Thursday, November 8, 2018

Placeholder--I MADE IT!

Here we are "save the day" 

I should be here for the show--but?? Not sure-- it's one of those weeks again!! Yesterday's show was...meh. I really don't know why we are getting this new teacher chick on top of Sasha on top of Margot... Seriously. Enough already. I sometimes think Frank just doesn't listen and hires willy-nilly to see what the hell sticks. 

Having Sam, Curtis and Jason in the Kevin/Ryan story pisses me off to no end too. WHY not let Laura take the lead on this? Come on--she could get Anna to help--Laura worked with Robert remember?? But you know, GH--gotta have that crew in our faces 24-7. Speaking of--a Sonny-Centered show? Um..we already HAVE those!! Maybe a Monica one would have been better? All her family NOT die? 

I'M HERE AT 2:20!! 

JaSam at Ferncliff with Nelle--who is rocking a baby like Carly did to prove she was insane when she shot Tony Jones.  Nelle's hair looks as fabulous as Carly's did.  Nelle says when she gets out she's going to destroy Carly's life. 

Franco was eating a Fudgcicle!! Jordan and Curtis are questioning him about Mary Pat. He says OK... He thinks they are questioning him because he was a serial know, before the tumor. Franco tells them his trigger was Jason--he thought they were twins and he wanted to be a better killer than him. 

Sonny wears a wire to go talk to Margot's Mom.I think I'm team Janette. Sonny mentions his name is "Corinthos"--she gets all nervous and jumpy.  Sonny drinks Scotch.. and yells at her that he knows she ordered the hit on Marino because he has 'PROOF--IN YOUR OWN WORDS"!  She goes to get the letters, which are still in the drawer. They must have put them back. 

Commune girl is there to talk to Krissy--says Oscar fits right in. Oscar then has a bad headache.  The Commune/Cult girl puts "hands" on him to cure his headache. :Eyeroll: Krissy is all impressed.  That girl's name is Daisy. Oscar's headache is gone. Kristina asks how Daisy did it-- Daisy shows her a book "Every Day is a New Dawn" and tells her to read it. "Could help with your own life".  

Kim wants to talk to Joss about Oscar. Carly's like "She's moving along, don't bring her down"!!  Cam and Joss are all cute on the balcony. She gives him a keychain to thank him. They go inside and Kim is like: WTH? She's surprised. Anyway, she can't say anything because her phone rings and Jules is telling her about Oscar. 

Jordan and Chase pick up Carly to take her to the station because her DNA was found with Mary Pat's body. 


  1. I couldn't agree more about Jason and whatshername with the stilettos. Get them out of the Fern Cliff story stat! As for the Sonny-centric episode, I am just going to keep on thinking happy thoughts for AntJoan because that's her guy. :)

    Spencer was just a sweetheart yesterday and he misses his father so. Just about broke my heart, because I miss him, too.

    I need another body to turn up courtesy of Doc. Come on GH, let's see some mayhem! Lol!

  2. karen ,I agree with you about jason and stilettos. I have never seen chemistry with these 2.sick of savior jason always doing the saving. I was hoping for laura and carly to save kevin.

  3. I'm also tired of the mobsters and company solving all the crime in Port Charles. I wanted Laura involved in this one.

  4. Yes, Laura needs to save the day!! And, thanks, Julie, for thinking of me and of how much I love Sonny!

  5. oh, i just LOOOOOOOVE a good placeholder!

    I saw Bohemian Rap last night. It was good. I mean, Rami will probably get awards nod. The first 3/4 of the movie was sanitized, slow and just dragged. BUT the last 30-40 minutes was a tour de force of cinema and spectacular.

    I think Rami and Bradley will get nods for oscar. But you know who might win? Nick Nolte. He was a new movie coming out and I saw the trailer and he is giving a performance that the academy loves. He has been nominated 3x before and sometimes they give the award for body of work (al pacino in scent of a woman?) Head full of Honey (film's name) looks like it might be a dark horse for Nolte to come in out of nowhere.

