Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Nature Delivery


What a week. That's GH for you. Last week I was all: WHAT??  This week I am all: WHAT!!  (Pretend you can hear me say that!) I had to be gone Tues/Thursday and I did watch in a timely fashion because so much was happening.  photo credit: @popcultureblitz 

This is obviously the "Countdown to Peter's Stair Fall" because every day it starts with him in another clip from when he's pushed. I don't think there's enough blood to think he's really dead-dead but we shall see. 

Since we had a Woods Scene, It's Grape Nuts time. If you don't get the reference, you're nice and young! 

I've had a stressful week due to work and family things and all I can tell you is: WATCH THE SHOW. Just dive into it full steam ahead. I'll probably forget some parts here so it's up to you to catch it all! 

FLAMING HOT OF THE WEEK: Lordy, we haven't had zex like this since.. I don't know, the 2000's? It was pretty great. Maybe it's also because people haven't hardly touched in a year! Anyway, Britt and Jason were at the Canadian Cabin and clothes came OFF.  If you like your soapy-zexxy sex, tune in! 

HEAD WOUND OF THE WEEK:  Yeah, this guy is laying at the bottom of the stairs. Must be GH because a nurse then runs up and checks his pulse on Friday. It might be Liz? If so, I hope to hell she lets him die. Anyway...we don't know who did what so just keep watching. And pray he's DOA. I'm afraid they are going to have him have some kind of amnesia and be a whole new "great guy" and if that happens, I will NOT deal LOL. 

BABY-BIRTHING OF THE WEEK: So there's a whole giant story of Maxie being kidnapped by Evil Nurse Chloe... the cabin, the needles, the  hot tea, the fire poker all leading to her giving birth (again) in the dirt. Louise pops out looking about 7 months old (which she probably is as she's been in there so long) and clean as a whistle. Who helps her you ask?? 

ROHO OF THE WEEK: That's right! Roger walks out of the woods with a miner's helmet on and just happens to be a doctor!! Austin (no last name).  Now, all I could think of was the person that hadn't seen GH in awhile. I mean... what would they even be imagining with this?? Maxie doesn't know Franco..who's shirtless acting like a Granola-Todd doctor. He came back quick, imo. But, it's GH and between he and Michael Easton, you'll never know who's popping up.  

FALL OF THE WEEK:  Crazy Nurse Chloe (who did a great job running in the woods) fell in a well and.. that's all there is to tell! 

KIDAPPING OF THE WEEK 2.0:  Yes, Maxie was the first. Gladys was the second. Cyrus took her to his lair and wanted Brando to shoot his own mother to prove his loyalty. Brando turned the gun on Cyrus was not loaded. He failed. 

KIDNAPPING OF THE WEEK 3.0: Next up is Spinelli!!! He gets taken hostage and as Carly is trying to get him back, gun fire erupts on Pier 55 and bodies pile up (all goons). Having gotten back from Canada in an impressive 10 minutes, Jason emerges from the shadows and manages to hit Cy in the shoulder. Cyrus slinks off. Dante saves the day (don't be shocked) by killing the last goon who is aiming to kill either Carly or Ava, couldn't tell.  Photo credit: @CrimsonRum

NIXON FALLS OF THE WEEK:  Welp. Eli ends up getting Nina alone and gets furious with her. She's all scared and MikeSon shows up and knee-caps him with the fakest log known to man. The police have the papers to put Elijah away and Nina and MikeSon kiss. What happens now? Will there be a spin-off series staring Trooper Tom? Stay tuned!  Photo thx to: @SerialDrama 

LINE OF THE WEEK:  Britt talking about her impending death: "When I think of all the fries I didn't eat"!!! 


Peter is pushed down the stairs by a mysterious person

Maxie gets taken to a cabin by Chloe; she escapes.

