Friday, November 9, 2018


Sonny, Janette-- DA Lady. Love the actress playing Janette. Good scenes but Sonny was there the whole time. Janette admits to wanting her husband dead.  Sonny got it on the wire.  Margo throws her mother out of her own house. Then, Margogo gets drunk. Dear lord, here's hoping Sonny doesn't get the dimples out.
OMG So, Margo drinks and sobs and Sonny calls Carly  and tells her he can't come home tonight!! ahhahaa. OMG 

OMG Sasha can die now. She needs a job.  WELP! Nina gave her one. Nina introduces her to Franco. HE's like YOU have a daughter? Huh? 

Ryan can murder Griffin and Kiki, I approve. 

SO, Carly's falsely accused AGAIN? REALLY ?? This is fresh storytelling? Come on. At least Diane is on. 

Ava and Ryan... she sees his wedding ring on the desk. He tells her he broke up with Laura. She's kinda a bit OK with that.  She gets into detail on how she'd like to get Griffin back by showing Kiki he'd cheat on her.  Ryan says he can't see her anymore because he can't be objective in her case. OH! I hope RAVA happens. 

Liz and Franco talk about Aiden. Terry knocks on the door and has beers for she and Liz. Franco leaves. Liz talks about Aiden. Terry talks about Oscar. Breaks all sorts of privacy laws lol. 

END: Sonny sits and watches a passed out Margo...that will start the "what If" story on Monday. Sonny's show about his life with no crime. 


  1. Oooooo, sounds good!! Love the segue into Monday's show (didn't watch yet, but read the blog.) Even if they found Carly's hair on the body, SOMEONE COULD HAVE PLANTED IT, c'mon, Carly had no opportunity to commit the crime, and she certainly wouldn't have volunteered to bob for apples had she known what was in there . . .

  2. I actually enjoyed GH shocker. Got off work at 3 so saw the last 30 mins but dvr'd it so watch later. Sonny and Margeaux sex so gonna happen. LOL Karen about the Sonny dimples! Stupid whatsherface "daughter" ugh!

  3. OK, didn't finish watching yet, but, so far, have one thing to say about today's show: INAPPROPRIATE. Just like the show that started with Sonny in the car with Margaux, it seemed like today's shows started with continuations of scenes that I must have missed--only I know I didn't miss anything. I watch EVERY DAY, but found myself thinking: Did I somehow miss yesterday's show? Then, as someone else said, Dr. Terry speaking of Oscar's case, is WRONG! Of course, in Dr. Terry's defense, she was speaking of an unnamed case, Liz just knew that it was Oscar, and said so, but still. Then Ava hiring her newly-found, long-lost daughter? Gee, what could go wrong there? And Ryan suddenly stopping Ava's treatment? And Margaux's mother spilling her guts about wanting her husband dead and asking Scully to do it--why would she do that? And, speaking of inappropriate, PLEASE do NOT have Sonny have sex with Margaux, she is TOO YOUNG for him, and he is happily married! I'm not saying that she show isn't good--just that it seemed "off"--at least so far.

  4. Oh, and NuJordan trying to say that Sonny killed Mary Pat? Even if he had, would he have put her head in a place where he knew Carly would be?

    Oh, I just re-read what I wrote, I meant "NINA hiring her . . . daughter."

  5. OK, sorry, but MORE inappropriate: As someone else here said, Margaux threw her mother OUT OF HER OWN HOUSE?? And she left without a purse or a coat, she just walked out the door? That makes NO SENSE!! I'm sorry, I know I've written too much tonight, but I feel that tonight's show is CRAZY!! (And I haven't even finished it yet, I will try not to write anymore, I just can't help myself . . .)

  6. Janette's home:

    Janette, Sonny and Margoo: Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Well until Margoo kicked her mother out! WHAT THE HELL?! This is your mother's house!!!!!!!! Where are you going Janette?!!?!!

    Sonny and Margoo: Okay what in the hell?!?!!!?! Sonny calling Carly to say he is not coming home tonight? Why are you staying the night there Sonny?!?!?! She is so drunk! Is she going to wake up in the middle of the night and you two have all the sex? Where is Janette staying for the night?!!?!?!?!?!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Fake daughter Sasha and Nina: Nina bashing Ava! HAHAHHAHHA! Uh Nina? You cut Ava's stomach and took her baby out! Sooooooooooooo.

    Fake daughter Sasha, Nina, and BobTodd: Wait. Nina introduces her fake daughter to her friend BobTodd?!?!! FRIEND?!!?!?! When did they become friends?

    BobTodd: You are now related to the most remarkable woman I have ever known.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    BobTodd and Nina: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)Great scene!!! It's been awhile since they were in a scene together. I forgot their couple name, so I had to look it up. NICO! That's right!!! :) My Nico heart!!! :) My Nico heart is squeeing!!! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Turns out you don't really need to steal them after all just wait around and they start showing up.


    Doc's office:

    Ryan and Ava: Oh my my my! Ryan doesn't want to be her therapist anymore! It looks like he wants more!!!! :)

    "Karen says OH! I hope RAVA happens."

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Karen says Ryan can murder Griffin and Kiki, I approve."

    I approve too! :)

    Police station:

    Jordan, Chase, Carly and Diane: Oh the blonde hairs were Carly's. I had a feeling. Oh they need Carly's help too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Geez can't you cops find the killer on your own?! Why do you need civilians to help you?! Zzzzzzzzzzz

    Friz home:

    Liz and Terry: Uh oooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyy! CoughcoughHIPPALAWScoughcough.

    Kiwi's home:

    Kiwi and Griffin: UGH! He don't want her to study because he is horny!

    Griffin and Sasha: OH MY! :) Griffin did NOT stop her! :) They were having eye sex!

    Kiwi and Griffin: Yeah Kiwi!!!! Sasha was hitting on Griffin! Kiwi don't likey!!!

  7. AntJoan said...
    OK, sorry, but MORE inappropriate: As someone else here said, Margaux threw her mother OUT OF HER OWN HOUSE?? And she left without a purse or a coat, she just walked out the door? That makes NO SENSE!!

    *** I couldn't believe it. Did the writers forget she was in her own house? That was beyond unbelievable.

    And if they have Sonny get together with Margeaux that would be beyond disgusting.

    AND Kiki should throw Sasha out of her apt. I wouldn't give her time to pack if she pulled that crap on me after I offered her a place to stay.

  8. Just watched a couple clips. First Maxie and Peter and it was so weird and forced. Then watched a clip with Maxie and Michael and the baby. The Maxie and Michael scene was so much better and more natural. I am definitely for M & M

  9. first of all I am not watching Monday's episode, would be like torture. Every scene of Maxie and Peter is awkward to me. He literally doesn't have chemistry with anyone. Just a thought but I wonder if Aiden is trans and that's why Liz's friend is there??????

    1. Probably so nance. As for Mondays episode I plan on not watching either, but I am might be tempted just to see Dom.

  10. Janette left the house with sweater and purse on her arm. But, yes, it is her own house and it is New York where the weather is in the 40's. Wear a winter coat people!!!!

  11. What happened with the election on General Hospital? Did Laura actually run last minute???? What was with Spencer and the flash drive business??? I haven't been watching, so I am curious. Thanks

  12. lindie, I think Spencer just delayed the election so Laura could have more time to get votes. I am just befuddled that the PD would even think that Carly was insane and capable of beheading someone. Where would she have done it-at home? Lots of blood and strength required. Absolutely ridiculous. Janette would probably go to a neighbor to spend the night.


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