Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Sunscreen NOW!


Since I told you all about my visit to the dermatologist, I am letting you know that both areas on my leg and nose are Basal Cell and I need to get surgery. JUST on my nose of course because it CAN'T BE MY LEG WHERE NO ONE WOULD SEE IT!!  I go in next Wednesday for outpatient but have a consult today. No GH for me. This is all really common and so many people have things removed that I'm not even worried (other than the needles, ugh). 

Just remember to wear that sunscreen.  I'll see you all tomorrow! 


  1. You are fair skinned like me Karen. Good luck.

  2. My Dad has something similar. He goes to see his dermatologist every 6 months for checkups and to see if something needs to be zapped and then to zap it. I took him once when I down there visiting. It didn't take long at all, he got a local anesthesia. I gather from my mother it doesn't look bad, it depends on how deep it is. Good luck.

  3. Are they doing Moh's surgery? Or something else?

    1. Exactly!! I feel a lot better now after talking with the surgeon!

  4. Oh Karen!!! Prayers going up for you! *BEARHUGS*

    Q home:

    Willow, Michael, and Sasha: Thank you Sasha! They were going to kiss and you stopped it.. Thank YOU!

    Michael and Sasha: It's over between them for good! They can't get their feelings they had for each other back! YIPPIE! Cheer up Sasha! You are getting to know and getting closer to Brando! :)

    Brooky, Willow and V.C.: Uh Brooky? You are very very "preggers" so stop walking so fast and acting like you are not hugely preggers!!! Oh my Brooky don't want body guards! OH NO BROOKY TRIPPED OVER THE RUG AND FELL!!!! Willow and V.C. saw and are scared for her!

    V.C. Are you alright?

    Brooky: Stupid broken heel. I didn't even had these a month.

    V.C. Willow bring my car around front.

    Brooky: Why would you do that?

    V.C.: Are you in any pain?

    Brooky: No I'm fine. But the people at Wyndems aren't gonna be when I get through with them.

    V.C.: Okay I am going to get you ice in a glass of water and then we are out of here.

    Brooky: Where are we going?

    V.C. The hospital.

    Brooky: NO!

    HAHAHHAAHAHHAA! This was too much! This was like a comedy routine. All she cared about was her shoe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And Willow wasn't running to the car.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Carly: More of the same.. Hey V.C. when are you going to visit the Tribbles? :)

    Carly and Cyrus: Great scene! Cyrus all threatening. After Cyrus leaves, Carly seems scared hahaahha. Come on Carly you can handle him. :)

    Leven home:

    Laura, Nik, and Cyrus: Cyrus YELLS and Laura is skeered!!!! :) It was a great scene!!!!

    Laura and Nik: Nik you behave now!!! No wars!!! Laura is SKEERED out of her mind!

    Ava's art gallery:

    Doc and Ava: Fake hand alert!!! Fake hand!!

    Doc, Ava, and Chase: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: You think there is somebody else out there would send me a hand?


    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Sam: Love Sam's sweater.

    Alexis, Sam, and Prison consultant: Oh I really love this prison Consultant.. Oh Sam do you really want Alexis to be treated with kid gloves? SHUT UP!

    Alexis and Prison consultant: Oh this prison consultant lady has a past. Shot her hubby 3 times and went to jail. He is still alive. Can we keep her?

    1. OMG, Val and BLQ were a hoot! That's scene of the day, lol!
      Line of the day? For sure!
      I'm with Nik, save Alexis. I don't think Laura is handling this Cyrus debacle at all well. Sheesh, he needs to get hit by a bus.
      At the end Nik and Ava were great....you go first, no you go first, etc. Loved it!

      You were right, Brasha is coming!

    2. "Julie H says, OMG, Val and BLQ were a hoot! That's scene of the day, lol!"

      Yes they were and yes that IS the scene of the day!!!! :)

      "Line of the day? For sure!"

      Yup! :)

      "I'm with Nik, save Alexis. I don't think Laura is handling this Cyrus debacle at all well."

      No she is not! Snap out of it Laura and go talk to Marty and forgive him!

      "Sheesh, he needs to get hit by a bus."

      ROFL! No Gladys does. :) Oh and Hiney!

      "At the end Nik and Ava were great....you go first, no you go first, etc. Loved it!"

      Yeah that was sweet. Awwwwww. :)

      "You were right, Brasha is coming!"

      Can't wait! :)

    3. I also thought the prison consultant was great, Sonya. She gave her some great advice. I wonder if we'll see Alexis doing legal appeals from the jail. That will keep her on screen working like she used too, and hopefully we'll get rid of the damn omnipresent tears.

      Brooklyn was hilarious. Anyone else thinking there'll be a switch with Maxie's baby. hehe

      So glad Michael and Sasha broke up. I'm sick to death of Willow's pained looks. Let Sasha go back to being friends with Brando. At least we get to see them both smiling in those scenes.

      Boston station missed the whole scene at the end with Valentin and Brooky. Shows how much they value GH that they would cut out the 2 minute cliff hanger ending to start a news cast about the governor getting his flu shot and updates. They couldn't check their teleprompters and wait 2 minutes.

    4. Di, absolutely with the baby switch! :)
      Lol, you sound as bitter as I do when the news crews break in at the last 2 minutes. Give me strength!

  5. Why doesn't someone record Cyrus and his threats? Or better yet, why doesn't someone kill him and Peter?

    1. I've been saying that for months lindie. Don't they have a record button on their phone? Only the guy with the brain tumor thought of that. Speaking of which, where is Franco's phone. If it goes back to Liz maybe someone will check the cloud and find his recording.

  6. The prison consultant looks very familiar, maybe a role on another soap in the past? Can anybody place her? I thought she was great.

    1. EVERYONE was raving about her on twitter. I'll have to see when I watch today

    2. "kdmask says, EVERYONE was raving about her on twitter. I'll have to see when I watch today"

      Yes! She was fantastic!!! Sam was annoying though.

  7. when the consultant told Alexis to find something to do/contribute in prison, I think it will be using her lawyer skills to help prisoners with their sentences, etc. but then I think it will go wrong...…...

  8. Who is Brasha? Sasha and Brando?


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