Thursday, April 1, 2021

Beer and JD and Happy 58!


HAPPY 58 YEARS OF GH! It launched on April 1st!

Jason and Scotty... he's yelling at him for killing Franco. Dr. O comes in and tells Scott it was Peter. She tells Jason she is going to help get him free. "Frankly, you're lucky I am on your side" LOL!! 

JAKE! Wants to go see Jason. He says Jason wouldn't have killed Franco. Cam is like, you're stupid LOL "HE DID"!!! Jake asks Liz if she thinks Jason did it. She says people in this country are innocent until proven guilty. 

Joss tells Cam he was a jerk to hurt Jake that way. Cam apologizes but Jake won't take it if Cam won't say he doesn't think Jason did it. Jake leaves. Cameron is now mad at Josslyn because she doesn't think Jason killed Franco either. 

Britt and Maxie still talking about how to bamboozle Peter. Later Peter knocks on the door. Damn it. He gives her his childhood stuffed bear he's had since living with Faison. (barf) Maybe it has a camera in it? Britt tells Maxie Peter lied about the stuffed bear and his adoptive parents didn't give it to him, Faison did. Maxie drops it. (Peter left)

Nina asks Sonny why he hasn't tried harder to find out who he is. He says no one seems to be looking. Thinks his former life was complex, he likes it simple now.  Elijah Crow is at the bar too...Sonny introduces him to Nina. Nina says she knows Phyllis but just met Sonny.  Elijah wonders why she wants a story on Nixon Falls and will give her the insiders tour of the town. 

Carly's yapping at Jax about her life. Cyrus, Sonny's business...blah blah. She tells Jax Peter killed Franco. 

Lesil and Scott go out for drinks. She thanks him for putting her up when she was in hiding. She also says she's sorry but it's her fault Franco is dead. He says it's not and asks if he can walk her to her room. SQUEE!! yes!! She invites him in and Scott says YES! 

Jake goes to see Jason and gives him a big mural of the baseball team they saw together. 


  1. Why did we go through Liz thinking Jason killed peter if it was going to be blabbed all over town?

    Loved Scott & Liesel

    Please Carly, STFU. And Joss could have been a little more gentle. She could have acknowledged knowing Jason does and has kill people.

  2. I want Scott and Liesl to have a miracle baby.

    1. I saw that the oldest lady to have a baby was 66 or something. Maybe

  3. Joss is a mini carly. do not like mother or daughter. that she defends sonny, jason and carly all the time. Cam just lost the only father he has ever known. she has zero compassion like her mother.

    1. 100% agreed. Hoping tomorrow trina tells her this

  4. The shows have been good this week. Not a lot of action but interesting interactions between characters. Except for whispering Hiney.
    Back 58 years ago I was a big American Bandstand fan. I don't remember but I think GH ran as a lead in when it started. So I've watched on/off since the start. Jesse Brewer, Steve Hardy...all in black & white. Good for them!

  5. Do you think Liz will believe Jason now? She looked like she was trying to

  6. Yay, Sean is coming back finally. Maybe he meets up with Alexis in jail.

    1. I just read that about Sean. Didn't he and Alexis date?

    2. "LSV422 says, Yay, Sean is coming back finally. Maybe he meets up with Alexis in jail."

      At first I thought you meant Sean Donally!! :) Sean Butler is coming back?!?!! I didn't read that!!!

    3. "lindie says, I just read that about Sean. Didn't he and Alexis date?"

      Yup they did!!!

  7. Happy 58 anniversary GH!!!!!! :) Whoa! Dr. O is freaking out!!!! She really needs Scotty to relax her. ;)

    Liz's home:

    Jake and Cam: Oh oh! No Cam!!! What is wrong with you?!?!!?!?!

    Joss and Cam: YIKES!!! Yeah Cam maybe you should go see a therapist!!!

    Jason's jail cell:

    Scotty and Jason:

    Scotty: You are just going to dummy up on me you muscle bound oaf?

    ROFL! Scotty would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. I'm glad Jason yelled out the truth!!!

    Dr. O, Scotty, and Jason: I'm so happy that Dr. O told Scotty that Hiney killed BobTodd!!! :) Glad Scotty is listening to her.

