Friday, May 13, 2022



Nail time for Carly and Joss....they talk about Trina and the upcoming hearing for Nina tomorrow. Joss cant believe the judge would give her visitation rights. 

Elementary School Fair in the park! Sonny is there, Leo gets ready at the Qs and Drew is there too. Sonny is watching Avery at a dance thing, Scout has some project and Leo will do his poem. Parents gather in the park. 

Ned stays back to do some ELQ business and Olivia says Don't Be Late (you know he will be). Drew is actually in the park with Sonny and Ned is waiting for him at home LOL . Brook tells Ned to let the merger happen.  

Willow and Michael are at home. Sam and Dante come in with news about the DNA results. Harmony wasn't her bio Mom. She's resigned to the fact. Sam and she go to the fair and Dante stays to talk to Michael about making up with Sonny. 

Sam and Willow go to the fair. Sam looks so pretty. Willow talks about moving around when she was a kid and wants to find her bio mom. Sam says "Be careful what you wish for".

Curtis goes to see Nina at Crimson. New receptionist! Her name is Shannon. Hmmm, interesting. She's "happy" not thinking about the article out on her. But she really IS thinking about it and is stressed. They talk about life, Marshall being gone and OF COURSE--WILEY.  

TJ and Jordan talk about Marshall...he wants Jordan to help him find him. A receipt in the clarinet case points him to a music shop in Brooklyn. 

Valentin and Martin talk about ELQ and them maybe voting him out. Yada yada... boring talk. Leo and Olivia comes in. Valentin asks Leo if he knows who he is. Leo says: Yes, you USED to be Bailey's father ahahahahaaa!! Olivia lets it slip that ELQ and Aurora might merge. Val had no clue. 

MIchael threatens to tell the PCPD about Sonny next time they come knocking


  1. Wow what a boring show today. Some scenes were good though..

    The Glamorama: Someone on Twitter called it that. :) The Glamorama was on AMC. :)

    Carly and Joss: Carly and her teen hair don't like certain colors for her nails. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Joss: She is a baby swapper.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Q mansion:

    Brooky, mom, dad, and little uncle Leo: GAH! Uncle Leo is adorable!!!!! I love him so much!!! Don't be late dad for your son's play!!

    Dad and Brooky: Glad he is listening to Brooky!!!! :)


    V.C., Marty, Little uncle Leo, and Olivia: Uncle Leo is gold! :) Olivia is wearing hippy clothes. :)

    V.C. and Olivia: V.C. just pretending to know about the merge! The look on his face hahahaha! V.C. go be with Anna! GAH!

    V.C. and Marty: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: What am I paying you for?


    The hospital:

    Jordan and TJ: Jordan is a good mama! Grandpa Mr. Hat man talk. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh look! A receipt. Good now stop talking about him and go find him. Or just take off your shirt TJ. :)

    Mildew home:

    Dante and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You two should just take your shirts off. :)

    Rice Plaza/school fair: WOW!!! A school fair? And they are going to show it?!!?! :0 Will someone have a box of pain?

    Willow and Sam: Zzzzzzzz. Nice dress Sam!!!! :) Good advice for Willow!!!

    Sonny and Drew: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Take your shirts off!

    Mom, dad, little uncle Leo, and Brooky: Uncle Leo so excited to see Brooky awwwww. :) And he is so nervous. He really wants Chase there. Awwwww. :)


    Receptionist and Curtis: WOW! A receptionist! And she is so nice! :)

    Curtis and Nina: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Can they talk about other things beside Mr. Hat man and Wiley? Curtis take your shirt off! Please? :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1998* Nurses ball. Tony rants on stage! He is 100% right on everything he says, and it's a great scene, but poor Tony! The writers really ruined him. Drug him down the ground really bad. Then they killed him off!! :(

    1. Sam did look pretty. I don't recall she and Willow being buds.
      Liked Olivia's hippie dress.

    2. "zazu says, Sam did look pretty."

      Yeah she looked great. :)

      "I don't recall she and Willow being buds."

      I guess they are besties now.

      "Liked Olivia's hippie dress."

      Yeah so did I! :)



  2. sam trying to make friends after 20yrs. is weird. olivia looked beautiful. why don't they give ned and olivia a major storyline. Michael is a crybaby.

    1. Funny in the GH celebration pic on twitter Kemo looked absolutely happy and Gorgeous. Yesterdays eppy she did as well for the first time (meaning inner beauty shining through). Bring her playfulness please writers cause most of us are over the regular Sam.

      I agree about Liv & Ned. They have the acting chops for a lead story. Same with anything involving Brookie... I also agree about Michael. And what is with his blond highlights? Sorry not loving it. he looks like when Greg Brady colored his hair orange lol.

  3. Did anybody see the credits at the end? James Patrick Stewart and William Lipton as Lucy Cameron Webber! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow! William as Lucy! I guess he did a good job as Lucy. They didn't show him. ROFL!

  4. I wonder if Valentin and Ned will make some sort of deal and be pitted against Michael and Drew?

    1. I would love ned and valentin to pair up

  5. My guide says Aunt Stella tells Curtis the truth on Monday. Hope that's true...finally. And she's on a few times this week.



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