Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Hay There


SO much to say this week.  Wow. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what's going on. I love GH but I'm puzzled.  One thing that is making waves? Shuffling couples. Always a controversial thing, but always buzzworth! 

What's Farm Food? Eggs? Ok, let's scramble. LOL. 

I so wanted to love this week. But in true soapy fashion, getting to the part of 'going on the run' is always so much better than actually 'being in the run". It's been the same formula since Luke and Laura did it in the late 70's. You'd think there would be some movement. Nope. Editing was also all over the place and I couldn't figure out the timeline of the show Friday save my life. Sasha appears to be pregnant after having sex with Brando 5 days ago (if you look at Chases' time in the hospital). The MikeSon show in Nixon Falls feels like a kid's project for video class. Sorry. I had to say it. Anyway, here we go-go!! 

SHOWER AND SHAVE OF THE WEEK:  I'll start out on a positive note. Yes, Dom looked hot as a scruffy '70's guy--BUT having him all cleaned and ready for the PCPD? Well, thank you!!  I like Dante as a cop. When Jordan finally gets the boot, maybe he'll step up. 

SONG OF THE WEEK: Ned sings a sweet song to his grandchild...only it's a rubber baby bump LOL 

NO ONE WANTED THIS OF THE YEAR:  What. The Frack. "The Face of Conception" . WHY. And do I care? NO. Not even a little. First of all, seriously?? STILL now, women Sasha's age are getting surprise pregnant? Didn't that happen to Maxie too? Get some Norplant. The one good thing:  It was nice seeing Lucy. That was it. You know, if they made Sasha the adoptive daughter of Lucy and Scott/Kevin, I might care a smidge.  

HOW TO BE A FUGITIVE OF THE WEEK: We now know it's a 10 hour rule. Thanks, Jaysus! Also: Don't go to the store for ANY reason, even getting medical supplies. They have cameras. Try not to flinch when your ex shows up wanting to get her some of that old-time 'on the run' juice. 

STUPID OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Sam, that honor goes to you. 100%. YOU. Where to begin? First off, in order for this to have felt organic, there has to still be a spark between Sam/Jason. It's done. It's obvious by the scenes that ship has sailed. Sam just looked-- like an absolute jerk for inserting herself into the plans to run to Canada. After her big sacrifice for her kids, THAT was the hill she was going to die on?? CANADA? What, like Jason 'needs" her to get across the border? LOL.. okay. She slashed Dante's tires and even Carly told her to buzz off. Time to go run Aurora. Or..? 

BUNGLE OF THE WEEK: So, while Elijah is on a 'date' with Nina, MikeSon tries to break into his offices. He can't even do that. Well, he can but the alarm goes off for ages while he trashes the place and steals money to make it look like a burglary. Then he does something to the computer. Does he download the files? NOPE. He UPLOADS Software. Nina has to go back in, and then extract the information and PRINT IT ON THE PRINTER. This is all after the break-in. Of course Eli comes back and catches her but Nina secretly planted her earring so...!!! Ok, it doesn't make sense. But it really DIDN'T make sense. Like, at all. 

I GOT YOUR NUMBER OF THE WEEK: Ava going to drop off Avery to Carly and then letting her know SHE knows! Priceless. After Jax's lecture, Carly better realize the only allies she has lately are Ava and Ms. Wu from the Five Families. Even Diane was pissed. 

BABY PLAN OF THE WEEK:  Let's see. Maxie hired a nurse Peter wants. He's stalking her even more AND Valentin wants to move into the Q Mansion. Oh, and your OBGYN is missing!! Looks like things are going just great.  NOTE: to Make up Dept: WHY do you insist on putting Maxie in white lip-gloss? WHY. 

PURCHASE OF THE WEEK:  Welp, the rich just do it their way! Nikolas buys the PRISON! To keep his Aunt safe, he's getting into the private jail biz. LOL Okayyyyy... maybe she can have a penthouse suite built? What you need to know about all this is that way back when Shawn went to jail for shooting Hayden. BUT!! Nikolas really did it. Alexis is determined to get Shawn out to find the real "Shooter". Um..whoops. 


