Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Luna Fairchild

Well they SORA'd ROCCO to like 13-14? Geesh! He's having nosh with Cody and Dante. Olivia comes in and hugs Cody. She remembers him as a kid. 

Brook and Chase at the pool. OMG Same ol' same ol' . She wants him to switch careers. You can use your voice! "I'll manage you"! 

Carly and Sonny. She says Donna is fine. He says Ok, and walks away LOL She's pissed. 

Spinelli and Brooke talking about his dating app, without her knowing it's his dating app. He says she should give it another try. Shows her a hot date hes' meeting. LOL NO WAY he's meeting that hot babe. Britt leaves when Cody comes over. Cody has some arrangement with Spinelli 'a deal' but we don't know what it is. Sonny meets Cody for the first time. 

Esme and Spencer go to the pool. Cam's being all awkward with Joss and Trina they wonder what's up. Esme is snotty about the trial. Cam goes over to try to get a napkin Carly used at the bar. Spencer creates a distraction and calls Joss the Porn Queen and she pushes him in the pool. Esme pushes Joss..Trina pushes Esme LOL. Carly stomps over so Cam can take the napkin for the DNA. Carly bans Spencer forever from The Metro. 

Home and Heart Show: Morgan Fairchild looks FABULOUS! OMG She's such a natural I love it. The creepy Photog is there bugging Sasha who is flying high on whatever she took. Brando surprises her. She ends up taking another pill right before the show. Whoops. Deer---headlights. Then she gets rolling and Gladys calls in to help her along. She does a good job at describing the lip plumpers. Lucy and Maxie are relieved. Then FloraGardens arrives... she's a 'special guest'. (It's Luna from OLTL!) Sasha wants to give her a make over. Oh boy.. this will be a disaster. 
Flora is also there to sell a product. Maxie sees it and blanches. I think it's a baby product? 

Drew wants Nina to  buy Crimson. Probably to get money for Carly to buy the Metro back. Nina is going to think of it. Drew runs into Olivia who is on her way up to see Nina. They talk about the Metro Court sale and..OH WHOOPS! Nina hears some of it!! 


Flora gives Sasha a "baby papoose" holder as a gift after her make over..ut oh.... 

Nina is going to tell Sonny about Carly losing her 1/2 of the hotel. 

Cam got Carly's DNA and Spencer got Joss' 

Olivia hires Cody for the Q horse stables. 


  1. The pool pushing was cute.
    So tired of BLQ and Chase. A big nothing.
    The Spinelli secret is getting to that point of 'who cares'.
    Cody the new Q stable boy. No surprise there.
    Morgan Fairchild does look great. And Susan Batten...I love Luna and OLTL.

    1. Agreed about Spin's story. Do we even officially know (as the audience) that it's his dating app? Did I miss an episode? Lol! The whole thing is so disjointed.

  2. Not a bad show at all today. Drew had a good idea but if Nina says no maybe Sonny will offer her the money.

    Loved the pool action. lol So funny.

    The filming of the Heart and Home Show was silly. Someone should tell Maxie that if she wants to calm someone down harping at her at full throttle is not going to do it. She was irritating me, imagine what it was doing to Sasha. I did love it when Gladys called in and got Sasha back on track. Great move on her part.

    The photographer waving around th bag of pills all over the set was beyond ridiculous. There's no way he wouldn't be seen.

    I still can't figure out what Spinelli is up to but I loved that he called Sonny over and silently put Cody on notice. Hopefully Spin will fess all to Sonny soon.

    And kudos to Chase for calling Brooke out on her scheme.

    It's been a while but I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

    1. I agree 100% with everything you wrote. Are you channeling me? Lol!
      And that's what the pool is for...shoving people into it. I laughed out loud!
      I do have to add that I didn't watch OLTL so Luna really didn't mean much to me. But I can't wait to watch Sasha lose it today. :)

  3. So many funny one liners today! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Recast Rocco, Dante, and Parachute guy: Spoon nose game! I'll play! :) Wow the actor who plays recast Rocco, looks just like Alexa Ainsworth! Is he her brother?!?! :D When Olivia saw Parachute guy, I thought she would be angry with him! That makes no sense that she isn't! I mean she does keep a grudge. Back then she would get a phone call about Parachute man? Why?!!?! And where were his parents?! Sonny and Recast Rocco! Awwwwww. :)

    Britch and Spinny: Who the hell is that sexy woman on his phone? Hahahahahaha!

