Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Blood and Bullets


Monday's show was a whopper!! You could tell it was a FRIDAY show that got moved. That meant Friday's show was... well, just a show LOL. Anyway, it was rockin' and rollin' mobular style. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, some of you just want a cheeseburger.

Let's DO THIS! And Happy Mother's Day...

No, your eyes weren't playing tricks!! I loved this little Easter EGG! Not sure why it was there but it made me smile. I think it was a way to say: COVID-19 without "saying" COVID-19!  Photo thx to @AceOMalley89 

I have no idea how I'm going to write all this up! Monday's show alone is an entire blog. Just hang in there with me and I'll do my best. 



Is this how Sam usually does it? 

ESCAPE OF THE WEEK:  Ok, so let's lay aside the whole "Jason is a mobster" and "mobster worship" for a minute and realize that Monday's show was really well written, produced and exciting. Doesn't happen much on soaps anymore. Not like this. Anyway, all you need to know is that you should watch Monday's show if you can. Grab parts on You Tube, watch Hulu or The hospital was in lockdown!! Dr. O was upset! Carly and Spin watched at home!! Jason escaped but not without being wounded by....???? We don't know!  Carly donates her own blood to her man after Britt performs surgery. Yep, I enjoyed it. Surely did. 

WHITE OF THE WEEK:  Come for me all you want but GLARING Cam privilege here. Kid has a gun on the police commish and... isn't body slammed after? Gets to talk to his lawyer at the crime scene??  Mom gets to fret over him? Welp. Yes, Jordan knows him... but good lord. I do hear this will be talked about with he and Trina. Sure hope so. It's a great moment to reflect for sure. BTW, Cam didn't do it but they didn't know it when he was brandishing a weapon all over. 

I'M MY MOTHER OF THE WEEK:  Holy hell, Joss!! Carly 2.0! Cam apologizes and you're still pissed he didn't see a known killer as a killer!! But hey, you worry about your ankle and "Coastal".  :eyeroll:  The teens need a new direction.  Cam seems to be worshiping dead Franco and Joss is worshiping a hit man. Huh? 

DINNER PARTY OF THE WEEK: Oh, my...another reason to watch Monday's show. Why? The Cassadine Dinner party. Laura and Ava were to keep Cy all busy but Laura couldn't take it anymore and lashed out at her 1/2 "brother".  Other notes: Ava looked Fab. Kevin was there! Genie acted her heart out in this take. Great stuff. 

MOB-MOLL ARISES OF THE WEEK:  THIS is putting Carly to good use. YEP. Loved her strutting into that meeting. Loved Ms. Wu standing up for her. Cyrus' mouth open. Ship sunk. It's so much better that listening to her scream like a fish-wife all day. Better than whining to Jason. White Dress? On Point. Now. Let's address her kids. Is she choosing the mob over them? Absolutely. Is she going to own it? I hope so.. because this is a soap and I'm here for it. Send Donna to a convent in France, Get Avery and Ava Cassadine guards and send Joss to Australia with her Dad. You know I want to see Carly at Sonny's desk with Badger Bob behind her! 

ALMOST GOT-CHA OF THE WEEK: DAMN IT! Trina was RIGHT THERE. Right---there. She even got a pasta dish  and Sonny made the sauce. Stupid Nina interruptus. I know it wasn't going to happen but I was still so hopeful it was going to happen, know what I mean ?? She did come away with some Sonny-Sauce however so not all was lost. By the way, Nina wants to stay in Nixon Falls for us. 

BACK AT IT OF THE WEEK: Get Dante back on the force. We need him to go to therapy for his PTSD but be stable again and functioning. He's good at it. His mom comes in and whines to the DA about him starting work again. (LOL...he's like 40, right?). Anyway loved Mac and Dante scenes and those with Spin.  Photo thx to @SheknowsSoaps

SAM FACTOR OF THE WEEK: Oh, if it wasn't glaring before, it sure is now. Britt is SO the NuSam! LOL. Sam is regulated to begging Dante at the station to help with the investigation. Oh ye who wanted your kids so far away from the fray. I'm not sure they know what to do with her at the moment. Doesn't she still own some of Aurora? 

MILKSHAKE OF THE WEEK:  Oh Maxie and Brook are what I need right now. Making a dumb plan (they even lost their OBGYN!!! lol) and being frenimies.  Love the humor. Loved how Brook Lynn tossed up Maxie's hair to make it look like she was asleep. Of course PETER had to come in and ruin it all but for a minute, it was gooooooood. Just like that Butter Pecan Milkshake!!  Photo thx to @chasebrook

YA TOOK IT TOO FAR OF THE WEEK:  Chase's poisoning went from mildly exciting to.. boring-as-hello. I mean, wtf? He's fainting....has a fever...woozy... can't move..can ok, isn't ok. Chatting up Willow (snooze fest). and STILL HE'S IN GH. WHY? I mean, it's just done. Ok? We know he's not going to die. SO just give him the stuff already. Thank you. Even if you want this as a vehicle for the Willow-Chase-Michael snore-a-ton ... get him doing something else. 