Maxie meets Dr. Austin who helps her give birth to baby Louise

Nurse Chloe falls in a well

Brook Lynn waits in Beecher's Corners until Maxie calls to come pick her up

Anna gives Finn documents from Sean's house to help with the antidote

Chase is taken back to GH after collapsing

Eli threatens Nina; Sonny saves her...they kiss 

Jason and Britt make love in the cabin, start a fire (giggle)

Carly tries to negotiate with Cyrus and ends up in a gun battle

Cyrus is shot by Jason who came back from Canada fast

Britt gets her diagnosis of having the Huntington gene marker 

Portia gets rejected by Curtis 

Sonya and Brando stand together 

Gladys is in surgery for a shoulder-wound

Also with a shoulder wound is Cyrus who breaks into Portia's house and has her at gunpoint

WUBS FAVE OF THE WEEK: Welp. I did enjoy JaBritt at the Cabin. I also liked Dante being a hero for once. My fave parts involved NAva. First trying to find out what Carly was doing and then making out on the docks. Carly gave a huge eye-roll. They were brilliant. 

NEWS AND NOTES:  Eden McCoy graduated HS this week! Congrats to her. 

Poor Scarlett had a bad bike accident and broke both arms. She's in recovery now. 

SPOILERS: Laura gets a concerning phone call, Peter can't escape and Curtis needs Jordan's help.  Go to Diagnosis Daytime for all the stuff. 

WUBSY WRAP-UP:  Like I said, good week with lots of action. Weird having Todd/Franco come out of the woods but I'll give it a shot. Can we hope Nixon Falls is over now that they exposed Elijah??? Why doesn't Carly carry a big old gun? The Maxie birth was so soapy, complete with the nurse screaming and running "Shining Style" through the woods. The Peter thing is intriguing but only if he's dead. Chase/Willow/Michael...way too boring.  LOVE everyone at the Q Mansion tho. Just my jam. Hey who do you think Pushed Peter? I'm going with Anna but--?? Not sure if that's her style.  Last note: Twitter speculates that "Austin" is really Austin HOLT son of Jimmy Lee, thus tying him to the Quartermaines. 

Have a good one! 


  1. Great SS. Not sure I'm "feeling" most of the show. Not a very good May sweeps IMO. The Peter thing is just anticlimactic. Who cares who pushed him, we all know he's not dead. Not Anna's style or Liz. Probably Cyrus goon pushed him. Big Woop. Not interested. Nixon Falls; stupid. I do like Britt and Jason. Their love scene; a little hawt.

    I like our clean cut cop Dante better. He even has some better acting recently.

    Keep up with the fun stuff at the Q mansion. I do so like Valentin; when he is not all crazy possessive that is.

    Go Maxie!!! Hope nurse Ratchet from The Shining is dead but probably not.

    If Carly is all mob queen she needs to be out there and have a gun. OMG. How sexist is that?

    Dr. Austin not interested.

    Man, it's sad when I like this blog better than the show. Snoozer.

    I have the last Mare of Eastown to watch today. Yay.

    1. P.S. Thank you again Karen for all your hard work to put together this blog.

    2. Why would Cyrus goon push him? They are on the same side? I think it's been a good sweeps. All that bleeding I'm hoping he's dead. Good riddance.


    3. With you on all the likes, Lindie.

      Cyrus is in pure self preservation mode for once and he may blame all his present woos on Peter since this all started when Peter killed Franco and needed his help. I really don't care who pushed him either unless they want to taint one of the few innocents on the show.

      I also hope he's dead. I don't want him redeemed. And I don't like RH as a doctor. I have visions of him hanging over a stretcher shoving food in his face. He's spent too much time perpetuating that character for me to believe that he can legitimately play another, especially a serious one.

      Waiting on Mare tonight too.

      And thanks once again. kd. I'm so glad you stayed with us.

    4. RH has his quirks as an actor and his eating food is one of them. I watched for years on OLTL as Todd and that character was a quirky as they come. But, he was lead in some really serious powerhouse storylines and he kept the quirkiness to a minimum. Some of his scenes with Erika Slezak are some of the most powerful dramatic scenes on a soap I've ever seen. RoHo does drama well and he does know when to tone down the quirks when it isn't needed.

