Friday, April 9, 2021


 Scotty tells Laura that Peter, not Jason killed Franco. He tells her about the whole backstory. He also tells her about Lesil. She's like WHY LESIL? WHY DO YOU TRUST HER? 

Liz tells Finn she's not so sure that Jason killed Franco. He's not sure he wants to get back with the family but will try for Violet. 

The Family Chase meet for dinner at a really old-timey Italian restaurant. JJones on Twitter said "PC Olive Garden" LOL Finn finally shows up. They all toast Violet. They talk about the past and growing up. Chase isn't sure he can forget everything. 

Ava and Nikolas talk about "the hand"...he's waiting for Martin to come to the PC Grille. He wants to get Florence for Cyrus. And Then when Marty comes, Ava leaves. Nik tries to get the location of Marty's mother out of him so he'll know if she's moved. 

Carly goes to Jail to bug Jason about NEEDING HIM AND GETTING OUT AND WAAAAAYYYYHH. Sonny's dead so he can't help Jason in jail. wahhh..she finally gets a text and leaves. 

Peter goes to see Anna. Valentin is there too. He tries to make them feel guilty about when he was a kid. Boring. He threatens them and leaves. 

Josslyn sprained her ankle trying harder at to get into Coastal U for Volleball. Jax can't believe that she's on the waitlist. He wants to call the dean. He says no. Jax texts Carly. 

Laura texted Ava to talk about the HAND.  Then tells her Nikolas is making a huge mistake getting involved with the Cyrus situation. 


DAMN! Peter gives the waiter at the Italian place poison to put in Finn's food!! oh, Gregory made a huge speech about how good his life has been and I BET HE GETS the poison!!! Oh no. Yes, they spin the Lazy Susan like they used to as kids. Coffee cups are mixed up. Has to be Greg. 

Nikolas finds a bakery in Vermont that specializes in Hummingbird cake...Florences fave,

Laura gets Flowers from Spencer and he hopes she can go to his graduation

Valentin holds a gun on Peterface.


  1. Valentin is not going to do something to you, I am. Wouldn't it be SO nice if Anna actually follows through

  2. I bet it is Gregory who drinks the drug. What is it, that drug that Finn used to take?

    1. If it's Gregory then Finn will blame himself, Chase will blame Finn. Gregory is actually Chases Dad I am sure. What a mess.

    2. Will Peter just keep killing and getting away with it?

    3. Remember that Finn was having another DNA test done somewhere else as he didn't trust Gh. (Go figure. lol) I bet if Gregory is killed the truth will come out after.

  3. I just strongly feel that with Peter becoming more and more evil, they have to be setting up a murder who dun it.

    1. I agree. Petey is getting up in everyone's face. His days are numbered.

  4. Why does Peter want Finn dead?

  5. Port Chuckles Grille:

    Nava: Are they going to show Mr. Hand again? Or did Ava throw it out? :)

    Nik and Marty: Awwww Nik is going to help Marty! Love that! :)

    Levin home:

    Laura and Scotty: I'm glad Scotty didn't tell Laura, that he slept with Dr. O! Hahahahhaha! Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: We've been doing a lot of. Grieving together.


    Laura and Ava: Does Laura want to see Mr. Hand? :)

    Laura and flowers: Awwww that is so sweet that Spencer sent Laura flowers!!! Again with the damn graduation talk!!!! Just stop it! I don't want Spencer recast! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, V.C. and Hiney: OH SHUT UP YOU SLIMY HINEY!

    100 million seconds later......

    Anna, V.C. and Hiney: Hmmmm. I am liking this!!! Shoot him V.C.!!!! :)

    The hospital: Oh oh alert alert! Joss's vollyball career may be in jeopardy!!! Waitlisted? OH OH!

    Jail/415690's meeting area: Jason's new name is 415690!

    Carly and 415690: Poor desperate Carly. She has needs!!! Her loins are screaming!!! 415690 needs to get out of jail so he could become Jason again!

    Scotty and 415690: Oh I like this.. I'm glad Scotty told him that he knows he didn't kill BobTodd, and I like that Jason told Scotty that basically that Hiney's days are numbered. I love how Scotty wiped the phone before he talked into it! :)

    Italian restaurant: OH AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT YAY! A new set too! LOVE IT! Thanks to JJones on Twitter, I'm calling this restaurant Port Chuckles Olive Garden. :) Is JJones on here? Hmmm. Wait bottle of beer at an Italian restaurant?!?! ROFL! What next? Sauce made from a can?! ROFL!

    Gregory, Chase, Jackie, and Finchy: Great scene!!! :)

    Behind the Italian restaurant: OH! It says Bernadino's!!!! Wait is that in honor of John Beradino? AKA Steve Hardy?!?! WHOA! I guess I will call this restaurant Port Chuckles's Bernadino's Olive Garden. :) Although we probably won't see this place ever again... :(

    Hiney and waiter: HINEY AND HIS POISON! OH NO!!!!!

    Inside Port Chuckle's Bernadino's Olive Garden:

    Chase, Gregory, Jackie, and Finchy: Round and round it goes! Where the poison stops nobody knows!!!! OH NO! I DON'T WANT GREGORY TO DIE!!!!!! :(

    Flashback Friday: More of Alexis's anniversary flashbacks! :) *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 1st, 1997* When Alexis meets Sonny and his dimples. :)

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 6th 2007* Alexis and Jerry kiss! :) HUMINA HUMINA. :)

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to June 23rd.* Alexis and Jerry slept together and Alexis telling everyone! Diane and Alexis talks about her relationships with men. How ironic since Alexis was talking about that with Doc yesterday!

    1. I think it was Beradinos.

    2. "Robyn says, I think it was Beradinos."

      Haha. Yeah! :)

  6. LW and her boy toy are controlling GH. I would not miss either

    1. I wouldn't either witch. Tony Geary leaves and now there are new favorites. Just not our favorites.

  7. The PC Olive Garden was funny. All they serve is alcohol, bread and coffee. lol. Never a meal on that show.

    1. Hahahahahaha. Yeah what kind of Italiana restaurantay is this? :)

  8. I think it is most likely Gregory that dies. He is the centerpiece for all this. We know Cyrus switched the tests and he must be Chase father. He seems most like the "expendable crewman" (if you watch Star Trek).

    1. Gregory = "Mr. Red Shirt." LOL I thought Gregory Harrison did a good job while he was around. Hopefully, this will make Jackie turn to Robert for comfort.

    2. I think Gregory Harrison has done a great job playing Finn's Dad. I know lots of people are not really into Finn's family, but I think it adds a "human" side to Finn, as he's kind of a "stuffed shirt" a lot of times like Jason (only different)

  9. It's Finola Hughes 36 anniversary on and off GH. I think they need to do an episode for her and an episode for Genie.


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