    Ok now that I bored you, you can resume General Hospital, already in progress.

  6. Dave, oh no, not bored, LOVE film! I saw REALLY bad reviews for Bohemian Raps, glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

  7. This show. Nelle....really? Margaux...why didn't she just walk in and ask her mother? I agree...too many newbies all over the place. Seeing that it is or will be November sweeps they need to sweep some of the ridiculousness away.

  8. I'm going to see Bohemian Rhapsody this weekend. Can't wait. My mom saw it and loved it, and she doesn't go out to the movies much. Bradley was GREAT in ASIB. I'm looking forward to The Green Book with Viggo and Mahershala. Swoon!! Maybe a few noms for them too....

    Back to GH....I hope this is a good cult story ala Mitch Lawrence on OLTL. We need a charismatic "bad" guy.

  9. Wouldn't it be fun to have Nicolaus as the cult leader? maybe a beard,long hair and a new name. So many mentions lately.

  10. I am SO different - I think when an actor wants to leave a show - leave.....and don't come in and out ------ unless it's done once OR makes sense

    .....Nelle popping in and out is officially pissing me off. We want closure ---- and it's not fair to other actors who work daily to have someone come back in and out.........come on, Chloe - make up your mind if you want to be on GH or not.

    obviously they gave Oscar something to make him have a temporary headache and then she miraculously makes it go away at the right time!

  11. Margoo's car:

    Sonny and Margoo: Awww look they are bonding. :) Oh look she saw his bare chest.

    Janette's home:

    Sonny and Janette: Oh boy! She thought that her letters were gone!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Glad Margoo barged in! Now let her read those wuv letters!!!!

    My dearest lover. I love you so much. Now go kill my husband!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Daisy and Krissy: Oh look! Daisy is trying to brainwash Krissy with her words. Oh look a brainwashing book! :) What fun! :) Every day is a new dawn? Isn't that a song? Oh yes it is!!!


    Daisy and Oscar: Oh look! She is trying to brainwash him with her hands. :)

    Carson home:

    Carly and Joss: Carly is right!!! Rebounds can be tricky! But it looks like Joss is starting to have feelings for Cam!

    Jam: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Kiss already!! :) More fun from them.

    Carly and CarlyKim: Oh of course she can't tell Carly what is going on! She has to tell Joss. In private! With nobody around. Oh well nevermind then. Cam is here. Oh wait there is a phone call. Time to rush out and forget about telling Joss anything! *roll eyes*

    Friz home:

    Jordan, Chase, Friz, and Cam: CAM!!! HAHAAHHAHAAHHA! I love how Liz rushes him out! ROFL!

    Jordan, Chase, and Friz: At first I thought they were accusing BobTodd of killing Mary Pat. I'm glad they didn't.

    "Karen says Franco was eating a Fudgcicle!!"

    I want it! GIMMIE!!! :)


    Lady worker and Curtis: Yeah she is messing up so badly! ROFL! I hope she learns from this.

    Nelle's room: NELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 YAY! Jason you are smart thinking she is faking. :) Yeah I don't know why Jasam has to be there either. Maybe it's foreplay for them. Oh but wait! She isn't ready! More cold showers!!!

    Lady worker and Nelle: Lady worker wins the line of the day.

    Lady Worker: Catch 22. If you know you are crazy, You're not.


  12. "Barbara said...obviously they gave Oscar something to make him have a temporary headache and then she miraculously makes it go away at the right time!"

    Ohhhh good one!!! I didn't think of that. I don't trust this chicky!!!

  13. Mary Pat alive and well on Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

  14. "LSV422 said... Mary Pat alive and well on Grey’s Anatomy tonight!"

    Yeah I came on here at 8:10 to say the exact same thing!!!! :) You beat me too it. Damn! :) Yup she was great on it!! Then when the pregnant woman died I cried. :(

  15. Oh, Sonya, I didn't get to watch Grey's yet, now you posted a spoiler LOL!! (I already knew that Mary Pat was on, I mean the other thing you said.)