"That's the hormones talking" says Val

"No, that's the DNA, better get used to it" says Ned.


Britt confides to Jason she may have Hungtinton's Disease 

Sam tries to go on the run with Jason, he says nope. He and Britt will go to Canada

Sam slashes Dante's tires

Valentin announces he's moving into the Q Mansion

Maxie gives Brook Lynn a key to the house in Beecher's Corners

Peter hires a decoy nurse, Chole after killing the real one

Carly continues to run The Business, calls Diane for a new Will 

Ava knows what Carly is up to. Approves

Sasha is pregnant; Gladys overhears her and tells Cyrus

Lucy wants to make the Face of Deception "The Face of Conception"

Michael and Willow stare at each other in the Q foyer 

Chase is getting better... no... 

Peter taunts Anna with the vial of life

Curtis is almost ready to open his club; gives Jordan the divorce papers

Sonny manages to... put something on Elijah's computer

Nina manages to... print something from Elijah's computer. 

Nikolas buys Pentonville 

Alexis wants to help Shawn get out of jail. 

SPOILERS:  SPECIAL Tribute Episode for John O'Reilly Friday May 21st; look for vets to appear and his daughter Caitlin. Valentin moves into the Q Mansion and TJ visits Shawn. All the scoops on Diagnosis Daytime. 

*NEW FEATURE* WUBS FAVES OF THE WEEK:  Valentin maybe moving to the Q Mansion, Ava supporting Carly, Dante's shower scene, Gas station guy (he was good!), Brook Lynn, Ned and Olivia making lunch, Alexis/Shawn  and Jordan's rings.  

WUBS THOUGHTS ON THE WEEK:  I need to speak to the manager. I'll be all Karen in this quest. LOL. I really do NOT understand the Sasha pregnancy. Maybe I should wait to see what the writers have in store. Maybe--but.. another baby? Will she lose it? Is that the story? It's sure not her thinking about abortion which probably would be on the plate anywhere else but Disney. All I know is that every female over the age of 25 apparently needs a class in birth control. Not the teens, they don't have any action. The Nixon Falls stuff is ..just. *sigh*. GLARING there's never anyone in the bar. Just glaring. The whole Nina-Elijah-Sonny thing? I don't get it. Nope. I don't care he's trying to take over that town. Nope. I've said it before: Sonny should be memory-less in Port Charles. Working as a chef (maybe at Curtis"??) and falling for Nina. THAT would be interesting. Him brushing Crazy Carly off.  Speaking of Crazy Carly, I do like the mob-leader angle. She's perfect for it. I can take her doing this. Get her kids away and let her run an empire with Ava's help. Ooooo, nice. Valentine moving into the Q's is genius. Please take Charlotte. She would drive Olivia insane !! Chase? No one cares about's gone on too long. Sorry. The poison thing is just not that good. Willow and Michael? Can you ramp up the tension? CAN THEY DO ZEXUAL TENSION? I'm thinking NOPE. Chad has played Michael the same from day one. Dull-zo. The Maxie/Britt paring and plan is fun but in order to keep it we have to keep Peter. UGH. 

That's a wrap! IT was a long one. Hope you have a good Sunday. Our weather is gorgeous! YEAH!! 


  1. Thanks, Karen, for this week's SS!

  2. Excellent SS! Not a great week. Since when does Sonny have any computer skills -that was Spinelli’s job? And that hoodie was not a flattering look for him, in fact he looked really witch like. I am done with this Nina, too. Too many weird facial expressions. Really enjoying Brooklyn - AS is just fabulous. Maxie looks really bad and that terrible makeup doesn’t’ help. Hoping this week is better.

  3. I pretty much agree with everything written in this week's SS. So many boring or bad storylines right now. The only thing even mildly saving the show for me at the moment are the small character moments, which this week involved Ned, Olivia and Ava. Maybe it's time for a new writing team?

  4. alot of the cast needs to go. sam, sasha, willow, nina and carly. the guys peter, spinelli and dante. stories need to move at a faster pace. and I want olivia with scorpio. I do not care if he is old enough to be her father. they have chemistry along with britt and jason.

