Friday, May 20, 2022

Thursday's show==LOVED IT

 Catching up..

STELLA AND EPIPHANY!!  Nice. Aw, Stella finds out Epiph is going to be a doctor. Which by GH timeline, should be next year. 

N'neka and Nina. "Mafia HOMEWRECKER"! LOL  Sonny steps up. They talk about Michael.  Ephiphany, Portia and Stella go out. Portia says FREE DRINKS because they are at Curtis' Club LOL 

VIOLET and GREG!! I wonder if he's for Alexis? She's so cute. 

Carly "When are the DNA TESTS DONE????? WHEN"???  BOBBIE! "Honey, this is your mother you're talking to".... 

"Maybe I trust the dead more than the living right now" .. GO LIZ!!  The vase!! Is she one of those kenetic psychics?? What do you call that?? Kinetics ??  She kicks Finn out!! Oh she's so DID and is doing the moving of objects. This COULD be good. OH she sneaks out the door!! OR DID SHE turn invisible and FLY OUT?? LOL They didn't see her at the front door. 

IT IS LIZ! Violet even knows it..Liz rips up the drawing!! OH I HOPE BECKY SLAYS THIS ! 

OH New set of a back alley and TJ AND Marshall get ROBBED??? 

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  1. "OR DID SHE turn invisible and FLY OUT?? LOL"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! YES! She can turn invisible and fly out the window! :) Liz has that power now! :) Caleb knows the truth!


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