Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Under a Microscope


Oh it was a week that was in and out for me, mostly watching on Hulu. My Dad is doing great and modern surgery on carpal tunnel is amazing. So if you need it, DO IT! The hospital was SO much not like the hospital at GH it was funny. They just don't build them that way anymore. (see how I segway'd into that??) 

The show was pretty good for the most part. Again, I do think Hulu helps when watching. When I'm live, the commercials are so many and so intrusive, I get antsy. Friday was a goodie and ending on an up note makes me happy!! 

This will be very short and sweet. Just like me! Since I watched on the fly, you'll get a capsule of what I feel were the high-low lights. 

CHARACTER OF THE WEEK:  Got to give it up for Britt. Not only is she slowly getting into Jason's radar and maybe heart... she's battling a hugely deadly disease AND trying to save PC from Cyrus. Her reaction to her mother's romance with Scotty was so worth the watch. Kelly brings her to life for sure. And let's face it, good choice for COS because she's part bitchy and part charming. Just the way ol' Monica used to be! 

COUPLE OF THE WEEK:  HELLO! Just what this show needed! Holy hell! They are fantastic. Even Crabby-Kin is having fun. I SO WISH "Franco" was around to see this. He'd be giddy.  As Lesil would say: ZAY are ADORBS! I'm calling them "Lotty" ....easy to say, and fun like they are! 

HERO OF THE WEEK: Finn hopefully saves his brother- son after toiling over his microscope for days. He's still pissed with Anna and it seems like he's gravitating toward Elizabeth, don't it? And again, WHERE IS JACKIE? Very noticable absence. 

PLAN OF THE WEEK: After listening to Olivia, Brook Lynn figures out Maxie wants to have her baby "disappear" . How perfect for her. First Tracey won't help, then Larry Ashton seems to be having dementia and can't do anything either.  Both actresses are awesome and should do really well with this material. It's one of the stories I'm looking forward to. The only problem? In order to move forward, Peter has to be ALIVE. I mean, if he's dead, there's no story here, correct?? How will they keep this going? I think we have a long Peter-filled Summer ahead. (that sounds naughty).  BTW, Maxie also faked a pregnancy during the Lucky years so...don't act all shocked, bish! LOL 

BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK:  STUCK IN THE WOODS! I thought they'd get found out or be out there all week but nope. CUTE CAR GUY came out and got them. Trina pretending to be "Dr. Robinson" was so cute. Gave her a chance to tell Joss about Dev and the journal. But...let's face it. These teens are Disney teens through and through. Good Lord. Not even vaping at this point. Nothing!! 

LIZ FACTOR OF THE WEEK:   I'm going to lace two stories together with this character. First, she sees Anna and Finn. Finn bans her from the room to protect her from Peter. Liz is puzzled but plays along. THEN she's smart enough to notice all the newbies on the floor that are around just when Jason is out of Pentonville. What happens? Britt figures out Liz is too smart and banishes her for the day. She also suggests Liz is still in mourning and needs some time off. So, she basically should know about both Peter killing Franco but also about Jason's escape. For someone that has been a proven ally she's all of a sudden a risk? Very strange way to approach all this. But, I do love Becky's hair lately. :smile: 

THAT OTHER SHOW OF THE WEEK: Oh, Nixon Falls. You are still around, aren't you? Of course, Jax didn't see Sonny and our only hope is Trina. You know and I know that Nina will stop that. Damn it.  This is what I want to happen: 

Trina: Hello? Anyone here? 

Elijah (Walks in): Can I ... Oh my God, wait... Trina, is that you?? 

Trina: Uncle Eli? What the heck are you doing here? It's been forever! You're in Pennsylvania now?? I can't believe it!

Elijah: Look at you, all grown up. How's your Mom? (they hug). 

Trina: Good. We moved to Port Charles awhile ago and she's working at the hospital there...

Elijah: And my brother? Have you seen him lately? Gia and I got together last month and both said we hadn't heard from him in forever. 

