Thursday, November 1, 2018



Today's the big day in our house... "kid" moving out. What a mess everything is lol. Luckily it's not too far. Halloween was a mess for Tillie, she just didn't know what the heck to do!! 

SO, let me know if they find Mary Pat's body today... and what other things happen. I did see a bit of yesterday's show. Peter's cake was pretty, but WHY ARE THEY MAKING HIM NICE? It's totally the Valentin thing all over again. Plus, as you know, Peter bugs the hell out of me anyway. I mean, I don't want Maxie with Chase; he's too Nathan like but still. Let her be alone for awhile, move in with Lulu while Dante's gone. It would be a riot! 

I need a good cocaine dealer. And I say that with tongue in cheek but dang, I'm going to need ENERGY TODAY!!  

BE KIND..and don't eat all the leftover candy. 


  1. Karen, They found part of Mary Pat's body...yikes!

  2. Tuned out for almost 2 wks, tuned back in for Halloween show. Valentin is annoying..pushing himself on Nina, and using Charlotte. (snacking my head against the wall)

  3. Wyndemere:

    ValeNina: I'm glad she is stuck there. :) Damn the chemistry is still sizzling hot!!!! V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: Contraire to folklore surrounding my family, we don't actually control the weather.

    BAHAHAHAHA! At one time they did. :) Oh come on you two kiss!!!! YES THEY KISS!!!! WOOT WOOT! :) Come on Nina! Get back together with him already!!!!!

    The pier:

    Joss and Cam: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Love Jam! :) More fun with them! :) Looked like they were going to kiss! :) She says she was having fun!!! Joss you are starting to like Cam? Hmmm? :) Oh Cam found Mary Pat's ID!!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Oscar and Drew: Too sad!!!! :( Heartbreaking!!! :(

    The hospital:

    "Charlie" and CarlyKim: Damn CarlyKim! Just listen to him he is right!!!!

    The floating rib:

    Carly vs Ava: FUN! :) Now lets get some claws out! :)

    Carly and "Doc" Oh yikes!!! Don't get him mad Carly!!!!!

    "Doc" and Ava: Damn more flirting!!!!! More eye sex!!!! More chemistry running amok!! They need to have a fling ASAP! :)

    Jurtis: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    "Doc", Mac, and Felicia: Great scene! :) Hey! No!!! You can't just kill off Norma and Eve!!!!! :(

    Michael and Chase: Awwwww! :( Poor Michael! I just want to hug him!!!! Great scene!!! Love the bromance. :)

    Dodging for apples: Time for the game!!!! Oh man I was so nervous! I had a feeling Mary Pat was in that barrel!!! Soapy goodness!!!!!! Mary Pat's head!!!!!!! Very appropriate for Carly to dodge for apples to see Mary Pat's head!!!!! Great scene!!!! Glad Mary Pat's eyes weren't open! I love how "Doc" quickly had to leave, but then hid to watch it all play out hahahhahaha!

  4. "Michelle Latta said...Valentin is annoying..pushing himself on Nina,"

    Sure he can be annoying sometimes I'll give you that.. :) But, he wasn't pushing her. They love each other. She knows it. She admits it. It was her choice to kiss him. :) They didn't even have sex. She slept on the couch.

  5. OK, I still hate VC, he killed Nik, they cannot redeem him IMO, I don't care how much he loves Nina and Charlotte.

  6. But AntJoan, he is so damn sexy! And I don't believe he ever killed Nik - still hoping Tyler comes back. I am so happy to see Laura everyday - she just lights up the screen. And Jon L. is doing such an amazing job. I think whoever is writing for him really knows he character perfectly. Loved the surprise at the end!!!

  7. Linda, well we certainly agree on many things: hope Tyler comes back, I am THRILLED to see Laura, and JL is an amazing actor! However, we NEVER will agree on VC--I DO NOT think he is sexy, he was introduced as a horrible, heartless character, and certainly shot to kill, whether or not Nik actually is dead.


  8. I understand AntJoan-I just like the actor so much!



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