HAIR OF THE WEEK: Kelly Monaco's locks in that PCPD scene just blew me away. Not sure why. Probably because I have fine, thin blonde hair the never grew much past my shoulders. *sigh*

CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: Scotty!!  He's there for Liz and Cameron. With a shoulder and some law degrees! Plus... he and Dr. O are delightful. 


A wild escape gets Jason shot in the side and Brit goes with him to the safe space

Jason gets a transfusion from Carly

Sam goes to find Jason, he's gone but Dante follows

Jason and Brit flee in a car right before they are found in the safe house

Carly decides to take over the Corinthos Family Business

Cyrus' shipment is blown up 

Laura tells Cyrus off after having dinner at Wyndemere

Maxie and Brook Lynn realize Brit is missing

Peter delivers a milkshake to Maxie after stalking her apartment light

Chase is still laying in bed

Willow and Michael hug out their feelings they can't act on yet. 

Cam is cleared of shooting Jason who shot him then? 

Jax is going to have Joss live with him while Carly plays Mob Boss

Carly talks Sonny about what a good job she did blowing up a boat

Anna and Valentin are searching for Peter's lab 

Curtis and Portia try out new drinks for his club 

NEWS:  Kimberly J Brown is coming to GH. Maybe to play Maxie's nurse? The one that Peter is going to try to turn.  Kristen Wagner is also on her way back to play Felicia. 

SPOILERS:  Looks like Trina will talk to Cameron about him getting off so easily.  Sam might have to help Maxie and Elijah and Nina go out on the 'town'. Nedly is back next week!  ALL the scoops on Diagnosis Daytime 

WUBS THOUGHTS and WISHES:  So, if you've made it this far, you deserve a shot of something. BOOZE that is!! You probably either loved or hated this week. I do think GH can move along and has some awesome sequences when it gets going. I also think yes, places have stalled and need to get happening. I DO however, want to race home and watch each day and try to do some live tweeting. I watched Hulu the next day if I missed. Loving: Gray Family, Ava/Laura/Nik/Kevin combo, yes, I liked the exciting escape stuff. Liked Carly in moll-mod. Enjoying Cyrus, Scotty, Lesil and Britt. Do I want Britt and Jason to be a couple? Hmmm.. I like them like they are right now. Sam needs to take a short walk off a long pier. Jax can go to Australia. I've said it 900 times but Sonny can come home. Not digging the 'triangle".... You know I think Brando and Sasha are snoozers. Teens need to spice it up. Brook and Maxie: Chef's kiss but unfortunately it hooks them to Peter. Val and Anna... coming along nicely.  Coming up: Sean's memorial (May 21s ish) and the Return of Roger. 


  1. Thanks for another great SS Karen. Happy Mother's day to all mothers.

    GH has taken on many social issues. I think it is time they take on race issues. I know it's a little RL right now, but it's important. Shawn is still in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Did Alexis even mention that? IRL if Cam were "person of color" and held a gun to the Police Commish he'd be shot, or very least put down on ground and hand cuffed. I know this is now a Disney show and all, but at least address things.

    Otherwise, I did like Mondays episode and the
    Windemere episode. I think Cyrus should die. He's going all over the place threatening kids. But, Peter needs to go first; he is the worst. Yup, I think that nurse is going to help Peter kidnap the baby. Hopefully they can get it to Brooklyn and he doesn't figure things out, BUT he probably will.

    1. I disagree. Race is all over the media these days and I am fed up with it. I won't watch if GH goes this route.

  2. I was thinking. I wouldn't mind Sonny/Mike and Nina riding off into the sunset and we get to keep Lenny and Phyllis instead in Port Charles. I like Phyllis and Lenny better. Won't happen though since it's the Sonny show.

    1. I approve of everything you said except add Carly riding off into the sunset.

    2. I agree, too. Great SS but I thought only Monday’s show was really good. Way too much Willow and Chase, and Nixon Falls. I don’t care what Carly does especially with that self-satisfied look that should be smacked off her face. Cam shouldn’t have been treated with velvet gloves just because the police chief knows him. She is always saying she has to do her job by the books but she doesn’t. Cam does seem to be having serious emotional problems.

  3. did you mean a long walk off a short pier? regarding sam

  4. I don’t know how anyone is enjoying the show right now. The writing is garbage. I need LW to take a sabbatical. Also, in conclusion, shut up Joss.

  5. I am interested in who shot Jason - or was it the gunman after all? I watched it twice and thought it really was Cam, so I don't know.
    Sonny in Nixon Falls is NOT working, people!!!!!! Put him in Port Charles so people will see him and he will be frustrated that he doesn't know them. RIDICULOUS!
    and for the umpteenth time - it's May Sweeps - Peter was supposed to be GONE!!!!
    Except for Monday - it was BORING this week....But I do love me some Carly in charge - fits her character...
    Maura West is gorgeous....'nuff said....
    OOOOOOOOOOOOO Maybe Heather shot Jason?????????? LOL...…
    I certainly don't mind the race issue IF it makes sense and it isn't forced......
    I remember Jordan saying to Shawn 'you confessed so there was nothing we could do' and I guess the writers THOUGHT that made sense, but a great lawyer would go BACK to court and say, 'Hey, here is Hayden and she IS ALIVE."

