Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Bay-Bay


Brad tells Britt about the baby...the whole story. She'll help him. She was surprised Nelle just handed the baby ober. 

BOBBIE"S ON! She wants to talk to him about the baby--Jonah. She gives him something. It's a silver spoon. She thinks he should keep it as a reminder. He had given everything to Lucas and Brad. 

Laura and Spencer talk about the election. 


OMG. GET This....GH Is going to have a Sonny-Centric Episode on Nov. 12th.. saying "What If" he'd never gone into a life of crime.
Read it and weep on TVLINE


  1. very confused as to how long Sasha and Willow are here.........cause we brought in Terry but have seen her 4-5 Britt staying? Spencer staying?

    Trying to give GH the benefit of the doubt but we just bring in new characters and then old characters - it's like substitution at a basketball game.

    WHO is on the varsity team now?????????????

  2. Here is something I don't understand: I guess that Mary Pat knew about Ryan, and she was keeping it quiet. But, the orderlies and others who saw him, didn't they realize that he looked exactly like Kevin? And now that this new nurse is in charge of him, she is calling him "Mr. Wilson." Can't she see that he is Kevin's twin?

  3. The hospital:

    Brad and Britch: Britch wins the line of the day.

    Britch: Congratulations. You have completely rendered me speechless.

    HAHAHAHHAHA! Man I missed them together. :) Ohhh so that is how you justify keeping Jonah? Cus Sonny is a bad bad bad man? BAHAHAHHAHA! Welcome back Britch! :) I hope you stay!!!!! I love Britch and Brad's scenes!!!

    Spencer and Britch: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Love the scene!!!! All the Nik talk.. If only? Is this foreshadowing?

    Bobbie and Michael: Geez Bobbie! The spoon is personal? It's just a baby spoon. Unless it's inscribed. Well anyway great scene!!! What's the matter Michael? Aren't you interested in Francesca anymore? She is interested in you!

    Bobbie, Michael, and Carly: Yeah Michael! Go out and have a good time!!! Preferably with Francesca! Where is she by the way?

    Carson home:

    Jarly: I love Carly's sweater! I want it! GIMMIE!!!!

    Jarly, Sam and Curtis: Do I really want Sam, Curtis, and Jason to find Doc? Hmmmm nahhhh. I want Ryan and Ava to have sex first! And he still has to kill off Kiwi! Or is that just a rumor? Hmmmm. When is Hailey Erin's last day?


    Worker and Curtis: Oh wow! Wonderful security system you got!!! The new security system sucks raw eggs man!

    Jasam: What the?!!??! What did they see?!!?!?!?!?!?! O-O


    Nina and Maxie: Great scene!!! Yeah Nina! Stay away from V.C.! He is slime!!! DAMN YOU WRITERS!!!!!!

    Spencer and Laura:

    Spencer: Don't make excuses for him. He hurt you. The best of all women. You can stand alone. You are my rock.

    GAH! Spencer made me cry!!!!! :'(

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Hiney and Lulu: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love my Liney!!!!! I hope when Dante shows up he asks for a divorce!!! I want Liney dammit!!!

    "OMG. GET This....GH Is going to have a Sonny-Centric Episode on Nov. 12th.. saying "What If" he'd never gone into a life of crime.
    Read it and weep on TVLINE"

    Yeah at first I was like WHAT?!?!! That's crazy! But then I saw the promo! It's a really really good promo! And it asked a very good question.. What if you can go back and change your life. Would you do it? That is always my question!!!! :) So now I can't wait to watch the episode.

  4. "AntJoan said...Here is something I don't understand: I guess that Mary Pat knew about Ryan, and she was keeping it quiet."

    Actually no.. She doesn't know he is Ryan. At the pier she kept thinking he is Doc and that the one at Firncliff is his brother.

  5. ok my comment. its a low turnout in the comments today so here i am sending wubs some love...

    regarding sonny. does this mean that karen wexler and lily melgar are still alive?

    this to me reeks of an emmy stunt to give Mo a decent emmy real this year. Years ago... (years and years...) I had my own idea for an emmy stunt for Mo.

    which was...

    An episode in real time, with sonny walking into a therapists office and spending the entire hour talking to her. going through all the emotions, bringing up everything he is done in the past (think michael corleone talking to the priest) and if ABC had the guts, they could do it without commercials for a real ratings stunt. But the kicker was.... who would play the therapist? I so wanted Patty Duke. (RIP). she testified before congress as to the need for lithium to be available to bi polar patients.

    anyway my 2 cents. actually 4 cents because I have more.

    why didnt the show have a debate between ned and laura? they could have brought up SO MUCH GH history and slung mud at each other. ned sleeping with monica. or laura's many many fake deaths. and then at the end they would say nice things about each other and the good things each one has done for the city.

    it could have been a really good, well written scene.

  6. Dave, in the show's timeline, there was no time for debate.

    Sonya, yes, Spencer's scene with Laura was great. And you misunderstood what I was asking. I KNOW that Sonya thought that Ryan on the docks was Kevin. What I meant was, she KNEW about Ryan, that is why she was trying to blackmail "Kevin." My question was, did others also know about him? And my further question was, the nurse currently in charge of him his calling him "Mr. Wilson." I know everyone thinks that Ryan is Kevin, but does she know that "Mr. Wilson" is "Ryan"? He obviously is the twin of who everyone thinks is Kevin.

  7. OMG, I meant to say, "I KNOW that Mary Pat thought that Ryan on the docks was Kevin." SO SORRY, don't know why I put your name there, maybe I shouldn't type when I just wake up!


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