Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Triage Tuesday!

I wanted to come up with a snappy name besides "Activity Tuesday" so here you go!! I'm out and have a million things to do so I'm sorry to say-- I won't be watching today's show for a bit. 

IT'S VOTING DAY!!!!!! Pouring rain here but it will still draw people in. We are lucky--we live in a county that has a polling place about every 3 miles. Seriously. It's amazing. Maybe because we can't vote early? Not sure. Anyway, mine is in a church up the road and the auxiliary ladies all have a bake sale! WOOT! DELICIOUS. Free coffee too.  

Since it is election day, lets look back at some of GH's elections, shall we?? 

Mayor Lomax!!  Remember the BOX of ballots.??... quick trivia question--who threw the box into the PC Harbor? It might surprise you (answer at the end) 

LUKE WINS the Mayorship!!! And in this clip we see Lee and Gail---Ruby!! Amazing how far HIS character came..

This only reminds me of the terrible decision TPTB made letting Genie go in the middle of this story-- I swear the show changed after that whole time period. Thank goodness someone had a level head and got her back! I liked having Ned as Mayor tho--but he's just not on enough. 

Have a great day!! I'll be soaking wet before 9am with my schedule. Ugh...not fun. 


  1. Wow, no early voting....sucks.
    This was my first ever vote in the mid terms. I hope it makes a difference. Enjoy your day.

  2. Happy voting everyone! I absentee voted 2 weeks ago. The weather in Michigan is rain, too. We've had more than enough the past 3 weeks!

    1. I early voted last Tues. Yeh we finally got a break in our rain about a wk ago. We needed it but got more than enough. I live for the sun!

  3. My voting place is in the Albertson's (supermarket). It's like... really? I'll pick up some beer and wine and oh, maybe vote.

    I am glad more and more states have early voting. it really helps. we have it here and also i decided not to enjoy the revelry that is voting in a supermarket, I did vote in a mall down by the food court.

    does anyone remember (Karen will) when we had OFF on election day and it was a holiday and you went with your parents to vote and it was an educational thing?

    so questions about GH... I only watch sporadically (because I am clueless...) is genie running for mayor at an election running TODAY? please tell me this isnt that stupid. she just ame back to town, had no debate with ned, no posters or speeches, etc...

    1. Dave I think you're right, I seem to remember that, too bad they still don't do it. I didn't watch GH for almost 2 wks so I'm confused about Britts return, is she sick? They better not pair her with my Finn!

    2. I always take my kids with me to vote. I try to early vote on a Saturday, but today we went before school.

  4. Dave, Yes, Genie is running as a write-in candidate, and, as of yesterday, seemed like she was doing well in the polls.

  5. I wonder if the writer who wrote Lulu's lines about Spencer and Charlotte's regular computer face time watched today's show? Another example of the lack of continuity and the need of a good editor.

    I can't get over Spencer's reaction to first seeing Ned again and Laura's lack of response to his rude and obnoxious behavior.

    Curtis overheard some of Spencer's conversation with Charlotte so I'm guessing he'll put 2 and 2 together and out the little brat. Hope it doesn't cost Laura the election.

  6. I still don't understand what Spencer did with the flashdrive??????????

  7. Blogger Barbara said...
    I still don't understand what Spencer did with the flashdrive??????????

    ***They said a virus infected the system.( I guess the votes are counted in the box or something and there's a computer involved. I'm not sure how those machines work.) When he put the flashdrive in he introduced the virus. Then none of the votes entered after that were counted, not in that box or any others connected to the system. (He wasn't trying to change anyone's votes, just give Laura more time to get people onboard with her write-in campaign.)

  8. OMG, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Britt!! Can we get a write-in campaign to have her come back to GH permanently? GH has gotten soooo good again, so many good stories!!

  9. The voting booth:

    Curtis and the voting lady: Wait what?!?!?! Smilies?!?!! ROFL! SPENCER!!!!!

    Laura's home:

    Laura, Spencer, and Ned: Spencer wins the line of the day.

    Spencer: It's all contaminated due to fracking.


    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Will someone get rid of that smell in her office?!!?! Cus Jordan is making that face again!

    Police station:

    Charlie and Spencer: Charlie can hold her own with Spencer!!!!! Good girl! :)

    Ned, Jordan, and Laura: Great scene!!!!!! Ned and Jordan are coming after you Spencer!!! Once they find out it's you! :) So what are you going to do now hmmm? I get it though! The people who vote for Ned, will get the smilies! :)

    Anna and Jordan: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Jordan: You know I still love you.