  5. The only time Michael has had any 'oomph' was when he was going after Sonny for murdering AJ. But I've had farts that lasted longer than that. You would think he'd be seen as an essential character but he disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn't be upset. Just like Lulu. Clean some house!

  6. Thanks Karen. To me there is no way they can make Michael and Willow interesting. And this "We can't even kiss because poor delusional Chase thinks we're together" crap is just plain ridiculous. It's not like they were going to make out on his hospital bed! Are they using the old writers from the original Mickey mouse club?

    I definitely want Shawn out of jail now and Sam out the door or out of sight. They have enough actresses who actually want to be there.

    Love Jason and Britt together even if they just stay friends. It's more fun even than Jason and Spinelli, and it helps humanize Jason.

    And didn't Sasha leave Jason because she really didn't want kids? Why have her be pregnant?

  7. still think maybe Cyrus is the father----------Sasha is too nervous...
    Michael and Willow - BEYOND ridiculous they can't be together cause of Chase and karen, you are right - we do NOT care about Chase anymore.....
    BEYOND ridiculous that no one can stop Peter...
    love saying this ------anyone tell Heather that Franco is dead? LOL!
    I forgot NIK shot Hayden so this MAY be interesting with Alexis trying to get Shawn out - LOVE Shawn....
    I actually like Carly, Mob Boss Women...…..and I'm telling you that she will not wanna give it up - and the Five Families will want HER as boss...
    don't care anymore about Maxie and Brook Lynn...……so many things just are NOT working on the show now.

  8. Thanks for another great SS! Especially after a big fail week.
    The only onscreen interest occurs when either BrookLynn, Britt and/or Ava has a scene. The rest is just forgettable. This is not really story telling.
    Again, I thank you kd, and Dave, for enhancing our viewing experience.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. According to the latest SOD the ratings are down to 1.39. It's obvious the Nixon Falls mini-soap is a flop, that no one wants to watch the Carly Show & Peter should have died months and months ago. Also, maybe killing Franco & not giving Liz any air time to mourn, grieve, etc. was a dumb idea.

    KeMo needs to go. Her time has past. She has no chem with SB or with Dom. They fired ER for this??

    Sorry I think these head writers are terrible. Frank isn't much better. This show needs a serious intervention.

    1. Sad to say. I have to agree with you Lucy D. I am sorry to say that I like this blog much better and haven't watched in about 2 weeks or maybe more

    2. I haven't watched in weeks either. I catch Liz scenes on YouTube. I did watch the NLG special and I"ll watch the Sean Donely salute. But I am so not interested in Carly & Peter & Sonny & Nina

  10. "Yes, Dom looked hot as a scruffy '70's guy--BUT having him all cleaned and ready for the PCPD? Well, thank you!!"

    Yes yes. Both ways he is yummy! :)

    "I like Dante as a cop."

    Me too!!! Yes where he belongs! :)

    "What. The Frack. "The Face of Conception" . WHY."

    I actually like the name. It's cute. :) But Sasha being preggers yeah it's strange. I mean 3 people preggers? That NEVER happens. Well, Brooky is faking it, but still.

    "He UPLOADS Software."

    Oh is THAT what Mike did? HAHAHAHA!


    Love the new feature!!! :)

    "Valentin maybe moving to the Q Mansion, Ava supporting Carly, Dante's shower scene, Gas station guy (he was good!), Brook Lynn, Ned and Olivia making lunch, Alexis/Shawn and Jordan's rings."

    Love it all! :)

    "Our weather is gorgeous! YEAH!!"


  11. Are they trying to get the show canceled? Sometimes I wonder when they are doing such a poor job with writing and directing

    1. I've been thinking the same thing lately, which is sad. It's "benign neglect."

    2. I don't think they would get cancelled when Days of our Lives, which has abysmal ratings was renewed for 2 years.

  12. Maybe NED is the father???? remember they went out a couple of times? LOL

    1. well, yea cause remember they were hanging around for a time when Olivia was with Robert. I mean I don't think so BUT let's be honest - the writers MAKE UP stuff....I just don't think it's Brando's - she is too nervous about it.

    2. Ya. You are probably right about it not being Brando.

    3. If it's Ned then he and Olivia are for sure toast.


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