  6. If it had been TJ instead of Cam, do you think he would've been "body slammed" on the show? You need to check yourself. Your white guilt is showing and it's embarrassing. In addition, you need to check actual statistics on black and white crimes and how they're handled by the police. (I have receipts if you care to read them).

  7. Thanks for another great SS!
    It was a pretty good week except for the usual boring parts. We can rely on Michael/Willow/Chase for that. So stupid.
    Anna is still just muttering about what to do and doing nothing. And Val is right there doing the same thing. Where are those two strong motivated characters?
    Love Maxie/Brookie scheming but I'm afraid Hiney will win.
    GH goes from fantastic to barely watchable in an instant. Wish they could find a good consistent place.

  8. "Sam is regulated to begging Dante". I think the word you were looking for is 'relegated'. I look forward to the old tried and trued "auto-correct" excuse.

  9. Monday's show was interesting, as was most of this week, to be fair. It's about time to have some good episodes again. But a show cannot survive by sweeps months alone.

    I also liked the flirting between Olivia and Robert, among many other small touches.

    Carly can be tolerable and interesting if they make her a full-on villian. I am game for that. Once Sonny comes back to town, he either needs to say goodbye to the mob life or try to get his organization back and (for some reason) Carly won't give up control.

  10. "No, your eyes weren't playing tricks!! I loved this little Easter EGG! Not sure why it was there but it made me smile. I think it was a way to say: COVID-19 without "saying" COVID-19!"

    Yeah I loved it too!! :) It was great! :) Made me smile too.



    Is this how Sam usually does it?"


    "Holy hell, Joss!! Carly 2.0! Cam apologizes and you're still pissed he didn't see a known killer as a killer!! But hey, you worry about your ankle and "Coastal". :eyeroll: The teens need a new direction."

    Yeah Joss was so annoying.. Make her stop!!!! I mean Jason is not your BFF Joss! He is your mother's! Stop! cut it out!

    "Cam seems to be worshiping dead Franco"

    No not worshiping! Grieving.. In mourning.. :(

    "THIS is putting Carly to good use. YEP. Loved her strutting into that meeting."

    Yeah it was beautiful and perfect!!! Carly as mob boss I love!!! :)

    "You know I want to see Carly at Sonny's desk with Badger Bob behind her!"

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Would love to see that!! She needs to stay as mob boss permanently!

    "YA TOOK IT TOO FAR OF THE WEEK: Chase's poisoning went from mildly exciting to.. boring-as-hello. I mean, wtf? He's fainting....has a fever...woozy... can't move..can ok, isn't ok. Chatting up Willow (snooze fest). and STILL HE'S IN GH. WHY? I mean, it's just done. Ok? We know he's not going to die"

    Yeah it was good at first, but it's getting old really fast. I don't want Chillow to die, but they are dead. :( So just rip the bandaid already! I can't take it anymore. Willow just break up with Chase already. :(

  11. Thanks for another great SS. I agree with all your comments.

  12. There were 2 legal goof-ups in Friday's episode.

    1. Jordan tells Cam, "If you had fired the gun, you would of been charged with MURDER!". Why Murder? The footage did not show Cam killing the goon. Jason's whereabouts and health are unknown to the PCPD, and can not rule a homicide. Was Jordan referring to herself, if Cam pulled the trigger against her? Ironically, Cam wasn't charged for possession of a deadly weapon or aiming a deadly weapon at a police officer.

    2. When Dante (WHO HASN'T BEEN REINSTATED) is questioning Spinelli over Jason, Spinelli stops the questioning and tries to leave. But, Dante refuses and pushes him back into the chair. Dante has just violated the Miranda Rights by refusing his request. So, even if Dante puts Spinelli in a holding cell, Diane can automatically get him out. And Dante would be turned down from being rehired over the violation.

    Spinelli gets the line of the day on Friday:"If I'm being charged, then I'm pleading the 5th! If I'm not...THEN I'LL STILL PLEA THE 5TH! LOL

    Kudos to also LW for her scenes on the Mob meet. Carly has officially become the Mob Wife.

    Nina in Nixon Falls has a massive plot hole, what is she planning to do with Sonny? She's not seducing Sonny or claiming to be Carly? So how is "getting revenge"?

    Wishful thinking: Spencer returns to town and becomes the new 4th corner of the Joss/Cam/Trina group. Let's not forget that Spencer and Cam have butted heads before(Spencer calling Cam " a townie!").

  13. Good points Matthew! These writers are so far removed from the real world that it is a joke.


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