Friday, November 2, 2018

Peter Pumpkin Head

Laura Wright getting her Hair DID

Carly's dreaming about Mary Pat's floating head.. I wish her eyes were open tho!! Mac is talking to Laura at the Rib. She wonders where Kevin in. He walks in later just as Laura is saying "I wonder who could have done this". 

Scotty and Ava ..he's like "you're seeing that Quack Kevin Collins"!!?? She says he's brilliant AND exciting! 

Kiki, Sasha and Griffin are jogging on the riverfront. Sasha gets a cramp, Griffin fixes her. 

Nina slept on the couch. Valentin brought her tray of coffee and breakfast. 

Nina meets the group on the docks. Kiki says she's doing a walk of shame-- Nina's like NOPE didn't sleep with him!! 

At the Floating Rib, Ryan gives his statement about seeing Mary Pat the night before and that she was scared of Carly. Then he tells Jordan and Chase Ford their history and said Carly basically said she wanted her dead. Laura is trying to tell them it was in "context" but Ryan did the damage! Carly's a suspect. 

In Ava's office, there's a bloody pumpkin face/body thing behind her chair. She screams and throws it. OMG It's MARY PAT'S BODY!! WOWZA, Ava's grossed out, Nina calls the police. Ryan is so smart, he knows Carly hates Ava and would "Frame" her!!

Ryan is skulking around the docks with the hook. Laura sees him... but not put the hook 
BACK..she thinks he's just lying to her. He says he has been and he's a coward. He wanted to tell her his feelings have changed and he wants a separation. Laura cries and pleads with him..he's like NOPE. Ryan tells Laura he's moving out!! 

OH!! It came out today that Sasha isn't really Nina's kid-- Valentin said " The longer you stay, the more likely the truth will come out"!!  


  1. WHAT? OMG? Mary Pat's body--GROSS!! Setting up Carly, OMG. "Kevin" wanting a separation??!! OMG!! See, I kept saying he is NOT attracted to Laura! And Sasha is NOT Nina's daughter? I know a lot of folks have thought this, but the way it all played out, with Curtis searching for her, etc., it looked to be real.

    1. (AntJoan) The body....gross! Poor Laura...and I totally hate Valentin even more now. Not a huge fan of Nina but to fake a kid, heartless!

  2. I won't be able to watch until I finish working tonight at around 8, but at least I know why Ava was screaming her head off during the promo . . .

  3. "Laura Wright getting her Hair DID"

    Huh? What is DID? :)

    Carson home:

    Carson: Oh come on! We are not even going to get a reshow of what happened? Just Carly's nightmare? Uh Carly you shouldn't be saying you are glad she is gone.

    Kelly's: Scotty wins the lines of the day. First one.

    Ava and Scotty:

    Scotty: Quack quack Kevin Collins?

    ROFL! We need more scenes with them!!! I love my Sava!!!! And she is right Scotty you are just bitter because you want Lucy back! :) Ava gushing over "Doc"! Ava have you started having feelings for him? :)

    Griffin and Kiwi: Why does she always have this I want to seduce you look now? It's so annoying! And Griffin shut up!

    The floating rib:

    Cops, Carson, "Doc", and Laura: Ohhhhh. "Doc" setting Carly up for the murder!!!! :) Laura's facial expressions!!! ROFL!

    Mac and Scotty: Scotty's 2nd win line of the day

    Scotty: I guess the heads left the building.


    The pier:

    Griffin, Kiwi, and Sasha: Sasha crushin on Griffin and Kiwi jelly! Why does Kiwi want Griffin and Sasha to be friends? So odd. Hmmm. Is Sasha faking her injury so that Griffin can touch her? :)

    Griffin, Kiwi, Sasha, and Nina: Sasha calling out Nina! So rude!!!!

    Sasha and Nina: Sasha wants Griffin so bad!!!!! Oh yes Nina sure tell her that she should NEVER listen to Ava! :)

    Laura and "Doc": Great scene!!!!! Doc this is all your fault for not telling anybody that Ryan is alive!!!! Laura this man is not your husband!!! :(

    Ava's art gallery: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Holy crap! Mary Pat's body!!!! I love the shaky voice that Ava had when talking to the cops. I love the look on Nina's face when she saw the body! :)


    Valenina: I really really wanted them together so badly! The kiss DID mean something Nina!!!! Get back together already!!!

    V.C. and Sasha: HOLY CRAP NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Karen says OH!! It came out today that Sasha isn't really Nina's kid-- Valentin said The longer you stay, the more likely the truth will come out"!!

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Now I don't want ValeNina together anymore!!!! :( Why are these writers breaking couples up? THIS SUCKS!!!! I HATE THIS!! No couples to root for. :(

  4. "AntJoan said...WHAT? OMG? Mary Pat's body--GROSS!!"


    "I know a lot of folks have thought this,"

    I was really hoping that it wasn't true and that V.C. wouldn't have Sasha pretend that she is Nina's daughter!!! :(

    "but the way it all played out, with Curtis searching for her, etc., it looked to be real."

    Yeah it did look so real! :'(

  5. OK, so I did get to watch some of the show. Sasha went to Wyndemere to meet with VC when she said she had a temp interview? First off, who goes to a temp interview in sweaty jogging clothes? And, if she and VC are in cahoots, WHY would she take the launch over to see him and risk being seen? Can't they just speak on the phone?

  6. OK, so Sasha said it, she is NOT Nina's daughter. So, as I have been saying all along, VC is a monster. What a cruel thing to do to so many people, especially Nina, so that he can get her back! And then, when she finds out, he will whine and carry on and say, I just did it because I love you so much? I hope that NO ONE finds that charming and sexy!! Or forgivable . . .


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