    Anna: I love you too.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)


    Willow and Chase: Chase!!!! You need to get a sense of humor!!! :) I like their scenes!!! They are so cute together. I'll call them Wase. :)

    Chase and Lulu: Yeah Chase! Ask Willow out already!!!! :)

    Michael and Willow: Oh oh. The writers are going to bring them together aren't they? No I want Michael with either Francesca or Maxie!!! And Willow with Chase!!! Hmmm wait a second. This is a nice scene. Hmmm Millow? :) Hmmmmm. *going on the fence with them* *Sticks a pin in it for now*

    The hospital:

    Anna, Finchy and Britch: Wait what?!!?! They want to GIVE her a cold? ROFL! I didn't know you could do that just by giving her a shot! Well okay then!!

    Brad and Britch: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BESTIES!!!!

    Britch: My Bradley!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Love how happy and excited they are to see each other!!! Love that he spilled his guts to her.. That's what besties are for! :)

    Anna, Chase, and Finchy: Oh great scene!!! Talking about bobble head Mary Pat. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Micheal,Lucas, and baby Jonah: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Baby Jonah in suspenders!!! ADORABLE!!! :) Oh come on Lucas!!! You made a promise to the birth mother for the baby to stay away from Julian?!!?! SERIOUSLY?! He is YOUR son now!!!! You can do whatever you want!!! She has no say anymore!!! This so idiotic!

    Lucas and Julian: Awwwwwwwwwwwww! You want your father to be in your life?! :) But how is he going to be in your life without being in your son's life? So stupid.

  10. Sonja said... They are so cute together. I'll call them Wase. :)

    ***Maybe Chillow since she keeps giving him the cold shoulder.

  11. "Di said...Maybe Chillow since she keeps giving him the cold shoulder."

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! She was warming up to him a little today. :) She can teach him how to laugh and have a sense of humor.. Chillow is cute hahaha!

  12. Well, how prescient of GH to have the voting disaster! Here in NYC the stupid machines stopped working, and people waited for hours to vote! I swear, the Board of Elections here needs to be overturned, it's 2018 and they have paper ballots that jammed the machines, they think because the ballots got wet, or maybe because the papers had to be separated and some weren't, or something like that! Geez, we can go to Mars, but we have to have PAPER BALLOTS fed into machines that stopped working? In the richest city on the planet? This is really sad . . .

    I also loved the press conference scene, Genie and Spencer were priceless! And, speaking of Genie and Spencer, someone here said that Genie should have reprimanded him for how he spoke to Ned. I thought it was really funny, but she did just that, but it was off to the side, she started yelling at him, but you couldn't hear what she was saying, so she started wagging her finger at him, really funny . . .

    1. We have electronic here in TX, very nice and fast.

  13. As much as Spencer gets on Laura's nerves&frustrates her,I think she likes having him around.
    I noticed that when Lulu asked her mom if she was sending Spencer back to school now that fall break was over, Laura was unsure.

  14. Laura loves and adores Spencer, he is her grandson. I REALLY hope that TC comes back soon, I heard that he left his other show, maybe we should pressure TPTB, it worked for Laura!

    1. It worked for Genie but it might not for Tyler. One can hope though.

  15. Loved Britt and Brad! Willow and Michael seem promising. Is Anna going to get "Kevin" to consult on the killing? I am starting to warm up a little bit to nu-Jordan. Spencer is quite the brat but he always has been. This is quite a crime though - don't know how he is going to get away with it. Can I say once again how wonderful it is to have Genie back and on more than once a month?

    1. Spencer has gotten a little better. He used to be a bigger brat. I like NuJordan. Either were fine.

  16. I prefer Chase and Willow, and can get behind Chillow. Lol! He just seems like such a nice awkward guy around women. :)

    Spencer's fracking line was great but the winner for me was Quartermaine chicanery. Nobody uses chicanery anymore, which is a crying shame. Shenanigans has made a comeback, why not chicanery?! :)

    I'm not a huge fan of the Britch, but she has been great. The Double O Mary Poppins line had me snorting.

    And Spencer is in a world of hurt, I love the kid and am not going to like it when he's busted. I've also noticed that Charlotte is this adorable sugary sweet little girl around the grownups, but is quite different around Spencer. I bet she is the bully to Aidan. And then we will have a Lulu/Nina vs Liz thing. :(



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