Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Don't F with a Q


When will we quit getting interrupted!? Oy! "SURPISE" This week! And don't get me wrong, that whole deal is a soap opera in itself but dang!! I can also tell the editing is getting wonky again to try to condense shows. Other than that... GH was great this week for one reason: CARLY LOSES HER MOOLAH!! 

Let's go...I'm having a Metro Court Lemonade! 

My show is good but dang, there are just too many characters on it. The stories suffer because of it and for some reason it seems like actors come and go whenever so things are side-lined in a big way. I'll talk more about this down below. The show got some momentum at points but really did contain a lot of filler. People talking endlessly about things we already have seen a million times. We have a LOT to keep track of people! It's like GOT without the dragons and blood (dang it!). 

Oh NED!! You absolute Quartermaine you!! Yep..he did what Alan, Tracey or Edward would have done. Brilliant. It's brilliant because it totally messes with Michael and Drew AND it made Carly almost broke. WIN! WIN!! I don't even care people are angry with him. Let it roll, sir. :bowing: 

BAHAHAAHA OF THE WEEK: Just had to put these faces in there!! ahhahaha. 

STOCK PLUMMET OF THE WEEK:  This masterpiece was on Twitter and I had to grab it for here. Thanks to @DejaQQ99 for Carly in her Kelly's waitress outfit!! Ok, that probably won't happen but it is so fun to think about!  Carly was just so upset with the news that she lost her half of the Metro Court and it was glorious. She's angry at Ned and Lucy. Olivia tries to help her out but realizes she'd have to ask Ned for money. I really haven't had the satisfaction yet of a FULL ON Carly break down but I'm still hopeful it's coming. 

WAFFLE OF THE WEEK: Oh Ava, you were so close. I thought they'd sign the papers and that would be that. Of COURSE it's not!! Someone told me the clause of "having an affair" is still in the original document which means if she finds out about Nik and Esme, she'll get ALL the money. I am cool with that. The lightbulb went off that Nikolas is pushing for this "divorce" in case she DOES find out. Got it. What I DON'T get is how Ava doesn't even suspect anything!! If she did we would have found out when she was talking to Scotty. BUT NOPE. Damn it. Ava's smarter than this! 

MILLOW OF THE WEEK: I don't even try to get fun with these two anymore because they are my go to LOVE TO HATE of the show. Even her "pregnancy" announcement was bland. Is it me? Do they direct these two to be the most underwhelming characters on the planet or what? Willow faints. They take her to GH. Michael grumbles about Sonny being there. Willow looks like a vampire and then finds out she's pregnant. "Are you happy"? I don't know are YOU happy? They go back and forth so long I'm like "NO ONE IS HAPPY"!!! So I guess we'll go through this now. Oh, and PS of course they are worried how WILEY will react. :Eyeroll: I hope he runs away LOL 

DECEPTION AT DECEPTION OF THE WEEK: Oh lord, Sasha's back on the beanie pills and well... that's about it. She gets her stash from Rusty the Photo Boy and is getting ready to make her appearance on the Home Show.  She didn't even know what she was taking!! LOL Why did she take them? She found out Willow was pregnant. Which begs to lead to the story of a strung out Sasha stealing her BFFs baby in 6 months. Ok, pretend I didn't say that! That can't happen, RIGHT? RIGHT!!? 

JELLY OF THE WEEK: I'm actually mentioning this because it seems like the girls on this show have SO MANY bathing suits! LOL. You can also tell it's 2022 because they wear cover ups. If it was the 70's or 80's?? Um.. well, NOPE. 

PLAN OF THE WEEK: Oh the writers did REALLY WELL on this scene!! Spencer tells Cameron his plan to bring down Esme using Uncle Victor and DNA. It was so good I was bitching on twitter that I was mad it happened off screen!! WELL, Spencer was lying and seeing if the lie convinced Cameron! Oh, it was joyful. And that boy can lie like a Cassadine!!  He's going to tell Esme that he found her bio mother through his uncle and she's in Portugal but will only give her the information if she confesses about the sex tape.  Something tells me the plan won't go as well as we would hope but it will be fun to watch! 

PARK OF THE WEEK:  I bring this up because every year I get upset about the park/outside shoot they use for Port Charles. Am I glad they go outside? I guess so...but man, try to find one pine tree or something!! LOL It's SO not here. That's just a minor bug a boo I have. This scene was Brook Lynn asking for help from Sonny. Good to see these two together. Not much got solved was decent filler. 


