first played the part. Genie is such a damn good actress - love watching her! Glad they remembered the song. Baby Wiley was so cute!

    1. The actress grew on me but it took awhile because I really like Kristen who played her before. I loved Wiley, adorns! Brad pissed me off when he asked why Michael was there. Uh....nosy much and that's his parents home. I know why he did it but still...

  14. Has anyone ever noticed that whenever you are able to see Maxie's feet she is wearing flat shoes? Also, she seems to be walking with difficulty sometimes, as if her feet hurt. Haven't read anything about it, but am wondering if she had an injury or something that I missed.

    1. It's possible. I have none spurs in my feet and never wear heels. Prefer no shoes at all, but then again I'm paying attention to the show and not that, now I will. LOL!!!

  15. Sonya, I loved Nina's dress too, it was stunning! And Peter was her plus one. And yes, NuJordan raises her eyebrows ALOT, and it makes her look sad or smelling something not so nice. LOL!

    And Pat...Sun..I will now keep my eyes on Maxie's feet, I haven't noticed the flat shoes. :)

  16. I loved Nina having "the talk" with Curtis. I knew Stella was going to walk right in. And why would Nina want Peter to be her date???

  17. Sonya, I also wondered why Anna was wearing a robe . . .


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