See, He's Tagg's brother. Why not? OR Make Phyllis and Lenny a relation to someone in PC. I'm not adverse to keeping them at ALL. Then we can move OUT OF NIXON FALLS. Let Sonny's memory stay gone. I'd much rather see him operate as "regular Mike" in PC! All you need to know about this story is that Sonny is on to Eli's land-grab and Nina is thinking that she really likes the town and lifestyle. 

RECONNECT OF THE WEEK: OMG...Shawn and Alexis, the couple I didn't know I wanted to see again!! They were hot and heavy at one point. Even traded "I love you's". Now they are in Co-Ed Prison together!! I'm here for it. Gives Alexis something to do while she's stacking books. Maybe she'll work on getting him released? 

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  I'd call this "trio" of the week but it was so good, I'm going to give it everything. I loved these 3 together. Cyrus did us all a favor threatening Avery. Ava even called her "ours" to Carly!! Laura's going to help!!  Yeah!! Carly was tolerable. Just love these ladies together plotting and NO MEN! They don't need them LOL 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Britt finds out about Scott and Lesil!! 

WHO'S THAT OF THE WEEK?  Auto-man caused a stir on Twitter. Maybe he can work for Brando? 

MENTIONS OF THE WEEK: Cyrus was in ROCHESTER and Joss' tournament was in SYRACUSE. You know I love that. 

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Danny goes to visit Jason. Great casting. He looks like he could be JaSam's kid! 

Anna arranges Poopie Peter to see Maxie

Finn gets the it to Chase

Maxie and Brook Lynn hatch their own baby plans

Dante's still wandering around town

Cam is angry with Jason, yells...Jason kinda laughs and he leaves

Liz is sent home; might have to be out on "leave" to "protect " her

Scotty and Lesil go semi-public. Cuteness ensues

Britt gets closer to Jason; He's getting ready to escape

Cyrus has a spy on Britt

Laura, Ava and Carly decide to work together against Cy...plan a dinner at Wyndemere

Jax gets released from the hospital; Joss comes to pick them up

SCOOPS:   Britt is in deep trouble, Ava gets her dinner ready, Trina talks to Cam about racism and Dante makes a decision about the PCPC.   Get them all on Diagnosis Daytime 

WUBS THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK:  I guess this turned out to be LONG!! Like I said. Overall, enjoyable GH Episodes. The dialog has been good and the actors, well, give them a bonus. Loving the character movement and interactions. Love the hospital being used so much. I'm dying to know who Cam Matherson is going to be and of course--Roger. I'm thinking one HAS to be a Webber. My money is on Cameron being Steven Lars. It would fit. Although if Becky came back, Hayden and he are siblings so?? Hmmm... intriguing. I don't think Roger will be a Webber. I'm hoping for a Cassadine. :fingers crossed: 

Quick Suggestions:  Spencer needs to come back and be a bad boy, Find Hayden, Let ShashO go, Summer Peter Murder Mystery, (make it Gladys just for the hell of it), Spinelli and Maxie please and get Dante back at the PCPD. Thank you. 

Have a great Sunday!! I'll be around Monday, Wed and Friday. We'll have some posts up on all days thanks to Dave--my savior! 


  1. Again...I'm looking for Nelle's return. What if she wound up offing Peter? Or Cyrus? Or both?

    1. It won't happen, but Nelle offing Peter and Cyrus would be great. No such luck I am sure.

  2. That hottie Auto man, was he on OLTL? He looks so familiar

  3. Great SS Karen as usual. Hope you and your father are doing well.

    So, for my 36th wedding anniversary my husband went on and got Genie Francis recording for me. He said it was like $125. There are TONS of celebrities on there. It was so, so sweet. Genie is the best and my husband told her that I have been a fan most of my life. All 4 of us are Jonathan Frakes fans too.

    I liked Carly with Laura and Ava and I haven't liked her in awhile. Give the 3 of them more scenes together.