    I was thinking that I missed something, but I DON'T MISS a minute of GH, EVER, unless they have a news flash and I don't have the time to find that part of the eppie online. So I didn't know how Sonny ended up in the car with Margaux. They started the show that way, and I was confused, did I miss something?

    CarlyKim's plan to tell Joss about Oscar was stupid, she must know that Joss and her mother are thisclose, and Joss would be devastated if she found out how sick Oscar is, and she either would tell her mother or Carly would get it out of her when she saw how upset she was.

  16. I have a question for the group. As I am an "early to bed, early to rise" kinda gal, I often post early in the morning. Someone here used to say that she was up all night, so she often would post around 5 a.m. or so, the only one posting about the same time that I do. I'm thinking we haven't heard from this person for quite a while, I can't remember her name, so maybe it's someone who still posts, but does so at a different time? Does anyone know the answer to this?

  17. I know that a lot of folks post at night, and then wait until the next show to post again, so sometimes what is posted early in the morning does not get read/responded to, so maybe I should ask this again during the evening.

  18. AntJoan, can't help you with the "early in the morning" poster's name. And you're very welcome about me thinking about you. Honest to god, it was the first thing that popped into my head. LOL!

    And Barbara, cult girl giving Oscar something to give him headache is a great idea!

    The whole Nell thing was just stupid. As was the Kim wanting to talk only to Joss. I know I should feel some sympathy for Kim but I just can't do it.

    Cam was great yesterday. His "I didn't do it" to Jordan and Chase was excellent. HAHAH!

  19. The actor who plays Cam just keeps getting better and better. He and Joss seem so natural in their scenes now that they're a joy to watch.

  20. "AntJoan said...Oh, Sonya, I didn't get to watch Grey's yet, now you posted a spoiler LOL!! "

    Oh crap! I'm so sorry!!! :( Although, I didn't spoil the other HUUUUUGE things that happened.. So I think I am redeemed! ROFL!

    "(I already knew that Mary Pat was on, I mean the other thing you said.)"

    I know what you meant. :)

    1. I got to watch Greys today and WOW!! Someone deserves an emmy!

  21. "Di said...The actor who plays Cam just keeps getting better and better. He and Joss seem so natural in their scenes now"

    YES! They do seem so natural!!! Love the Jam! :)

  22. Di, I totally agree with you! That kid is great and he and Joss are very natural together. Kim had a lot of nerve trying to see Joss and not telling her mother what the reason was. I guess they skipped the part where Sonny asked Margaux to go with him to her mom's and the drive there, or I missed it. Sick of Nelle. AntJoan, the person who used to post early am disappeared. I believe she or he had health issues and I hope is ok. Actually I think it was"K".

  23. "LindaV says the person who used to post early am disappeared. Actually I think it was"K".

    Yeah sounds like K!!!

    "I believe she or he had health issues and I hope is ok."

    Yeah I hope she is okay too!

  24. The show really does NOT need new girls. Especially when they all seem to look alike, wear their hair the same, are hohum in their acting. I was SO relieved when they finally wrote Nelle off and now she keeps showing up...please, no more. I have never warmed to that DA Margo, she does not add anything to the show except to feed Sonny a story and we have seen every Sonny show about a hundred times over. Keep him in the father/son story--that is far better. We didn't need Sasha, at least the one they cast with another cookie-cutter type. The teacher is OK but not if they keep the other similars.

    Please do NOT get rid of Griffen--he is such eye candy and he can act and he just needs better story. They have never given him the type of story he needs to be top hunk.

    I love Roger and his eating--always have. He's been one of my soap loves forever. I wish we saw more of him and I wish they would spend more time on Liz and F love story. They are just so cozy and caring with each other it is a pleasure to see.

    And how great to have Laura back.


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