Tuesday, April 13, 2021

It's TIME to .....Nap?

Aw,  Finn drops a defibrillator to Club Savoy for Curtis!! GOOD THING to have.  Curtis tells Finn he and Jordan are done. Later, Anna shows up to check on Finn. He says he's fine. 

Brook goes to visit Chase and bring him coffee and he's not doing well. Brook wanted to get away from Olivia and visit. He talks about his love for Willow.
Later: Willow comes over. 

Maxie, Britt and Lesil at GH. Lesil tells her to get back in bed. She wants to know why she wasn't told about Maxie. "I'm OMA"! She says and wants to move in with Maxie and help. Maxie says no. 

Michael tells Willow he wubs her. She wubs him.  He's going to move into the Gatehouse. 

Peter is telling Anna that someone she loves will die if he doesn't get away. Anna and Valentin call a bunch of people to check on them. Brook has a body guard btw-- YURI. She says she's ok. Peter just keeps riling up Valentin. 

Portia and Jordan chat in the halls of GH. Jordy tells her that she's divorcing Curt. 

END: Chase is down 

BORING DAY--BUT!! Carly wasn't on so yeah!! 


  1. please writers kill 0ff the worst actor in daytime PLP. great day when there is no carly or kemo. and chase acts like a love struck teenager. in fact the whole finn family is useless.

    1. I agree. The fins can both swim off.

    2. I love Finn. Chase is ok, I can think of others I would rather see go. I like chase and Brooklyn's friendship. Weaving in to other characters helps his likability. At least they had some Finn family scenes and they aren't repetitive like the Carly and crew scenes. Anything other than Carly or the whisperer is fine by me.

      Liesel: Wake up and smell the serial killer

    3. Sonya was right, psychopath!

    4. "Linda says, Sonya was right, psychopath!"

      Haha. Dr. O has a way with words. :)

  2. The gatehouse:

    Willow and Michael: Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Michael you have not been burning and yearning for Willow! Give me a break.

    Michael and Wiley: Wiley looks like Michael. :) Oh Michael I love you, but shut up!

    The hospital:

    Jordan and Portia:

    Portia: You look a little on edge.

    Yeah and constipated.

    Maxie's room:

    Maxie, Britch, and Dr. O: Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: It's time to wake up and smell the psychopath!

    HAHHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHA! Priceless. :) I'm so glad Dr. O is back! :) Oh oh Britch is having problems with her hand!!!! :(

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, V.C. and Hiney: Oh man Hiney! This is not broadway! You don't need to over act!!! Hahahahahaha! Oh my V.C. grabbing Anna and putting her to the wall! HAWT!!! SEXY! :) Too bad it's not time to kiss. :)

    V.C. and Hiney:

    V.C.: If you harm anything I care about, I will kill you.


    The Savoy:

    Curtis and Finchy: Awwww Finchy's wonderful defib gift!!! :) I love it! Yes every business should have that, and every home! I love the besties. :)

    Anna and Finchy: Yes Anna! Finchy and little V are fine. Now go home and be with V.C. :)

    Chase's home:

    Chase and Brooky: Wow! This poison is very slow. He seems fine one minute and then all sweaty the next. Oh hello huge muscle bodyguard! That was an odd scene. He just walks in not saying anything and bulldoze to get in! Strange.

    Chillow: Chase went down!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Please don't die! Please don't die! :(

    1. Three cheers for line of the day. Love me some Oma! :)

      The defib machine was an excellent little touch from the writers. Wish they'd give us the gift of killing off Snidely Whiplash. Give me strength.

      I'm very worried about the Britch. And Maxie needs to take off the false eyelashes. They officially distract me now. :)

  3. Peter yaps as much as Carly. Just kill him already!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don't they know how to torture someone. Peter hasn't even been punched or anything. They will have to let him go because he has the antidote.

  4. I love how we all comment and keep track of Carly-less days. HAHAHAHAH! It's a great thing!

    I adore Oma!

    I am so damn sick of PLP that I could scream. You know AnnaBot (yup, she's back) and Val will let his sorry butt go. I just can't with him anymore. He's a train wreck, dumpster fire, pitiful excuse for a character.

  5. They need to stop writing Anna and Valentin like weaklings. They could make Peter disappear without a trace - even more so than the oft mentioned "Pine Barrens". Everyone know there wouldn't even be DNA. TWICE they've abducted him...it's getting old. KILL HIM ALREADY>

  6. So enjoying the Carly-less days! Did anyone else want to see that smirk smacked off Peter's face? Not that he wasn't bad enough, now he seems to be a bad caricature of himself. And that acting is so awful. I love Val and Anna but I agree, they are smarter than this. I was reading some comments to Frank V about the Peter story and it was unanimous with all of our opinions, so he knows how much we all despise this storyline.

  7. Hiney is an exaggerated cartoon with Anna and Val as bumbling idiots. Unbearable. Can WR be that bad of an actor or is he following direction? Time for his limelight to go dark.

  8. Unbelievable what they will do for their precious LW. Piss off all the fans just for Lw and WR.

    1. totally agree. would rather have sarah brown or tamara braun. their version of carly was human. LW is just a screaming banshee. before LW carly was one of my favorite characters. loved carly with alcazar


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