    Jake, Jason, and Liz: Oh great painting Jake!!! SO IMPRESSED!!! So let's see, Aidan is a baker, Jake, is a drawer, and Cam is a musician/soccer guy. I'm glad Jason told Jake that he didn't kill BobTodd! And the look on Liz's face, I think she believes him.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Carly: Be careful Hiney! Carly can bite and take off skin. She ain't scared of you!

    Carly and Jax:

    Carly: Thank you. Don't do that again.

    Haha. Yeah Jax. She don't need your help. She is a mobster now.. :)

    Dr. O and Scotty: Oh see? I knew he could relax her. They are getting close and bonding! :)

    Scotty: May I walk you to your room?


    Dr. O's room:

    Dr. O. and Scotty:

    Dr. O: Would you like to come in?

    Scotty: I believe I will.

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Balbrecht corona zex? *Jumps up and down*

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Britch: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: He's a psychopath. There clingy. I see the crazy now.


    Hiney, Maxie, and Britch: OH OH Hiney! UGH! No don't take the teddy bear!!! Oh he left. Well wait stop talking about your plan! What is there is a bug in the bear so he could hear you two?!!?! STOP TALKING!!! Crap too late!

    Pennsylvania side of the river Bar and LanTANo Mountain: Lantano river!?!?!!?!?! OLTL has a Lantano mountain and river!!! :) Someone on twitter mentioned that that must be why the bar is called Tano!!! From LanTANo mountain!! :)

    Sonny and Nina: Sonny being all charming and showing his dimples again. Wait Sonny has been looking to see if he has any family? HUH?!

    Elijah: Man this guy is so sketchy!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Oct 14, 2007* When Liz and Lucky first meet. :)

    1. Another day of "lines" all over the place. Maxie had some good stuff yesterday as did Doctor O, lol!

      Joss morphed into Snarly. I did not like that at all. I did like that Liz appears to be having 2nd thoughts about Jason. Why he hasn't explained himself to her is ridiculous!

    2. "Julie H says, Another day of "lines" all over the place."

      I know!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha.

      "Maxie had some good stuff yesterday as did Doctor O, lol!"

      They did hahahhaa. So did Scotty.

      "Joss morphed into Snarly."

      Yeah whoa! Where did that come from? Cam was very angry, but it didn't come out of nowhere. He is hurting and in mourning.

      "I did like that Liz appears to be having 2nd thoughts about Jason."

      Yeah me too.

      "Why he hasn't explained himself to her is ridiculous!"

      I know!!! Speak up Jason you are not shy!!!

  8. WOOHOO! SEAN IS COMING BACK bout time....he shouldn't be in jail!!!

  9. Things I loved yesterday:
    -Jake's painting, it was fabulous!
    -Everything Dr. O and Scotty. They're the best!
    -Jason yelling, I didn't kill Franco, lol!
    -Maxie dropping the teddy bear, which I thought was hilarious. I'm intrigued that Karen wondered if there was a camera in it....oh dear!

    What really cheesed me off was Joss's snotty Snarly face/mouth with Cam. Who believes his mother that Jason killed Franco. Snarly Junior needs to STFU and show some compassion and keep her opinions to herself! What broke my heart was that Jake didn't accept Cam's apology. I could see why, but it still made me sad.

  10. Loving the Scotty/Dr.O pairing. Also Obrecht's comment to Jason that he's lucky he has her on his side. Would love Sonny to come back to town and just be 'Mike'. I think there a lot of people sick of 'the gruesome four' and their sanctimonious attitudes. Also, they all seem to come alive working with other actors - and they are so much more tolerable. Time to get rid of the mob and move on. Have Sonny not want that life anymore and have Jason work for the WSB. He can go on different assignments and have adventures where we can actually root for him being the hero!

    1. "Liasonfan says, Time to get rid of the mob and move on. Have Sonny not want that life anymore and have Jason work for the WSB. He can go on different assignments and have adventures where we can actually root for him being the hero!"

      OH! Sounds good to me!!!! :)

    2. Also, GH has something very unique happening. Everyone is single. Only Laura/Kevin, Felicia/Mac and Molly/TJ are together. They could really mix it up and make things interesting!!

    3. I would love, love, LOOOOVE if Sonny's time as "Mike" convinces him it's time to leave the mob life behind and try something new. Please, writers -- do this!

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  12. This major Alexis story falls flat for me without Kristina there for it!

  13. The scenes between Jake and Cameron, and between Scotty and Dr. O., were great. More, please.


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