Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Buy A CLUE for Peter


From all the posts that I have read over the past few months, it seems like there is an agreement that everyone wants Peter dead. Far be it from me to debate a common opinion. 

Another thing I have seen is that a lot of you want a murder mystery. I admit that would be awesome. Not only a murder, but of course we would have to a suspect and, most importantly, (and this is Soap Opera 101) a wrongly convicted suspect. Someone to sit in jail for a few days and to claim innocence while the true murderer evades incompetent cops.

So, it’s your job in the comments to supply the following:

Murderer ____________

Wrongly Convicted Suspect _____________

Also, if you are really adventurous, how about filling out the following with current cast members. (Karen and I did this one)

Mr. Boddy --PETER 

Mrs. White --Maxie 

Mrs. Peacock --Laura 

Ms. Scarlet --Anna 

Mr. Green --Scotty 

Col.. Mustard --Cyrus 

Prof. Plum-- Finn 

I'm adding 2 more: 

Ms Crimson-- Dr. O 

Sir Azure-- Valentin 


With a pipe on the docks

With a dagger in the Metro 

With a revolver in the park 

With a candlestick at the PC Grille 

With a garrote at Crimson 

With a wrench in the parking garage 

Karen Chooses:  Valentin with a wrench in the parking garage and the wrongful suspect being Maxie. 


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  2. Nelle back from the dead. Pushes Peter over a cliff (irony!) in Nixon Falls.

    1. Please no....sorry Nellie needs to stay dead as dead as we want Peter. 😁

  3. ummm...don't we already have that exact thing happening now. Franco was murdered, Jason, wrongly accused (was in jail) and Peter, the actual killer, still out and about.

  4. I going the left field route:
    Heather with the Kelly's Butcher knife. Let's not forget she was Franco's birth mom.

    Wrongly accused: Liz. Heather blames and frames Liz

    1. Oh! Just saw your entry, Matthew. Yes! See mine below.

  5. My choice is Finn with a "modified" version of PLP's poison (PLP's antidote won't work) and Valentin is wrongfully accused. Haven't figured out why yet.....lol!

  6. The person in jail - Finn or Scott
    The REAL killer - HEATHER - cause Peter killed her son....
    and every single character has threatened Peter so for sure we could lots of flashbacks!!!
    I gotta agree with yesterday's comments - William Lipton's facial expressions are now absurd and it's not acting.....

  7. Murderer: Spencer

    Wrongfully accused: Laura

  8. Murderer; Dr O

    Accused: Scott

    Frankly I don't care as long as Peter is dead

  9. The problem I have with this is that I don't care who kills him. Just do it already. But it would be special if the viewers are in on the kill from the start. I'd love to see the person 'whisper' in Hiney's ear as he dies.

  10. Ok, first off, I love this!!! Peter so needs to die and I can't say this enough...and never brought back! I don't love to hate him, I just hate him! The actor, the character, everything! I want Maxie to kill him because she deserves to be the one to do it. She will get off on a temporary insanity plea. I really don't care who is wrongly accused. Why not have it as Finn, then Val, then Dr O, then Anna, then Cy, then Laura....oh just go through the whole cast because they all have motive!

    1. Yeah...Murder on the Port Charles pier.....12 stab wounds...all different...hmmm very interesting...

    2. Robin. I just hate him all around too. Sad

  11. Murderer: Anna
    Wrongfully accused: Robert

  12. Heather Webber with a tire iron in the Quartermaine mansion. She is Franco's mom after all. Wrongfully accused: Elizabeth. She needs some good story. There are so many suspects, though. They could film all the possibilities actually doing it and spread that out for weeks with everyone suspicious of the others who would have wanted him dead.

  13. Another good show today. Much more enjoyable when Hiney isn't on.

  14. Murderer: They take a page from the Agatha Christie book/film Murder On The Orient Express. They ALL take turns killing.
    Weapon: Knife

    1. I said that earlier...lol I didn't name the film as such. I assumed those who knew it would get the inference. I think it's a great idea.