    I am looking forward to the Sean Donnolly episode. Tristan Rogers better be on there. I hope it is super good like Alexis one. I was thinking that they must have used different writers and directors for the Alexis episode since it was so good. Better than the everyday story lines.

    1. I mean that I haven't liked Carly in awhile.

  4. I still don't like carly. she is so over the top with her acting style.

  5. I guess I am supposed to like country Nina, but I don't.. WHO is running the magazine? She NEVER mentions it and Maxie is no longer there....not realistic....
    I cannot WAIT until Jax finds out she has been lying about Mike/Sonny...…
    Carly, Ava and Laura = ALL DAY LONG!!!!
    never can figure out what day it is - seems like the Florence came home long ago and that the BIG Five Families meeting was supposed to be 'tomorrow'......I STILL think Carly is now so obnoxious so when Sonny DOES get his memory back, SHE is gonna be in charge....and won't wanna give it up...
    GOOD POINT about the baby swap and Peter but I STILL think a big who-dun-it is coming cause everyone threatens him...………..but no one can stop him? STUPID!

    1. I can’t stand Nina. I would not mind her staying in Nixon Falls after everyone else goes back to PC. I don’t think the character has worked in any relationship, with the exception of Franco when Michelle S was playing Nina.

  6. I’m still hoping Roger comes back as Franco. The show just needs to put Becky and Roger together, they have amazing chemistry. Even Rebecca Budig commented on that.

    1. Agreed, the only reason he comes back as someone else is because Roger doesn't want to play Franco anymore and it was the only way to keep him on the show.

    2. Didn't they move him from Nina to Liz because he didn't want to be with Nina anymore. He wanted to be paired with Liz. Obviously he has a lot of power on the show.

    3. I don’t want Roger as Franco at this point. A lot of people could not get over what he had done. It seems silly to me since we overlook a lot of other characters’ transgressions. Also, I thought it was Michelle S who didn’t want her character with Franco, not the other way around, but I could be mistaken.

  7. How about "Mike" gets found out, is brought back to PC but STILL can't remember anything about his life and just wants to be with Nina and wants nothing to do with Carly. Even after being told about his whole life, he still decides that he just wants to be Mike, see his kids but not go back to Carly. And she is forced to see him and Nina all lovey dovey as a couple. How steamed will she be? Maybe she'll be the big boss lady of the mob with Brick as her lieutenant? All the while hurling daggers at Nina and Mike?

  8. Thanks for another great SS!
    Poopie Peter!!! LOL
    Liesel and Scotty are just what we need. But we all know that happiness is fleeting on GH these days. Britt's reaction was golden. She is a fab addition. I worry that between Cyrus and Hiney she might be sacrificed. I sure hope not.
    The baby switch does have a different slant keeping the baby right in plain sight. Unfortunately keeping Hiney around but let us all hope he gets his in the end. Or will he end up in Pentonville for eternity.
    The "hot auto guy" looked like the guy who played Dr. Griffin Monroe. Matt Cohen.
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Thanks for another great SS. I really hope they're not going to scarifice Britt. But TPTB seem to really like certain male actors and we may never get rid of them.

  10. Great SS! I like the three women working together to get Cyrus although I could do without Carly being involved in everything. Still don’t like this Nina and her attraction to Mike. And I agree, who the heck is running Crimson? Can’t really stand Carly Jr. anymore-like Trina much better, and scowling Cam is annoying. Love Britt and Jason, and of course Scott and Liesil are delightful.

  11. I'm loving the Blonde Chick Mafia getting ready to take down Cyrus.

    What the heck is up with all of the blonde highlights in Michael's hair? There are SO MANY. Very distracting.

  12. I heard a rumor that Kristen Alderson is coming back.

    Todd and Starr????

    1. Wow. The cast is already too big.

    2. And which of the old GH cast is going to have to go this time so that the awesome 3 can be together again? Sorry still bitter about what happened to our show when they tried to erase it before.

    3. I agree - we don't need to revive more from extinct soaps, and she is a horrible actress.


Sunday Surgery: Runnin' On Empty

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