  2. Poor Scarlett! Forgive me but which character does she play?
    Great SS. Hopefully RoHo character will work out, even though they didn't have to kill Franco. But hey maybe they'll get rid of Cy and PLP now. 😊

    1. Scarlett plays Valentin's daughter, Charlotte.

    2. Michelle, I seem to remember reading about the time they killed Franco the reason ABC was going to bring RoHo back as a new character is that they felt that both Franco and Todd, the character he played on OLTL, had to much baggage in the era of Me Too. Todd has been part of a gang rape way back in the 80s, and we all remember that tumor Franco 1) set it up to look like he raped Sam so she didn't know that Jason was Danny's father, and 2) he was responsible for Michael's rape in prison, although after RoHo took over the character and the tumor storyline started they rewrote it.

    3. Correct. They wanted to get rid of all ALL ALL of the "rapey" comments...serial killer etc

    4. That sounds more than plausible. I could see them switching him out for that reason. They should have had him dye his hair and grown a beard though to try to change his appearance. It would also help him get into a new character.

  3. Line of the week was when Brook Lyn said “then we will party like it’s 2019”. Great line!

  4. I love britt and jason. also love the friendship with brooklyn and maxie. the boring 4 need to go. sonny has been in nixon falls since before christmas. this needs to end. no luck with killing peter.

    1. Witch says, sonny has been in nixon falls since before christmas."

      Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. So the Nixon falls spinoff, has been around for 5 months! :)

  5. Enjoyed a lot of this past week, especially Brit and Jason. But I'm not feeling ROHO at all. I know he has a huge fan base, but bringing him back as someone else? Please no. Loved watching PLP at the bottom of the stairs every day and please let him be dead! Thanks for the Surgery!

  6. okay let's go back and mention Trent, the hot guy who works for Carly!
    It doesn't have to be a WOMAN who finds Peter - Maybe Felix? Although I DO want Elizabeth to find him - and like someone said two days ago, be leaning over him and be accused of pushing him - like Jason was falsely accused!
    Peter is gonna have amnesia - no way Frank is letting go of WR.
    I LIKE that they don't mention 'you look like Franco'.
    HOW can Cyrus NOT go to jail now? SO many possibilities with Nik owning Pentonville. I thought it was a bad May sweeps MONTH - now the last week and a half has been good......but this Nixon Falls thing makes me fast-forward - COMPLETELY destroyed Nina's character - I hope she never sees Wiley.....
    more Valentin every single day...……………………..

    1. Another plot foreshadowing (like Liz checking for pulse like Jason did)
      Portia saying to Brando she is bound by law to report a GSW. She is about to be professionally involved in another gun shot wound and there will be no call to the police this time!!!!!

    2. the hands are white that check his pulse and tiny feet

  7. Another great SS! Thank you.
    Hiney will never die. I too fear the amnesia route. Only possible way for redemption. Anyone at all could push him down the stairs. Heck, maybe he slipped on a banana peel.
    Don't care who RoHo plays. I am happy that he is back. Watching his interactions with people he knew might be interesting.
    Chase should just die already. Dumb story.
    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

    1. "Zazu says maybe he slipped on a banana peel."


      "Chase should just die already"

      NO!!! Not my sweet caring Chase! :( Gladys could die and Hiney too!

  8. Karen - I have read your blog for years, but tell us how it all began - I never have known!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Blog?? I started writing for a site called Gedstern in like 1997-98ish. Then had my own site by 2002. Not sure the date I started on blogger. Used to be on Angelfire. :)

    2. Thanks! You have a gift for sure! Love reading them

  9. First time posting here - Love your blog. I have been watching GH since the very day it started. I was five - do the math. I'm old!

    I'm loving Britt and Jason. SB has been acting on auto-pilot for decades with KM. He seems so energized and actually alive now. I like when Britt gets feisty - I hope they don't overdo her self pity with the disease - even though that's a bad disease. Can't wait until Sam finds out about Jason's new crush.

    I used to love Chase and Willow but it's all so wooden now- soooooo dull.

    I think the Maxi birth scene was a great plot but terrible execution. It was like a school play. I hope she and Brooklynn pull off the switcheroo. Excellent soap plotting.

    Nina needs to tell Sonny who he is and have him reject his past - that would be a great story. No more mobster, no more Carly, no more "coffee" business. Just a nice guy. That would be such a big change for the show and could totally reshape a lot of dynamics.

    I doubt Peter is dead. Anna needs to take him down and get back to being a bad a#@. They've made her such a wimp now. I think it may have been Finn who pushed him.

