Monday, May 10, 2021



Monday!! So it should be a Friday show? 

Jason and Britt are in a BARN. SO soapy. :eyeroll: it's one of the Cassadine's at some nature preserve. Britt and he spar. She goes and gets coffee. 

Corintos Kitchen....Moss is out. Joss and Carly talking about the tournament. Joss thinks she selfish (true)> Carly poo-poos her. Then sends her up to check on Donna when Jason calls. She's mad Sam led Dante to the hide out. 

Tan-O.  Sonny found out Elijah paid one of the robber's bail. Tells Nina Eli is a bad guy. BUT! Nina is going out to dinner with him. She wants to find out what his motives are. 

Peter at the Metro with Cyrus. Oh, Pete doesn't care if Cyrus kills Britt. Nope. Cyrus calls him and idiot! Tells him he will be dead "within a week". I wish. 

Peter meets the nurse. Oh, he kills her and sends Maxie another nurse. Kimberly Brown, that new lady from Guiding Light. 

Ned is home. Brook Lynn is there. He's proud of her.  He sings to her unborn baby. Olivia watches ...tears up. Ned makes her a mix tape. He and Olivia go to make lunch together. 

Maxie has Sam over. Wants her to find Jason so he can return Brit. "Tell him something is wrong with your kids" LOL! Sam's like NOPE. She wants Dante to help. Maxie says no, tells her to leave. 

Oooooooooooooooooo boring.


  1. Joss and Carly: BLECH. St Jasus knows... he has the best judgement. Puke.
    Joss doesn't mention Cam of course

    You would think Maxie would wait on the nurse until Britt or anyone else from the hospital could refer one.

    1. Also - Maxie doesn't need a nurse - and she should be able to talk her way out of that one. I'm surprised it's not a nanny they are looking for. THAT Maxie needs!

    2. I agree. WHY would Maxie need a nurse? She is only pregnant and it's a normal pregnancy. You are right. With 2 1/2 kids she needs a nanny. Especially since soap mothers spend NO time with the kids.

  2. I laughed when Britt stormed out the door of the barn. lol I felt her coffee pain. And I don't think I've ever seen so many emotions on jason's face in the last 5 years. Love them together.

    I actually giggled when Ned was singing to the "baby". When he sang "What's your name" my brain answered just call me Bob, and I'm just a little sponge soaking up everything you're Sorry. Been cooped up alone way too long.

  3. Nixon Falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina: Oh love that they are going to work together to get Elijah!!! :) Oh their faces are close.. Kiss her!!! :)

    Port Chuckles:

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cyrus and Hiney: Cyrus wins the line of the day.

    Cyrus: You idiot. Do you not realize that you most likely have about a week to live.

    BAHAHAHHAHA. Kill him Cyrus! Kill him!!!! :) Please!!!

    Hiney and Maxie's nurse: Oh oh. I'm thinking he is going to kill her.

    Outside: I KNEW IT!!! Hiney DID kill her!!!!

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Joss: Freaky Friday!!!! Carly and Joss switched personalities!!! THE TRIBBLES YAY! :) Wait is it just me, or does the Tribbles look darker? Like a darker green. Hmmmmm.

    Hay private place: That looks like the place where Luke and Laura hid when they were on the run for the first time! :)

    Britch and Jason: Love love LOVE them together. :) They are bonding! :) Carly is very jelly! Twice on the phone with Jason she made snarky comments.

    Q home:

    Ned and Brooky: GAH! Ned singing!!!! Made me cry!! I love you Ned!!!! Singing to the fake baby! Brooky I hope you feel guilty!

    Ned and Olivia: Mom and dad making lunch together! Awwwwwww. :) Brooky looks like she feels guilty.

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Sam: I wonder if Maxie will let Sam help her. Or if Sam is going to stumble upon Maxie and Britch's plan while it's happening. Hmmmmm.

    1. Thanks for the recap Sonya! Only saw the last 20 minutes. We had news interuptus as the Detroit Police Chief had to make his retirement announcement at 2 pm on the local news. Yes, I was eye rolling, but I do like the guy, hah!

      Sounds like I didn't miss much except for Ned singing to the imaginary baby. And I so agree with you, I love Britta and Jason! :)

      PLP just randomly murdering random people now is so awful and I don't really need to see this crap anymore. Where's our Murder on the PC Express storyline???

  4. I wonder if Roger will be this scientist person Anna is trying to find - they said one had died, but another is out there.....I dunno - just seemed odd that she couldn't stop talking about finding him...…..
    tell me again, WHY doesn't anyone kill Peter?

  5. and one more thing - an expectant mother would GOOGLE social media and see a picture of the nurse! STUPID.....and last week when Nina said, "it's scary how well Crimson is doing without me" Made NO sense...……….

  6. 1. Can they just kill Peter off and get it over with? Everyone wants him dead. And now he's just a random serial killing - offing people right and left. NOT REDEEMABLE. Get him off of my TV.

    2. How is Crimson running by itself?

    3. How is Deception running by itself???

    1. totally forgot about Deception.

    2. Doesn't Lucy run Deception with Nina? Or am I off in left field? Last I knew Nina was the only employee for Crimson. lol

    3. PS. They will NEVER kill Peter off I am sure of that one.

    4. "lindie says, PS. They will NEVER kill Peter off I am sure of that one."

      Yeah probably not! I hate this!!!!

  7. I do have to say the actress playing Brooklyn lights up the screen no matter who is in the scene with her.

  8. I agree Linda. I forgot how much I like this Brooklyn.

  9. I love this Brooklyn, too!

  10. How horrific that Peter just killed an innocent person. He really needs to die. Had to ffwd Carly and Joss-so sick of seeing Carly nonstop. Had to ffwd Nina and Mike-he’s getting pretty bossy.

  11. The fact that GH has Hiney killing anyone he wants is so ridiculous. Anna is useless and it's too bad they dragged Valentin into the mess.

  12. and no one is looking for the nurse knowing she was meeting Peter


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