Saturday, May 15, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond)


I admit, I had a major crush on Steve Bond. Both here and in Playgirl. I thought his character was a breath of fresh air. The storylines? Not so much. But he sort of paved the way for just about every Quartermaine to have a skeleton in their closet. (And everyone did)

I realize we are getting tired with bloated casts, but I always thought this would have been one character to come back for a family event for a week or so. I want guest stars to be just that... guest stars.  For a week not for months. He would be a fun breath of fresh air again around the holidays. And I could definitely see him flirting with Olivia and her eating it up.

I really liked him with Celia. The whole white collar / blue collar thing. It really worked but for some reason they messed it up. 

Watching the clip made me remember how much I adored David Lewis and how pivotal he was to this show.

PS. Remember Stella?

Karen here--I too loved him and Celia together. And Jimmy Lee would be a great addition to the Q's. When his character was introduced I felt it was a nod to Dallas. and up until now...I forgot there was another Stella on GH once! 


  1. Jimmy Lee Holt. So gorgeous. I loved he and Celia too.

  2. do not remember stella. someone please refresh my brain.

    1. Wasn't Stella the maid@ the Quartermaine mansion?

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  4. was jimmy lee related to celia, was she a quartermaine also?

  5. I loved Jimmy Lee Holt!!! I loved him and his very tight pants. :) Celia UGH! I loved him with Charity!! I'm glad they ended up together.



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