Ned and Lucy vote with Valentin and ELQ/Aurora merger is dead in the water 

Stocks crash and Carly may lose her half of the Metro Court

Willow finds out she's pregnant 

Esme gets Nikolas to agree to let her get back into seeing Ryan 

Ava doesn't sign divorce papers

Esme tries to woo Rory but all he wants is to see her phone

Brook Lynn goes to Sonny to try to save Chases' job

Sasha is upset to learn Sasha is pregnant; buys drugs 

Lucy and Maxie are excited for the Home Show 

Anna is increasingly wary of Valentin's relationship with Victor 

Spencer has a plan to get Esme to confess; false DNA and a promise of a mother

Marshall, TJ and Curtis stick together to help Trina

Cody is smitten with Britt but is more intrigued by her daddy, Faison 

NEWS AND NOTES:  So, I think something is up with Nancy Grahn's contract but I don't know for sure. She made a cryptic tweet about 'not accepting what she's worth" so??? Hmmm.  I know they had planned a Greg/Alexis story but we shall see!! 

Listen to a great podcast with 2 of my fave people: Jeevan and Na'Vell while they dish about the Daytime Emmys!!  Head over to TV Watercooler for all the inside scoop! 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK AND BEYOND:  Sasha messed up big time on her Home and Heart show gig.  Port Charles will celebrate the 4th but because of all of the interruptions, not sure when it will air.  Maxie and Austin will be on a date in the park, Trina gets increasingly nervous over her court date and Laura will leave to take care of an ailing Leslie. (Summer VayKay for Genie!!). Hope you all get the photo reference !! 

That's a wrap!! Again, GH can be frustrating. I get that. It's really a crap shoot what you're going to get from day to day. We also have interruptions and "show specials" and things that make everything else choppy. I think about the camping trip and wonder the point of it all. Maxie and Austin bonding time? Austin had someone come up to him in the woods and we NEVER saw that scene after. Will we get some late-date flashback? Will we even care by then? If they were bringing Roger back as a Quartermaine they damn well should have made him one. Give him voting power. Right now he's just background nothingness. He's not even at the hospital! I feel like actors just waltz in and out and the writers have to just insert here and there. New guys Cody and Rex? WHY. Rex is helping Michael scheme but again, not enough momentum to get us to really care. SO much time between stories makes me just zzzzzzzz. 

I don't even want to start on Elizabeth because I'll just get furious. I just do not understand this at all. Should be The Summer of Liz. But.. nope. 

Next week will be another interruptus for GH. July 4th; no new show. I'm gone Thursday-Friday. I won't be back until the next week; possibly Wed or Thursday. So there's that. There will be blogs up with fun things to do and see so make sure you don't forget me! 


  1. This is a Disney show now, so hence the cover-ups I guess. IDK

    I once read something about the producers or whomever get extra money for bringing on new characters. Don't know if this is true or not, but they sure seem to bring on new people all the time and don't use the actors that they should use.

    So glad Carly is broke. Now hoping that Nina gets hers too. I don't like either one.

    New characters Cody and Rex = stupid. And they do all look alike. They all look like Brando.

    I am so sad for my show now. :(

    Thanks Karen for taking your time to do these blogs

    Happy 4th everyone; I have to work :(

  2. Photo: When Britt torched Emma's doll at the July 4th outing! Love it!

  3. Totally ridiculous how they have failed to develop Roger Howarth's character. Then with the chemistry that was here between Britt and Austin they find if necessary to bring in Cody?

    PS - I believe it's Dex, not Rex.

  4. The one thing my old brain never forgets is your wonderful Sunday Surgery. Thanks once again.

  5. Thanks for another great SS! You just about covered it all.
    What was up with Willow's corpse eyes anyway. Amazingly they were gone in the hospital. Please no more babies.
    I don't understand why TPTB don't see what we see. How can they not know how all over the place GH is.

    1. I don't think they care about GH. Gloria Monty would be mortified. She was such the perfectionist

  6. can someone please answer about Trina's case? So she WAS expelled and is now waiting on the COURT case?????? SO confusing...
    -----I still wonder if Roger H just doesn't care anymore - why would he not try and fight for a better character?
    -----I personally wouldn't mind if NLG leaves- did you read that rumor that she isn't happy with her contract.....Alexis character is all over the place too.
    -----Sonny will bail out Carly cause we gotta start the beginning of their getting back together....

  7. Completely superficial, but big improvement on Nikolas as far as hair and make-up... much more natural looking. Too bad the character's been destroyed!

    1. I have noticed a general improvement in hair and makeup for many characters in the past few weeks.

  8. What about poor maxie she's a beautiful girl

  9. so with Genie Frances going off for the summer - vacation - I KNEW they would never address the mayor's recall, Cyrus, etc. I still wish that special episode had been a dream....



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