    Spinny and Parachute guy: Wait Spinny is not innocent about what?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

    Spinny and Sonny: COME ON JUST TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON SPINNY! This has been going on for way to long.

    Crimson office:

    Drew and Nina: Delicious. Carly will be so angry, that Cujo will come out!

    Sonny and Nina: Nina will spill the beans! Hahahaha. Of course Carly didn't tell Sonny. It's none of his business! I don't know why Olivia would tell Carly to talk to Sonny about giving her the money! COME ON NOW!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Trina, and Jam:

    Cam: Stop overthinking my Cam face.


    Cam and Carly: You got her saliva now get that DNA test done! :)

    Trina, Jam, Vampira, and Spencer: GREAT SCENE! Hahahahahaha. I bet they had a lot of fun pushing each other in the water! :)

    Trina and Joss: Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Let's go before someone pushes me in the pool.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Who is left to do that?! :)

    Cam and Spencer: They kept talking and all I kept doing is doing SHHH SHHHH! I mean because someone might over hear them!!! Oh hi Vampira! She didn't hear them whew! :)

    Brase: A singing career? For Chase? *Melt* :D

    Carly and Drew: Yeah you better run Drew! Cujo will come out!

    Home and Heart show: I thought it was called Home and Hearth. Why is the camera moving so much! UGH! And why is Sasha taking her drugs right there where she could get caught? Why don't she go in the bathroom!!! Of course slimy Jim Carry is there! It looks like the view set. MORGAN FAIRCHILD AND LUNA YAY! :) I didn't recognize either of them at first. I didn't even recognize Glady's voice at first. Geez what is wrong with me! ROFL! Why is Lucy acting so strangely around Morgan Fairchild's character? Lucy is copying what she is doing while talking. Stop it Lucy! Oh oh a baby product. :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Giggling about the one liners, they were everywhere! Cam face was my favorite, lol! I know it's childish, but I love it when someone gets shoved into the pool, and it was a toofer yesterday! HAHAHAHAH!
      Morgan Fairchild looks fab, I loved her back in the day. And Lucy was acting the fool (!) because she thought Ms Fairchild's character was a queen. :)
      Seriously, Rocco looks ready for PCU. I was like, who's this character??!

    3. "Julie H says, Giggling about the one liners, they were everywhere!"

      Hahaha yes they were!!! :)

      "Cam face was my favorite, lol!"

      ROFL! I wasn't expecting him to say that! :)

      "I know it's childish, but I love it when someone gets shoved into the pool, and it was a toofer yesterday! HAHAHAHAH!"

      Hahahaha. I loved it too! :)

      "Morgan Fairchild looks fab,"

      Yes she did!!! :)

      "And Lucy was acting the fool (!) because she thought Ms Fairchild's character was a queen. :)"

      Yeah she called her your majesty! ROFL! *Dead*

      "Seriously, Rocco looks ready for PCU. I was like, who's this character??!"

      Yeah! WOW!

    4. lol The actor will be 14 in Nov. Big change though.

  4. I loved the Erica Kane references! And yes, Morgan Fairchild looks amazing.

    1. Yeah me too!!! :) Too bad she didn't show up. :)

  5. I don't think Nina is gonna tell Sonny about Carly----she still feels threatened....
    ---I was surprised she figured it out because it made sense that Olivia would just say 'send bills to me and not Carly'-
    Is Drew gonna give Carly the money he makes???
    this Spinelli thing is dragging on just like Austin (memba him?) and of course we never see Elizabeth

    1. Maybe Nina should just buy Carly's half herself. *snicker* *snicker*


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