Monday, May 24, 2021



This week is a mess for me!! I'm glad I'm able to be here today. Just a lot going on. How about you all? Doing well? Good weather where you are (finally??)

We see someone go down the stairs and it says... "Seven Hours Earlier"....oh mystery !

Maxie and Spinelli talk about her situation. She's sad. She says it's because of Sean dying. She says she's afraid she won't get to hold her baby..(but because it's high-risk). 

Britt and Jason. She's trying to meditate in the woods. He stares at her. They talk about nature and camping. I guess she's waiting for her test results. Then he calms her down with visualization exercises. They almost kiss but the phone rings. Results are ready. 

Nina and Sonny talking about Eli. zzzzzzzzz. Eli calls and asks Nina out. She says yes. Sonny isn't happy. She says she's going to the BBQ and he should look around his apartment. Sonny says it's too dangerous. Nina says it's not. Yada yada. Sonny goes to take a beer order and Nina leaves. 

Sasha is at GH.. Brando wonders if she's ok. Peter sees them walk out together. 

Carly puts Gladys up at the Metro. Diane comes in and wants to hear what she is going to say to the police.  Gladys wants to make sure she won't go to jail if she changes her story. Diane leaves for the courthouse. Carly has to go downstairs at the Metro to take care of something. She tells the guard to watch Gladys, don't let her leave. Gladys orders room service. 

Cyrus wants a favor from Peter.  HE wants him to do a story on Laura and Carly being in cahoots together and that Carly is the head of the mob now. Cy gets a phone call from the courthouse that Gladys is changing her story about Jason shooting Franco. Peter is mad. Cyrus is going to find Brando to make him stop his mother. Peter says he saw Brando going to have a "chat" with Sasha. 


Peter and Cyrus have Gladys tied up. Brando is summoned. 

Britt is told she has the Huntington's marker

Maxie might or might not tell Spinelli the plan? It ended before we found out. 

Carly finds Gladys is gone. 

Nina is with Eli who knows she and Sonny broke into his office. 

The person thrown downstairs is shown again, looks like Peter 


  1. I can't believe Britt has Huntington's - even if living 10-15 years after diagnosis, that would mean she is eventually gonna leave. Maybe it's not true and we find out that doctor works for Cyrus? He DID say Britt wouldn't be back???????

    1. I keep expecting that dr to pick up the ph and call Ponytail but would he really expect her to be going to the dr? So nah...I think he's legit.

  2. "The person thrown downstairs is shown again, looks like Peter" Did it look like broke his neck? I mean - one can only hope....

  3. Maybe it's ROger?????????????

  4. We couldn't be so lucky with Peter is right

  5. Bet it is Roger and he's back

    1. Oh yeh! It's that time! It flew by...can I still pray he's Franco? Not giving up hope. 🤣

    2. I think a new character - but I am kinda thinking it IS Roger.....not gonna be Peter ---------sigh....WHY is still here?
      Roger has been filming at least 3 weeks I read.

    3. Maybe it's Roger who pushed Hiney down the stairs! :)

  6. I thought it was Peter too but confused by the 7 yr, 6 hr thing. Who would do it? This is a mess! I am sick of Peter and now Cyrus always winning...I'm about to take a break. Peter better be dead....😂

  7. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike and Nina:

    Nina: I don't take orders from you.

    Hahahahaha! But Nina you just ordered him to ransack Elijah's home! HAHAHAHAHA! Wait a BBQ? Nina has a bottle of water. I'm thinking is Elijah going to put a drug in her water? Nina leave your water bottle here!! Oh oh Nina is gone and so is her water bottle. I have a bad feeling about this.

    Canada wilderness:

    Britson: Jason wins the line of the day.

    Britch: What are you doing?

    Jason: Nothing.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Geez everytime Britch closes her eyes, her eyeballs flutter. I like their scene! :) Oh they are going to kiss!!! Rats stupid phone. :(

    Doctor office:

    Wait she has the marker, so that means she has Huntington's disease now? I'm confused.

    Port Chuckles:

    7 hours earlier: I thought at first it was Jax. Nice beginning scene. :)

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Spinny: Is Maxie wearing a night gown? Looks like she is going to tell Spinny her plan! YAY! :)

    Gladys's hotel room:

    Gladys, Carly, and Diane: Oh just slap her around you gals!! Please!!!

    Gladys and Carly: UGH! Just kill Gladys off already!

    Hiney and Cyrus: OH OH OH!!! DID YOU KILL GLADYS OFF HINEY!?!?! :) Oh she isn't there when Carly goes in! YAY!!!! :) *Jumps up and down*

    The hospital:

    Brasha: Love birds. :) She is so worried about Cyrus! It makes no sense why he would have Sasha or Brando killed just because she got the preggers from Brando!

    Cyrus's office:

    Cyrus and Hiney: Hiney talks about Sasha and Brando and Cyrus is all upset with tears in his eyes. Either Sasha is his daughter, or niece!!!


    Brasha: Awwww. :) They are starting something. :) Love it! Maybe it's too late for them to be in a relationship. :(

    Private place:

    Cyrus, Gladys, and Brando: Oh crap. Gladys is still alive. Does Cyrus want Brando to kill his mommy?

    6 hours later: Is that Hiney?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Color me confused as to who is at the bottom of the stairs! PLP or Brando. Couldn't tell. All hail the soap gods if it's PLP dead. Highly doubtful, but a girl can dream!

      Loved the Britch and the Borg yesterday! And I was all upset she tested for the marker. :(

      Tano-Land is a snooze fest. Knock them all down the stairs, I say! Lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Color me confused as to who is at the bottom of the stairs! PLP or Brando. Couldn't tell. All hail the soap gods if it's PLP dead. Highly doubtful, but a girl can dream!"

      I hope it's Hiney!!!!

      "Loved the Britch and the Borg yesterday! And I was all upset she tested for the marker. :("

      I loved them too! Yeah not very happy that she was tested positive for the marker. :(


      Tano-Land! ROFL! It's right across the street from Lego-Land! Hahahahaha!

      "is a snooze fest. Knock them all down the stairs, I say! Lol!"

      ROFL! Nah just Hiney and Gladys.. :)

  8. I wasn't able to watch today, so I read the recaps on another site, According to them, it was Hiney at the bottom of the stairs. YES! Is it too much to hope that he is dead?

  9. All these bad guys winning is past being old. The only good thing on GH right now is Britt and Jason.
    Looks like Hiney or Brando or someone else with dirty looking face hair going down the stairs. No, Hiney will not be dead. He will never be dead. They will reinvent him.
    Anxious to see who RH will be. He needs to be "Mighty Mouse" to save the day. Most of you probably don't know who that was.

    1. Mighty Mouse to save the day. Oh yes. Watched all the time.

  10. the stories are so dragged out don't even care anymore. hopefully some characters die. tired of the expressions on the face of nina. bulging eyes and frowning all the time. so distracting.

  11. I think it's Brando - I looked closely.

  12. Peter was on the preview for today looking alive and well unfortunately. I agree with witch - I can't even imagine Michelle S.'s Nina in this storyline. I just keep fast forwarding.

  13. It'll probably end up being a bodyguard because they love to play with us. >:(

  14. That could be true because the bodyguard did disappear.

  15. If Peter isn’t dead or facing trial by the first week of June, it may be time for a boycott.


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