Thursday, November 29, 2018


Ava...You have to watch just for Maura...she won't believe Griffin, then marches into the Haunted Star and UNZIPS THE BODY BAG!! Yells, pleads...cries.
oh boy..Just watch it! 

CarSon. Ava didn't remember to get Avery (I guess because of the sex? LOL) and Carly and Sonny are all pissy. "She doesn't deserve either daughter" ... Later Carly will get  phone call from Ryan to tell her Kiki's dead. She can't believe it. 

Britt in the hospital feeling terribly.  Anna says if you don't do this, I'm sending you back to jail and Finn says he won't treat her.  Dr. O calls.  Britt begs her to come back... Dr. O is like, nah, it's probably a set up. Sorry! Dr. Finn is a good doctor! LOL Anna hears someone say something about a Cuban dish, hears old cars and some cannons go off that are found in Cuba. She knows where Dr. O is. 
Hayden texted Finn to come to Rome. "I should never have left you"!
Anna's going to Cuba..Finn to Rome. 

Julexis Day-- the are having cheesecake and talked about their year. "Two years ago I ran over you with my car" LOL Julian gets the Kiki is dead call. He says it will be too hard for him to talk to Ava-- Alexis says she'll do with him. The go to the Haunted Star. Ava's with Ryan at a table, losing her shit. Jordan and Chase talk to Griffin, show him the knife found in his apartment.  Ava shoves Griffin: Murderer!! Kevin takes her out. Alexis tells Griffin to stop talking. 

END: They arrest Griffin. Ryan and Ava are at her apartment, he fixes her a drink--she cries and leans on him. OH..JL has such an EVIL face on!! WOOT!! 

ONLY BAD NOTE OF THE DAY: Some stupid Maxie and Peter crud in her apartment. 


  1. Ryan looked like he was trying to hide something on his arm/hand;maybe scratches from Kiki.
    What about when he was in bed with Ava;wouldn't she have noticed marks on him?

    1. Shelley yes scratches Girl fought hard! 😥 Doubtful she was too busy getting busy and they really weren't all that noticeable.

  2. I think now that Madelyn LIED about the daughter - that the writers WERE going to have Kiki be the daughter - then she left and Sasha isn't working and no to Willow I think SO I think NOW the whole thing was a lie!!

  3. Barbara, I know what you mean. I have gotten to the point where I really don't care about that story line. Kiki made sense and now that she is gone, meh.
    Another thing I would like to address is Maura West's acting. She is phenomenal. Ava is so evil, but she isn't just evil always. There have been times when she has been so sympathetic, think when Avery was born and she said goodbye to her, think of her joy when she thought Griffin was in love with her, think of her grief today. The character has dimension. I think one of the problems I had with Nelle was that she was soooo one dimensional, although CL is a good actress. A one note character is harder to like for me. So even though Ava is evil she has moments when she isn't.

  4. Today was so flippin' good!!! Why can't it always be this good? Am I hearing an echo or experiencing de ja vue? Maura was awesome!! I knew Griffin would be framed!! Hope it's short lived and they start to wrap up this sl.

  5. I like to come here to guess sometimes...
    The texts for Finn to meet Hayden in Rome and the clues bringing Ana to Cuba are Dr. O's trick so she can sneak in to GH and take Britt on the run with her. I would enjoy that one.

    Also since I'm here... Wedding. Just a reminder that the brides Ex, who is also TJ's dad, Shawn Butler is STILL in prison for a crime that was proven he did not commit. Yet everyone leaves him there? That always gets me!

    Lastly- WOW to maura West. OUTSTANDING.

    1. Never thought that about Dr O, good one Patrix.

  6. I know that I am in the 1% but I don't usually like Maury Wests acting. However she rocked it this time. Wow

  7. ok, so someone needed to post this.

    here is the video from Scissors Sisters.


  8. Maura was heart wrenching. Why were Maxie and Peter so happy when Kiki was just found dead? Seemed really odd. Loved the Alexis and Julian scenes. Great show today! I don’t say that very often.

    1. I guess I'll have to rewatch Peter and Maxie, they seemed normal to me but it's just because either shock or neither were close to her, but then again I don't put too much thought into it. I was more into Maura and JL acting. Oh and Griffin.

  9. The hospital:

    Britch's room:

    Britch, Anna, and Finchy: Finchy wins the line of the day.

    Finchy: Why would I want to waste time reading about myself?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh hard. This is really so stupid. So to get her back to health, Finchy will stick her with a needle and she will be okay again?

    Anna and Britch: DR. O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    Anna and Finchy: Hmmm. Huh? Is RayRay back? Are we going to see her?!?!!?

    Ava's home:

    Rava: HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!

    Ava, Ryan, and Griffin: Damn you Griffin! Go away!!! Sure Griffin tell her that Kiwi is gone. Wrong words to use you idiot!

    Carson home:

    Carson: Wow! Judging Ava before you know why she is late!!! Cut that out!

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Hiney: UGH! They were about to kiss! Saved by baby crying!!! Thank you baybay! Hiney go kiss Lulu!!!! Oh great he is not leaving and going to sleep in the hallway to protect Maxie! UGH!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Julian: I WANT THAT PIE GIMMIE!!!! Alexis you can eat that whole pie yourself. It isn't that big! ROFL! Hmmm cute scene with them. I like it. :)

    The haunted star: WOW!!! Maura West did a fantastic job!!!! She made me cry!!! :( She needs to win an emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE BETTER!!! Ryan setting Griffin up hahahhaha!

  10. sonya said...Alexis and Julian: I WANT THAT PIE GIMMIE!!!

    *** Yes! Pumpkin cheesecake! How could they do that to us. All season they show people staring at food and never eating and today they had to start slurping PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! I didn't have any but thank heavens there was a piece of caramel apple cheesecake left...nom nom...

    I was also thinking emmy during Ava's scene at The Haunted Star.

  11. Ava ripped my heart out . . .

    Griffin has no motive, doesn't motive count for something?

    Di, for years I saw that no one on GH ate their food, but lately I have seen some folks take a bite or 2. And we know that Roger always eats!

  12. Yesterday was fantastic. Maura is the bomb, and out did herself! And Ryan...oh my, he really is the devil, lol! Griffin is just a doofus, and I hope Alexis becomes his lawyer. He needs some serious help. Alexis was also great with Julian. And your idea!! It was great seeing Doctor O!

    The scenes that I really could have done with out: Sonny and Carly, as they had absolutely no reason to be on that episode. Parking Lot Pete and Maxie. As a couple they make me nauseous, and they have ruined Maxie's character.

    I am ignoring the fact that Ann left the wedding reception, changed her clothes, and went to the hospital to be with Finn and Brit, what is it, like 4 am in the morning? They should have had her be on the Haunted Star when the whole Kiki thing was going down, and she could have been with the doofus. :(

  13. And I meant to say Anna at the end! :)

  14. I'd bet that Maura just won her Emmy. she is flawless. Maxie and Peter almost kissing turned my stomach. And so did Carly and Sonny


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