Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Oh Baby Baby


Maxie in the hospital... with baby...Brook Lynn in GH without baby. What could HAPPENN!!!!??? She calls Peter. They tell him the "crisis has passed" and everything is ok. Britt tells Peter (outside the room) that Maxie had a close call and she needs complete bed rest. 

Maxie DRAGS Anna about Peter. She won't accept help from her or hear her plan. Oh great scene!! 

Brook Lynn is in the next bay. She tells Britt she has on SHAPEWEAR?? LOL!! what?? Britt believes her?? Anyway, Brook listens into the convo that Maxie, Peter and Britt are having Then, goes in to see Maxie. She steals one of her ultrasound photos!! She then tells Britt she already had her ultrasound. Britt's like: No you didn't. Brook: YES I DID... Britt: Wait one damn minute. 

Now I feel badly for Valentin! Geeesssssssh. He talks to Anna about the baby. She says Charlotte will like her eventually. (I hope not lol) 

PC Grille: Brando and Cyrus. Why not have Curtis just buy that place?? it's new?? I mean, we have The PCG and Cyrus new place and the Tan-O BAR!! Lordy!! Cyrus tells Nikolas he'll help Alexis be "comfortable in jail"... IF he finds his mother. Nikolas agrees to Cy's terms. He leaves. Cyrus calls Peter and tells him to find out why Valentin is so enamored with Gladys. 

Molly, Krisy and Alexis. Talk about the trial. OH!! Alexis tells them to move into the house! I HOPE they do! I love that idea!! Molly and Krissy bicker. Alexis gets sad and will miss them. Molly is excited to move into the house. Nikolas comes over. 

Cyrus and Peter figure out that Valentin and Anna are working together to free Jason

Britt is figuring out that Brook Lynn is up to something

Greg agrees to a 'family dinner"

TOMORROW: OH, Alexis goes to talk with Kevin and there's flashbacks to when she was a kid!! It's Alexis centric day for NLG's 25years at GH!! 


  1. We ALL know that Maxie will give her baby to Brook Lynn for a time - and she will claim the baby died...
    did I miss the follow-up with Lucas and Felix and Brad?
    and why isn't anyone recording Cyrus' threats???? and playing back on social media - I think Gladys is soon - bye-bye/dead....

  2. I am looking forward to tomorrow and Alexis-Day. I just hope they do her justice. xx-fingers-crossed-xx

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  4. valentin has chemistry with everyone, anna, brook and even carly. love him

    1. He really does have chemistry with everyone. He is like Robert. They are both great actors with charisma

    2. I completely agree. He has the IT factor for sure.

    3. I love him! I sure hope he is under contract. He is delightful in person, too!

  5. Port Chuckles grill:

    Cyrus and Nik: Cyrus's face is twitching!!!! Be careful Nik! Don't make him angry!!!!

    Alexis's home:

    Molly, Krissy, and Alexis: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww family. :( Yes yes they can all move in and they can buy Tribbles!!! :)

    Alexis, Molly, Krissy, and Nik:

    Krissy: What ARE you doing here?

    Shut up Krissy!!!

    Alexis and Nik:

    Alexis: Molly is going to be a lawyer soon.

    Oh? She is 28 already? DAMN!

    The hospital:

    V.C. and Anna:

    Anna: She fell. It's not like she threw herself down the stairs, or jumped off a building.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anna would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Hiney and Cyrus on the phone: Soooooooooooo, is Gladys going to die soon? :)

    Finchy, Little V, Chase, and Gregory:

    Little V.: Uncle Chase!!!!

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Little V.: Grandpa!

    She is so adorable I can't stand it!!!!! :) Little V wins the line of the day.

    Little V: Why is everybody acting so funny?

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. She so observant and smart!!!! :) I hope we watch her grow up!

    Maxie's room:

    Maxie and Anna: Oh great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Maxie and Britch: I am enjoying this plan. I can't wait to see it play out.

    Maxie and Brooky: Brooky stealing the baby photo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Brooky's room:

    Brooky and Britch: Oh this was hysterical! Come on Britch wake up!!! See what we all see! Haahahahahahahahahha!

    Brooky and V.C.: She gives him the baby photo and the bottom of it is ripped! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Doesn't he notice?! :)

    1. Molly isn't 28. Haley is only 23 which should be about the right age since they aged her.

    2. "Di says, Molly isn't 28. Haley is only 23 which should be about the right age since they aged her."

      Hahaha I only said that because of what Alexis said. :) Anyway Haley is going to be 23 in July! Just looked it up. WOW!!!! Holy crap! Time sure does fly! I remember when she was 16!!!! In fact I remember when she was little! :)

    3. How old was Haley when she started? About 10?

    4. I was close. Just looked; age 11

    5. "lindie says, I was close. Just looked; age 11"

      Hehe yeah. She was little. We watched her grow up on the show! :)

    6. Just loved little Vi yesterday, especially when she saw grandpa and telling Chase she wished she had a brother or sister. I died!

      The bicker sisters were a hoot!

      We need to lineup everyone that needs to get hit by bus, and take them out it one sweep. So far it's Ponytail, PLP, and Gladys. Anyone else? :)

    7. Maybe Carly too. Used to like her alot but not so.much now

    8. Carly!!! And I wouldn't be heartbroken about Sonny or Michael either.

    9. carly, LW totally ruined carly. and she can take her boy toy with her plp

    10. Carly bossing around Diane the other day in a nasty way was uncalled for.

    11. Little Violet is the best part if the entire show

  6. I am liking where the Maxie/Brook Lynn baby switch storyline is heading, and I loved the scene with Alexis, Kristina and Molly. And as others have mentioned, Valentin elevates any scene he is in. (Did you know that James Patrick Stuart auditioned years ago for the role of Chandler on "Friends?" LOL, that strikes me as weird.)

    I never followed "All My Children," but now that I know Cameron Mathison played Ryan Lavery, Duke's second cousin, I bet he just comes back as that character and not Drew.

  7. Maxie is going to give her baby to Brooklynn to be safe. Brooklyn and Valentin will get attached and won't want to give the baby back

    1. Valentin and Brooklynn will wind up heartbroken in the end

  8. OMG What a wonderful episode

    1. They knocked it out of the park. NLG is the best actress


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