Friday, April 30, 2021

Angry Boy


So, Jax is getting out from the hospital... Nina is going to drive him back. Sonny gives her a thermos to take LOL!! Elijah comes in. Sonny and he banter as usual. She leaves, tells them to Play Nice. 

Alexis is in the Shawshank Library. Sees Shawn. They talk about when they were together. Remember that? Now they are inlaws! TJ and Molly! 

Jason wants to talk to Cameron. Cameron's angry. Says Franco was an art therapist and Jason's a killer. (forgetting Franco is a SERIAL KILLER! AHHAHA) He says he hopes Jason rots in jail. Britt kicks him out. They talk and the janitor reports to Cyrus that they are together.  Jason sees her hand shaking badly again. 

Liz is suspicious of the new guys on the floor. She thinks that they are there to kill Jason. Britt tells Liz she came back from the death of Franco too soon and she's going to have to take a leave of absence. Oh, it's to get her out so Jason can escape. Derp. 

Girlies are stuck on the road, overheated. They called the autoclub. Trina talks to Joss about Cam. How Dev used her journal...and Joss wonders why she didn't tell her before. Oh, the Auto Club guy comes along and he's gorgeous. Calls Trina 'Dr. Robinson" LOL.  (see more below) 

Ava is telling Carly and Laura about Avery and the threat From Cyrus. First I thought they'd work together, but... now they are yelling at each other. FINALLY they decide to work together. Carly wants Ava to invite Cyrus to dinner tonight. Ava's like WHA???? So she calls him and tells him Martin and LAURA are coming! ahahha and Laura didn't even know. Pffffffffft. 


JOSS makes it to THE HOSPITAL! Nina is all @@ what the!!?? lol!! TRINA stopped to grab something to eat at a "cute little place" called THE TAN-O!! OMG TRINA GOES IN! Phyllis and Sonny are in the back!!!!! 

Jason is going to break outta GH and escape (maybe) 


  1. So everyone is going to Nixon Falls and NOONE will see Sonny

    1. I feel what Jason does is accepted now more than ever with people that never would have before (police commissioner, Anna, Laura). I am all for Jason being softened again with Britt and his kids.

  2. The road:

    Trina and Joss: Joss whining again. I'm glad Trina finally told Joss about Dev. It wasn't all the story, but I'm glad she brought it up.

    Trina, Joss, and auto club car guy: HUMINA HUMINA! That guy is hawt! Can we keep him and have Trina and him be a couple? :) Dr. Robinson!!!! Hahahaha. Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson!!!! :)

    Nixon falls spinoff: I just LOVE when people from Port Chuckles come to Nixon falls! :)

    Pennsylvania side of the river hospital:

    Phyllis and Jax: Listen to her Jax. Let Nina go!

    Nina and Jax: OH! Another ride? So Nina don't have to go with you! GREAT! :)

    Nina, Jax, and Joss: Hahaha. So basically,

    Joss: What happened to you?

    Jax: What happened to you?


    Jax: The bullet barely grazed my shoulder.

    Yeah and he made a huge production about it! Passing out on the ground and acted like he was going to die.

    Joss: She wanted to go to this super cute looking place that we saw on our way in. It's called the Tan-O.


    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Elijah and Mike: They were arguing about who has the bigger manhood. Does Elijah know who Mike really is? I'm just waiting for him to call Mike, Sonny! Oh oh Phyllis is so pissed! RUN YOU TWO RUN!

    Phyllis and Mike: Time to get back to work.


    Port Chuckles:

    Liz and Britch: I love how Liz has a bad feeling about what is going on! :) I hope she never gives up! That janitor guy who is a look alike for Greg Vaughan is there again. Oh oh.

    Liz and Cam: Man Cam is angry!!!! I notice his hair is growing. :)

    Jason's room:

    Britch and Jason:

    Britch: For an unfeeling killer, you can be kind of sweet. Try not to die.

    GAH! I love them together! :)

    Cam and Jason: Man! Cam is so PISSED!!!!! He is about ready to explode into a million pieces.

    Carly's home:

    Carly, Ava, and Laura: Charles Angels!!!!! :) So glad they are working together. Oh a dinner party! Can't wait!! Carly come on! Ava don't need protection! Someone has to have protection against Ava! :)

    Jail library:

    Alexis and Shawn: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) A reunion. :) Shawn has a business degree? Awesome. Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Everyone has always said that I come across as bookish.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 7th 1981. 4th of July get together!

  3. Cam hasn’t forgotten that Franco was a killer. The difference is that Franco has stopped a long time ago while Jason continues killing for cash.

    1. Amen to that! I hate how everyone excuses Jason and Sonny's behavior. They are criminals.

  4. OK. Leisl and Britt are growing on me so much. Leisl getting turned on by Scott attacking Peter was priceless. LOVE she and Scotty together. Great chemistry. And, after all this time of not liking Britt, they are redeeming her finally and I actually like her. I DO NOT however want a redeemed Peter. He can just go already

  5. I loved Ava today -- telling Carly that she's not there asking for help, and drawing Laura into her dinner party. That's my gal!

  6. P.S. I hope they have some good scenes with Charlie's Angels; AKA, Ava, Carly and Laura. Carly was actually finally tolerable in that scene

  7. So we're running some adapted screenplays: "Carly's Angels" and "Shawn Shank Librarian".


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