Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Blame Tillie!!

YES, TILLIE...has to get groomed and I stupidly made the appointment for 2:30 and it takes about 25 min to get there and it takes an HOUR! Just on the day when Kiki's in the bed. Darn it. 

So, I thought I'd let you know my latest binges and what I'm into other than GH. First off,  I'm currently watching Sabrina on HBO. Really fun show.... not what I expected. It's that timeless weird setting that Riverdale has but with more steampunk and creepy witch stuff.  Wub Hub passed on it so I can watch it by myself! Yeah! (We do have that "Netflix Agreement" Where we won't watch ahead of someone else and we have honored it so far!!) 

Just finished S3 of The Man in the High Castle (Amazon). It didn't disappoint--although it did get a bit Indiana Jones meets Star Wars but hell, still a great watch on Fascism and the Resistance. Great actors too--MOST are British!! About 90% of them do a great American accent tho. 

Bodyguard-- OMG watch this show if you like thrillers. It starts out with a rush and just keeps going. Only 6 episodes and very twisty. (Netflix) 

The Good Place is still great and I also am watching all the old Twilight Zones I can and The Office!!  I totally forgot how funny and cringe-worthy that show is!!  Blackish rounds it out. 

Remember to check out A Place Called Home if you get Acorn-- SO SOAPY!! I'm still on S3 and there's like 7!!  yeah! 


  1. I watched all of A Place to call Home. It is definitely a good soapy drama.

  2. What were you thinking Karen?!?!?! Haha jk! Tillie pics please.

  3. I told you the Bodyguard was great!!!

  4. So, my Wubtub ad shows a pic of Rob Lowe in an 80’s actors quiz. Maybe it’s the day I’m having, but this pic of Rob really makes me think of the actor who plays Cam.

  5. hi lana! i am watching Mani too. I'm trying really hard but I am getting lost with it (pun intended). I like the actors, and some of the writing but maybe it isnt moving fast enough because I dont understand what is going on. I see what is happening in each episode but I dont understand the big picture and what overall is happening.

    1. I'm a little lost too but love it and this past Mondays ending, wow...didn't expect that.

  6. whatever happened to Liz and Frano's wedding? It's November! and the whole "Sarah" coming to the wedding mystery?????

  7. Anyone watching The Romanoffs on Amazon? Cast(s) and concept look very good but I don't know anyone who's actually watched any episodes.

  8. I watched 2 episodes of The Romanoff's. The very first episode was OK, second really weird. Kind of a WEIRD series IMO

  9. After all of the comments here, maybe I should give Manifest a second try. Hubby and I gave it up after 2 episodes, didn't really see anywhere good that it could go.

    I have been bingeing on This Is Us, and am almost caught up. Sooo many folks told me to watch it, and I resisted, but finally started and now am hooked.

    And, you know, I forgot all about Liz and Franco's wedding, but, right, what about Sarah, etc., and the wedding taking place in November? I guess that when Kiki decided to leave the show they decided to focus on Ryan and the serial killer story instead.

    1. AntJoan you will love This is Us! I love it, but sometimes it leaves me confused with the back and forth. Love Manifest and I also watch A Million Little Things. I'm trying to hang on but hard to keep straight with who's who. I do love James Rodays and his character.

  10. No one but Griffin even seems upset that Kiki was murdered. Also, wouldn't the PCPD call her mother right away?

    1. They seem upset, just not as much as Griffin. They might be in shock.

  11. Sure. blame it on the dog. Isnt that something a sitcom DAD would say?

    I thought we were going to talk about today's show, but I guess we are talking about Liz' wedding.

    Liz has been married twice before. Has her father shown up to either of the weddings? No. Talk about a deadbeat dad. I dont think he has even met any of her 3 sons. And then there is Sarah. It has been so long, that the only thing I remember about her is that she is blonde. I couldnt tell you who she slept with or who she was friends with or what kind of nurse she was. Hey, I remember that, she was a nurse. how many excuses can a father give his daughter for not showing up to 2 weddings and 3 children?

    ok today's show. I have only one question.

    Was Griffin's reaction to Kiki's death shock or constipation? I'm going with constipation. Because if the woman you love and slept with is dead in front of you, you are going to have SOME kind of reaction. Something. This was strange... Almost like it was all a dream

    Oh no, please do NOT go there!

    Anyway, all was not lost today. We did learn that Chase looks damn fine in a tux.

