Monday, May 9, 2022

IN My Shoe Box

Nina and Ava day drinking at Charlie's...talking about the Wiley mess. Ava tells Nina that Smaltz interviewed her about the "Avery birth" LOL!! Where NINA  induced labor and stole Ava's baby!! AHAHAHHA. Nina says she's worked hard on herself since then. AMy comes in all upset about the Nail Salon and Terry and sits with Ava and Nina after they ask what's wrong. 

Spencer and Cam talking at Kelly's. Spencer says he's found nothing on Esme. AND he's not sure how he can keep from not having sex with her. Oh geesh. I miss the 70's. Anyway, Cam is going to let Spencer go early so he can look for evidence while Es is in Yoga class. I bet he finds the letters.

Trina and Joss go to Yoga and Rory is there.. he's making googlie eyes at Trina. They can't date yet because she's going through a court case and he's a police officer.  

Esme is in Wyndemere and got a letter from her nanny, Maggie saying she's happy that she and Spencer are close. We see Ez and Spencers room/suite at Wyndemere. It's nice! She hides the letter in her shoe box in the closet. 

Terry and Chet on a date..awww.. Very cute dialog. She looks so pretty. They are at the outdoor Metro restaurant. They talk about how they were afraid to tell each other their 'secrets': Prosthetic legs and her being trans. They are glad they told each other. 


Terry finds out Amy is Chet's sister

TJ finds out that Marshall was put in a mental hospital. TJ thinks that Curtis crossed the line in finding out. HE's going to find him and bring him back. 

Carly's being all snotty to Valentin. Says it's HIS fault that Nina didn't know Nelle wasn't her daughter because he passed Sasha off. Val rolls his eyes. 

Curtis and TJ talk about..MARSHALL and-- you know. Anyway, TJ thinks Curtis should find him. 

Amy finds out that Terry and Chet were out for drinks... 

Spencer is looking for evidence against Esme in her room.  He finds all of her nanny's letters. 

Cam and Avery hug and Joss catches them. (Cam was pretending to like her) 

Carly walks into Charlie's... sees Nina and Ava 


  1. Question for those playing at home: Does Esme have like a P O box? HOW exactly does one mail a letter to her since she keeps changing addresses....and wouldn't Laura or Nick say, "Hey, you got a letter today."
    It's a little thing but the little things also drive me crazy.....hope Maggie is a good cast cause we ALL know she is a-coming

    1. If Maggie is coming onto the canvas, please let us lose Brando, Sasha and Dex.

    2. I think Dex is working undercover like Dante did years ago

  2. Metrocourt gardens:

    Carly and V.C.: Carly you better be careful. If you ask too many questions, V.C. will be suspicious of you!

    Chet and Terry: SQUEEEEEEEEE! A Cherry date! :) Oooo he knows that she is a trans woman. Cool! She knows that he has a fake leg and about what happened to him. Very cool. Oh oh Terry knows Chet's last name and who his sister is hahahahaha!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nina and Ava: Ava would love if Nina is Avery's step mother. :) Talk of the past about what Nina did to Ava back then. :( I thought Nina was going to apologize to her again. Ava wins the lines of the day.

    Nina: The reporter Smaltz, Smeltz. Is that a euphemism? Can you picture Carly picking up Donna from you?

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My favorite was Ava calling the reporter Smeltz hahahahaha. Poptart Smeltzy Smalls. :)

    Ava: Someday they can be family too.

    Nina: I don't care.

    Oh you will Nina! You will. :)

    Nina, Ava, and Amy: Oh my gosh AMY!!! Stop whining! Isn't whining to your brother enough?

    Amy and coworker: Amy you will catch a lot of flies with that open mouth of yours.

    The hospital: Nice shot of the building!!! :)

    TJ and Curtis: TJ is such a sweetheart! I wonder if TJ is going to really find Mr. Hat man.

    The hospital exercise room:

    Joss, Trina, and Rory: Joss is Trina's wing woman! Hahahahaha!

    Trina and Rory: They having eye zex! Sure they can't date now, but once the charges are dropped, then they can. ;)

    Joss and Trina: Oh Joss don't worry! The Pam and Tommy zex tape won't be online forever. Spinny took care of that. So job opportunities are safe. :)


    Cam and Spencer: I hope Spencer doesn't have zex with Vampira! Yuck! Sure back in the day he probably would have hahaha. The good ol days. :)

    Vampira and Cam: Awwww Cam fake cares about her and is fake behind her 100%! I can't believe she is buying his crap hahahaha. Awwww a nice hug she is giving him. Will she kiss him on the lips? Nope! :)

    Vampira, Cam, Joss, and Trina: Joss isn't happy with the hug hahaha.

    Wyndemere: Nice bedroom! Vampira still has those wuv letters from her nanny! Awwww! Wait why is Spencer taking pictures of her bedroom? That's odd. Glad he found the letters!

    Sidenote: This week on GH.

    Sonny with Nik! OUCH OUCH OUCH!

    1. Oops! Forgot to mention Vampira watching Trina and Rory talking. She must be very happy that Trina is talking to him than Spencer. SO happy that she was looking for Spencer to tell him. :)

    2. I think Spencer took pics so he would know how to put everything back correctly?

    3. "Paul773 says, I think Spencer took pics so he would know how to put everything back correctly?"

      Ahhhh. That makes sense. :)

    4. I think Esme is going to make trouble for Trina and Rory. He's not supposed to have anything to do with Trina. I think she's going to make it look like he's compromising his career or something

    5. "lindie says, I think Esme is going to make trouble for Trina and Rory. He's not supposed to have anything to do with Trina. I think she's going to make it look like he's compromising his career or something"

      Ooooo! I bet she will do that!! That sneaky snake! :)

    6. Good eye Paul. It definitely looked like he was trying to put everything back perfectly, because Esme would notice everything.

      And Esme's evil smile certainly made it look like she was up to no good so you could be right, Lindie. Either that or she's happy that Trina is moving on from Spencer.

  3. its either bad writing or bad acting, but joss is carly's twin.

    1. If she's acting like Carly's daughter I'd say it was perfect acting. Why are you constantly criticizing a teenage girl who's doing her job as she's been told to? That is very unkind and uncalled for.

    2. she is not a child. opinions are allowed

    3. Now now ladies play nice.

      I agree with you both. Eden can act so calling that into question isn't fair. To most of us she's just a kid. On the other hand it does seem like they are writing Joss more and more like Carly. I wish they had some teenage (mother/daughter) angst against one another, that would be more believable.

    4. Eden is only 18 years old, and even if she were older there's no reason to attack her online because you don't like her character. And I wasn't playing. It was a serious polite response. It will be my last.

    5. Eden does a great job as a teen and as her mother's daughter. It has always been my opinion that her being cast as Carly's offspring was perfection.
      Di...I hope you mean your last comment on this topic. Do not leave here...please.

  4. There were 6 scenes before the opening credits.
    Marshall. Marshall, Marshall...
    Terry and Chet won the day!

  5. I am so anti Nina that I was nodding my head and agreeing with everything Snarly was saying to Valentin. Good grief, lol! And seriously I've heard Neener say numerous times now "I'm going after Michael and Willow with everything I've got." Get a new line, delusional one!

    Seriously, what is Amy's problem? Terri is only hard on her when she acts inappropriately, which is often! :)

    I enjoyed Esme slithering around, and it's always a pleasure to see Ava. Loved her one liners to Neener!


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