    2. YES!! I thought they could find him on the Haunted Star with multiple stab wounds!

  15. Have Carly kill him and go to jail - kill two birds with one stone!

    1. But then we would get a Carly who would just shreik at Alexis all of the time.

    2. Love this idea, too. I'm ignoring Zak's comment because it would happen, lol!

  16. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Mac and Dante: HI MAC YAY! Glad you are on today! :) OH! He wants Dante back on the force!!! :) Mac looks at Scotty and Dr. O and he wins the line of the day.

    Mac: Does that look like a date to you?

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I think it IS a date Mac! :)

    Balbrecht: Awwwww they are so adorable!!!!! :) Wait a second. Scotty says they are single and free and he has nothing to hide.. Then Dr. O flashes back to when they first had sex, and when the flashback is over, she says, for once. Neither do I! Hmmm. Or IS she hiding something? Wait! Did they not really have sex and she lied? What was that scene about?!?!?!

    Garage: Man!!! So many things happened!!! Cam keeps saying he didn't do anything! Even when his mother and Finchy showed up he said he didn't do anything. Maybe he didn't shoot Jason. Jordan thinks he really did shoot the bad guy, and doesn't remember. Glad Scotty is there.. SHUT UP CAM! Even Finchy said to him don't say anything!!! Dr. O and Cyrus talking. When Cyrus walked away, Dr. O threatened him. :)

    Jason's private room:

    Britch, Jason, Brick, and Carly: Oh boy! Jason is looking really bad. Blood pouring out! Britch has to operate while Brick assists! Carly gives Jason blood!!! Carly has to go to the meeting of the 5 families! YAY! :)

    Jason and Britch: Britch's hand shakes! I'm glad it didn't shake while she was operating on Jason! Jason wakes up!!!! He asks where is Carly?!

    The pier: (Or wherever they were)

    Greg Vaughn lookalike and Cyrus: OH!!!! CYRUS IN ACTION!!!! CYRUS STABS THE GUY!!! Yeah you don't want to mess with Cyrus! :)

    The hospital:

    The elevator:

    Brasha: Yeah it was very very awkward between them. :) Sasha looks nervous. :)

    Chase's room:

    Chillow: :( Just tell him the truth Willow! :(

    Finchy and Chase: Chase thinks he is going to spend the rest of his life in the hospital! :(


    Sasha and Willow: Sasha goes on and on and on about how Chillow are back together.. Willow just keeps quiet. Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Sasha, Brando, and Cyrus: Sasha is so rude to Cyrus hahahahahaha.

    Brando and Cyrus: Cyrus wants Brando to clean up his mess at the pier!

    Meeting with the 5 families: Cyrus is there!!!! :) OH LOOK CARLY! Carly looking sexy with her white outfit! :) You be your bad ass self Carly! :)

    1. I think if Carly didn't act all nutty and do stupid things and if she didn't screech all the time, she'd make a good mob boss lady. lol

    2. "But if she's been hammed, I'll cut your haht out you schvine". Love Dr O so much.

    3. "lindie says, I think if Carly didn't act all nutty and do stupid things and if she didn't screech all the time, she'd make a good mob boss lady. lol"

      Hahahaha. She can still be a good mob boss lady if she didn't act scared at Cyrus!! Just be cool Carly!!

      "But if she's been hammed, I'll cut your haht out you schvine". Love Dr O so much."

      I love Dr. O too!!!!!

    4. Totally agree that if Snarly kept the volume down she would be a good mob boss!

      Dr. O was awesome as usual!

      What was up with Sasha acting all jittery and saying she had a doctor's appointment? She using again? So weird!

      Massive eye rolling on my part that of course (!) Carly could donate blood to Jason.

      Did you see Mac's long curly hair in the back? Very nice, lol!

    5. I did notice Mac had longer curly hair in back. Wish he'd be on the show more. I love Mac

    6. I love Mac too. And boy has he aged well!

  17. Yikes. Cam really did shoot Jason. The cops are going to think he killed the other guy.

  18. Murderer: Liz
    Accused: Dr. O and Scotty

  19. That pic on top is the reason we have been stuck with that disgusting Peter for so long.

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