    Not sure about Austin yet - but I love the actor. He can play any role.
    I love Ava too - she's my current fav. They've deepened her so much by keeping her bad but now much more of a soft side to her with Nicholas. She's so much richer as a character than Carly, who is just one, hot, screaming banshee.

    Thanks for your work here!

    1. Welcome bpandol. Glad you posted. That is a good theory about Finn pushing Peter. Out of character for Finn, but who knows. He has every reason to be furious with Peter poisoning Chase. BUT, then he wouldn't ever get the antidote if Peter were dead. Probably not Finn. My guess is still that Cyrus got miffed at Peter for something and had his goons push Peter, but who knows. We are not lucky enough to have a dead Peter, so probably another character on top of Sonny having amnesia. Stupid.

    2. Bpandol welcome to the blog!!!! :)

    3. Welcome Bpandol, I've been watching since the beginning too.

      It seems to me that both SB and KM have been bored for a while. They seem to have been in the same story for years with some variations. I know if I were an actor, I would get tired of saying basically the same lines all the time. And soap couples break up and get back together later, it is part of what makes soaps soaps. I'm loving the new pairings of Jason/Britt and Sam/Dante. I'm wanting to see where it goes.

      I can see either Finn or Liz getting into an argument with smug dumbass at the top of the stairs, it getting a little physical - I can especially see dumbass putting his hands on Liz - and smug dumbass being shoved just enough to get at the bottom of the stairs. Not on purpose, but just to get dumbass out of the way.


    4. I don’t think he was pushed by Finn or a nurse. They are pretty much obligated to help an injured person. Even if it was accidental they wouldn’t leave him there like we would.

  10. Poor Scarlett. Looks like a sizable abrasion on her poor chin, too.

    In my real world, work is getting back to post Covid normal. Probably
    will not have anytime to watch live next week. Please, please live tweet
    when possible...I steal glances at my phone...when you do!

  11. "FLAMING HOT OF THE WEEK: Lordy, we haven't had zex like this since.. I don't know, the 2000's? It was pretty great. Maybe it's also because people haven't hardly touched in a year! Anyway, Britt and Jason were at the Canadian Cabin and clothes came OFF. If you like your soapy-zexxy sex, tune in!"



    ROHO OF THE WEEK HAHAHAHAHAHA! I want to know Austin's last name, I want to know what kind of doctor he is, I want to see him more and want to see him interact with other people! :)

    "Sonya and Brando stand together"

    We do?!?!? :) I like that! Oh wait you mean Sasha. Damn.

    "Poor Scarlett had a bad bike accident and broke both arms. She's in recovery now."

    Poor little thing. :( I just want to give her a hug!

    "Laura gets a concerning phone call,"

    From Spencer? Who is coming to Port Chuckles soon? And isn't a recast?

    "Last note: Twitter speculates that "Austin" is really Austin HOLT son of Jimmy Lee, thus tying him to the Quartermaines."

    Yeah I've heard that. Intriguing. If that is true, then welcome to Port Chuckles The Holtster! :)

    1. I hope Spencer isn't a recast.

    2. "Gary says, I hope Spencer isn't a recast."

      Me neither!!!! There is no reason to recast! He is 16 years old now!!

  12. Can we make the shot of Peter lying at the bottom of the stairs be the opening of every GH episode? That's a great place for him.

    I giggle every time Finn is in his office, peering through a high school biology microscope, trying to find the cure for Chase's poisoning. He's never in a lab; he's always in his office. Oy.

    1. Yup, and that microcope prop just isn't gonna cut it. lol

    2. "Wanda Woman says, Can we make the shot of Peter lying at the bottom of the stairs be the opening of every GH episode?"

      Yes yes please!!! That would be awesome. :)

      "I giggle every time Finn is in his office, peering through a high school biology microscope, trying to find the cure for Chase's poisoning. He's never in a lab; he's always in his office. Oy."

      Hahahaha. I'm distracted by all the books he has in his office! Hahahahahahaha!

    3. I also noticed one time that Finn had NURSING books in his office. lol. I am a nurse. No doctor keeps nursing books in their office.

    4. lindie, maybe he was doing some research to see if the nurses knew something that could help him. Isn't the nurses who run things in the hospital?


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