Friday, November 16, 2018

Soup for One?

Margot and Sonny...we have another chance they will do it real soon here.  She asks what he's doing there, going to kill her? 

Sam, Michael. Couldn't hear what they were talking about at first so...Oh, Jason showed up so I could hear: Nelle's at Ferncliff. 

Liz, Franco and Aiden... he told them about the K-9 doggie ...nothing else. Aiden wants snacks. Franco is going to do a art therapy lesson with him.  Did you know his hamster was named Sir Jellybean. 

Lulu's at the teachers... Valentine gets a call and goes over. Nina follows.  Miss Tait calls Charlotte a bully and Nina goes nuts "It's her leadership skills" "It's YOU Miss Tait" and Val and Lulu just sit there with their mouths open.  Oh you have to watch this scene.. Nina then says "Charlotte's strong and brave, and DO YOU have children Ms. Tait"??? Then she kicks Nina out--Nina gets mad...then VALENTINE KICKS NINA OUT!! LOL 
after the meeting Michael comes over and gives the teacher seeds? Must be I missed that little tidbit of info. They talk about going to grief meetings. 

Kiki goes to Sasha and tells her she's out of the apartment! TONIGHT! Sasha says "Wow you're insecure about your boyfriend, I guess because he cheated on your mom --with you"!! BOOM!!

Ryan and Ava. She's in leather, he's drinking a Bloody Mary, what could happen? He gives her a SLEEPING PILL from his pocket he got from a pharmacy rep!!! GEEZZZZE!!! She's like: Bad side effects"??
Sasha is all mad she asked her to break up Griff and Ava. She goes upstairs to where she's renting a room at the Metro. 

OMG PREVIEWS: Ava drugs her, then has Griffin go over to her room!! She spiked Sasha's soup that was for delivery!!  ahahahahaa

Lulu sees Liz at GH.. they talk about Aiden going thru a rough time and Char going through a 'phase'...not knowing it's the other's kid. 


  1. I don't know why Sonny keeps playing this "you'll never convict me" game with Margaux. Why doesn't he just lie and say "I didn't kill your father"? You'd think he's suddenly lost the ability to lie. This whole thing is just getting too tedious. I want Ryan to kill her already.

    And Nina was totally obnoxious today. And now Valentine has asked her to be there when they talk to Charlotte. She'll totally undo any good they might have done. If Charlotte sees a conflict she'll be even worse.

    1. My God I wanted to bitch slap Nina! She is no longer Charlotte's stepmother as her father and Nina are divorced. I was glad to see Valentins concern, I was surprised he didn't act as if his daughter could do no harm.

  2. DeBlasio's news conference re yesterday's snow storm interrupted GH@ approximately 3:30 until 5 minutes before the show ended.

  3. That's typical ABC, Shelley. They hate GH.

  4. Kinda interesting that Aiden is being bullied by his biological cousin

    1. Charlotte and Spencer are cousins and look at how he talks to her.

    2. Exactly bigdoodah. How he talks to her Anne? Charlotte is mean to him....and the brat waited til her mom had left the room. I hope Lulu and Val give their daughter a good talking to.

    3. I was referring to how Spencer talks to Charlotte.

  5. Yes, they interrupted GH in NYC because the stupid mayor had to get all defensive about why the city F'd up sooo bad during yesterday's snow storm. You see, the weather forecasters had forecast about 1 inch of snow, and we got about 6 inches, and they came at rush hour, and they hadn't pre-treated the streets, blah-de-blah. I did NOT watch the stupid press conference, just FF'd it to see of any of GH was salvaged, they showed a few minutes at the end.

    So I'm glad I got the recap here, looks like a lot happened, they said to set our DVRs tonight for 1:35 a.m., it will be shown then.

  6. I am starting to like that teacher. I think the actress is good and very believable. Nina was acting insane. I liked the Cam and family scenes, too, although I didn’tlike seeing him and Franco eating the same ice cream or whatever it was they were eating. The DA is so short that Sonny looks tall next to her. Never saw that before.. He needs to tell her that Scully was probably her father.. Ryan’s and Ava are fascinating together.

  7. maybe it is me. but if i was a teacher and a parent had the guts to say to me "how many kids do you have?" I would have said "30". And they sit with me every day in this room. I would have to be a parent to them if their parents at home did a better job"

    seriously. teachers put up with so much.

    here is a controversial thing. you know how this show is soooo big on message shows and PSAs and such? what if Aiden got hold of a gun (or other weapon) and brought it to school. It would be a lesson learner, but more important, it is something realistic that DOES happen in school. just wondering if they have the nerve to pull something like that off.

    just a thought.

  8. ps. ok maybe it is a toy gun. put he pulls it on charlotte and the kids duck under the seats and the teacher reacts. seriously. i can see this playing out.

    does another character had to die for karen to write this?

  9. Margoo's hotel room:

    Margoo and Sonny: Maybe we should just call them Monny! :)

    "Karen says we have another chance they will do it real soon here."

    Hahahaha! Yes! Very soon!!! Another fight with Carson just might do it. :)

    Miss Tate's room: I have been meaning to ask, why was Charlie the only person singing the pledge of allegiance? Why wasn't everyone singing it? That was odd.

    Nina, Lulu, V.C. and Willow: Okay Nina! Holy hell!!!! I know you love Charlie, but SHUT UP! Come on now!!!! Charlie is not a saint so cut it out!! Nina gets kicked out! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Michael and Willow: At first I'm thinking why is Michael there? Ohhh he wants to give her a gift. How sweet. :) Hmmm Millow or Chillow!!! GAH! I don't know!!!

    The metrocourt:

    Michael and Jasam: Uh this was a confusing scene. Why did Sam have to tell Michael about Nelle? She isn't in his life anymore!!! So there was no reason to tell him. Waste of time!


    Sam: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    Jason: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?!


    Me: I just want the traditional Q Thanksgiving song!

    The hospital:

    Friz and Aiden: Awww Aiden!!! I just want to hug you!!!!!

    BobTodd's art room:

    BobTodd and Aiden: Aiden's artwork of his family made me sad! :( Makes me want to cry!!! Aiden you are not teeny tiny!!! :(


    Kiwi and Sasha: Sasha called Kiwi out!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Sasha gets kicked out of the apartment!!! All Kiwi has to do now is throw a boot at her. :)

    The hospital part 2:

    Kiwi and Griffin: Whiney Kiwi!!!! She knows Sasha is right!!!

    The Metrocourt part 2:

    Rava: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Oh my I thought Ryan was going to help her with her loneliness with sex. :) Pills? oh how disappointing. :(

    Ava and Sasha: Wow Sasha!!!! Shut up! It was your choice to hit on Griffin cus you WANT him badly!!! You could have asked Kiwi if they were serious or not.

    Ava and the pills: OH MY MY MY!!!! So delicious! :)

  10. Is Kiki still leaving the show for her nighttime gig?

  11. I am loving this new teacher I hope they pair her with Michael, not Chase, which is where they seem to be headed. 🙄

  12. WTH Ava? Will you never learn about pills leading to disaster and not a “benefitting Ava” disaster???


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