Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Moments of Mayhem

No Escape 

Ah... three days. Just three days to contemplate and write about!! Luckily for you, three days I had fun watching. Must be sweeps if they go all out and have more than 2-3 people in a scene for more than 5 minutes. 

Leftovers --what else!!?? In my house, I eat ALL THE STUFFING until it's gone. I mean ALL of it.  Bread make me happy. Sleepy--but happy! 

ON TO THE MAYHEM (in no particular order): 

Oh my god, wait... it's hilarious, Curtis...
I don't find this funny. 
Come on.. it's FRANCO-- remember when he and I stole Ava's baby and ran to..
Nina, just don't. 
But..we were in a cabin and he was just delightful! 
I'm tellin' you... 
You know, they totally could have had MY face up there too, I was a badass for awhile!
Ok, you're off the team..

SAFE ROOM SHENANIGANS:  I loved this episode. I realize it's not to everyone's taste but I had fun. Characters were thrown together that you don't normally see, there was some great GH history thrown around and Alexis "talked" to her relatives cut out faces!! I really liked how cheesy it was--I could picture it in a real small city with that Biff slacker at the door! Having clues and some refection and laughter didn't hurt either. Great to weave it into the pre-wedding festivities too. 

Oh, Griffin... you're so easily manipulated. Child's play really... you always did look pretty just laying there with that blank look on your face...

AVA SETS A TRAP: Ok, so the execution of this was sloppy--our Ava wouldn't have been so messy with the whole thing but it moved fast and was entertaining. I was really hoping that when she hit Griffin he died but ...womp, womp.  Kiki and he figured out pretty fast that this was all her doing. Good Kiki and Mommy fight, plus it lead to Ryan calling Ava a "Goddess". Can't get much better than that! 


Wait, Sam...don't you have a cold?
Mugffthhee Why? 
Because you just stuck your hand in there and the kids...

fioauuele....Too bad.

Later that evening.....

YES, I'm still pissed I didn't GET ANY OF THOSE PUMPKIN DONUTS! 

I can't decide if this is boring now or not. I really like Cam and Joss- and the turkey hats were a great touch. I'm really happy he told Josslyn the truth. Here's hoping she realizes that both she and Oscar used him for their own design, then got all pissed with him for just being there. 

Monica's talk with Oscar made him bearable... and I liked these scenes. She was slowly trying to bring him around by showing him the good things in his life. Kudos too for the Alexis Oscar scene at The Metro where she said she supports a 16 year olds right to choose, so she should respect his. It was also great to have her admit that if he were her child however, all bets would be off and she'd go whole-hog on saving him. 

WUBS SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ava and Nina-- First Ava calls out Nina for stealing Avery 'out of her womb' and then when Ryan shows up,  she has the best line ready! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: I got into wardrobe and make-up for this??

NUFACE OF THE WEEK: I'm diggin' the new TJ.  Yes, I wish the other actor was around but he's, just happy TJ has a part this month. 

REAL-LIFE REACTION OF THE WEEK:  I couldn't find the exact moment I wanted from Cameron but it was SO GOOD! Josslyn was going off on him and he totally looked like "Shit, is this what being with a girl is gonna be like"??!! AHHAAHA. Just like a blank stare and surprise all mixed in. 

MATCH MADE IN HELL OF THE WEEK:  RyVa. OOOOOOOO Be still my evil-loving heart!! THIS my friends is a SOAP KISS. Yep!! Top psychopath finds he can manipulate like minded woman with long buried desires. Win-Win. Maura hasn't had anything decent to do since she hooked up with Priestly Boy. Jon and Maura and perfection! Squee! 

MORE PLEASE:  Good, natural filler scenes that also fleshed out more history for Stella and Curtis. I really like Mike and Stella together too. 

This next week will start out with a wedding and even if it IS NuJordan, I'm going to watch and like it!!  I'm hoping that Oscar will decide to get treatment but it will be too late and he'll leave us sooner rather than later.  Then Kim and Drew can go back to whatever town they were in and...maybe find his memories????  Ryan can keep this up until summer as far as I'm concerned. He and Ava can just wreck Port Chuck and I'll watch the devastation.  The whole Aiden story is making me happy and maybe we'll get more fun things like career day.  I hope you enjoyed the week as well. 


  1. Thanks so much, kd. Great Sunday Surgery. I also enjoyed the week. Hope the story keeps moving along at the current pace and that at least a few minor storylines get resolved before sweeps is over.

  2. A young friend of mine loves GH so I told him he HAD to watch the Thanksgiving episode to see what GH USED to be-------he loved it and when he asked me WHY it was so different than shows of today - it hit me----

    we had COMEDY and we were invested in the characters and their quirks.......
    we don't see enough of today's characters to invest as much OR they change personalities, etc.

    the reason the ESCAPE room was so good - COMEDY and you could tell the characters ENJOYED the scenes.....and it was different and it wasn't just the same-o, same-o lines that we hear every day....some days I can even see the actors rolling their eyes..........

  3. What struck me about the Thanksgiving episode was how many characters were in the episode. SO MANY!!!

  4. Back then they put most of the cast into those special holiday episodes. I don't really recall them putting on "repeats" either. I could be mistaken.

  5. Plus in the 80's and 90's they went on really cool remote locations. I think AMC's Erica actually went to Budapest at one point (the REAL Budapest)

  6. I loved this past week and the mystery escape room episode was fantastic!

    The Sam has a cold scenes were stupid. That's as nice as I can be. I really enjoyed Alexis and Oscar and Cam and Joss. Poor Cam, he is screwed. :(

    The Thanksgiving repeat was good, and I had forgotten about Carly's flaring nostrils, lol! I was cracking up. Having Lucky2 and Nicholas2 was weird but I adapted quickly. :)
    And of course seeing the Quartermaines was wonderful.

    Thanks for the SS kd!

  7. Great SS! I agree with Barbara about the lack of comedy. The only thing they can come up with now for comedy is watching Franco eat something. Not fun watching Sam have a cold. Really liked the school scenes and the escape room, though, and always enjoy watching Ava and Kevin. Looks like Anna has nothing to do now. And absolutely loved the Thanksgiving rerun!!


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