    1. Just me but he did a good job haha, no constipation. I do agree completely on Liz dad and her sister thing.

  12. New York City hotel room:

    Nina, V.C. and Charlie: Seriously?!!?! The nutcracker? V.C. has to spend the night? No more rooms? Not cute writers!!! And why haven't they talked to Charlie about her bullying?!!?! Why didn't they talk to her about it in the hotel room!!?!!?!?!?!

    Honeymoon suite: Griffin!!!!! Stop touching the body!!!!! You are contaminating the evidence!!! IDIOT!!! Oh and BUH BYE KIWI!!!! Kiwi and Morgan are reunited awwww! :)

    The reception: Griffin your tears mean nothing to me!! In a couple of months, you are going to forget all about Kiwi and start dating Sasha. Hiney wants to take Maxie home! UGH!

    Friz home:

    Cam and Liz: Great scene!!! Glad he told her about him knowing about Oscar's brain tumor and that he told Joss! :)

    Friz: BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    Liz: Could have I have messed that up even worse?

    BobTodd: Yeah probably.


    Jam: Great scene!!!! :) Yes her and Oscar are back together, and yes she still loves him, but she has feelings for Cam now. :)


    Friz and the kids with Laura: Great scene!!! I love how Laura is so nice to BobTodd! Oh Liz you are not a bad mother!!!! She thinks BobTodd is a better parent than her!!! COME ON LIZ SNAP OUT OF IT! Glad Laura is there for her and that Liz is there for Laura with "Doc" Awww of course Jake didn't mean anything by that. He is a sweet boy! He was just trying to help. What the heck is arm pit pie?! ROFL!

    Joss: Awww cute gift that Cam gave her. :) AH HA! She is thinking about the kiss!!! :) Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She has the feels for Cam! :)

    Ava's home:

    Rava: YOWZA! Ava is wearing something sexy!!! Ava hopes that Ryan isn't interested in Kiwi!! He isn't!!!

    Ryan: Her youth makes her shallow, vapid, preachy, judgemental. Why would I want that? When I can have you.

    YOWZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Great line!!!!! OH RAVA IS HAVING ALL THE ZEX!!!! HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!! After the zex I thought Ryan was gonna tell her that he killed her daughter, but nope. Oh damn who the hell is knockin on the door? Oh it's Griffin! GO AWAY GRIFFIN! You are interrupting them!!!!

  13. "Delcodave says Was Griffin's reaction to Kiki's death shock or constipation? I'm going with constipation."

    ROFL! I'll go with constipation too! :)

    "We did learn that Chase looks damn fine in a tux."

    He does!!! He really does!!!! :)

  14. I vote constipation. Griffin makes the weirdest faces, just like Jordan.

    I absolutely loved Cam and Liz's scene today. I felt his pain, and yes Sonya, Franco had the line of the day. LOL! I also liked Cam and Joss, I'm glad he said put yourself in my place, etc. Love that kid, and he's a keeper!

    Ryan and Eva were something else, wow! Can't wait for today and her finding out about the Keekster.

    I have no words about Liz and her missing family, so many missed stories there. And yet we get Willow, Sasha, Parking Lot Peter who makes me sick, Amy (what ever happened to her...?) and so on. :(

    1. The Ava and Ryan love scene gave me the creeps, which just shows that JL is a fab actor, deserves an emmy. Amy, whatever happened to her? Haha...all we did was beetch and moan about her, they probably got rid of her.

  15. I am on Ep 3 of "Bodygaurd". I recently began watching "Black-ish" on Hulu. "Mainfest, "This Is Us", "The Neighborhood", "Mom" and "Will & Grace" are all on my watch list.

    1. I LOVE Mom, Allison and Ana are so good together! I wish they hadn't killed Alvin off but I like umh....the other guy. LOL Having a brain fart haha! Love my W&G, Jack and Karen make the show! I've watched a couple ep's of black-ish, I could probably get into it. Manifest and TIS are good too.

  16. "Michelle Latta said...The Ava and Ryan love scene gave me the creeps, which just shows that JL is a fab actor,"

    YES!!!!! JL makes Ryan very creepy!!! He has always been a fantastic actor! :)

  17. Michelle Latta and Sonya, you are so right about JL. Excellent and creepy scenes. And TPTB probably did get rid of Amy. HAHAH!

    Haven't seen Margoo in awhile either, though I should be counting my blessings about that.

  18. "Julie H said...Michelle Latta and Sonya, you are so right about JL. Excellent and creepy scenes."

    *Nods very quickly* :)

    "And TPTB probably did get rid of Amy. HAHAH!"

    Oh gee! I forgot all about her! Oh Ryan!! Is Amy next?

    "Haven't seen Margoo in awhile either, though I should be counting my blessings about that."

    She can be next after Amy. :)


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