Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Filet


Willow still just stands there when she finds out about her mom not being her bio-mom. I guess she's supposed to be in shock? They talk about everything and she finally says "I didn't lose my mother last night".. I mean WTF SHE WAS YOUR MOTHER YOUR WHOLE LIFE!! Willow finds out she was basically kidnapped. She wants the ENTIRE TRUTH. You think Carly will tell her AHAHHAAHA. come on. She doesn't. Dante suggests a DNA test. Willow says not now. Carly and Dante leave. Better check Willow has a pulse because her reaction to all this is... just nothing. 

Sasha is at GH for some reason getting a CT Scan?? I guess ...something happened? TJ says the scan came out ok. Does she want anything for headaches. He gives her an over the counter NON-habit forming one. Brando leaves. She's freaking out trying to get a pill from her purse but she flushed them all. Then that Photographer comes in and.. is like "Missing Something"?? He tells her he can get her more drugs. 

Dex comes in to see Sonny for the job ..Sonny rips up his resume. He just 'has to trust him'.  OMG Dex is so bland he makes Brando look like an exotic cast.  IT's just talking about him working with Sonny. Why in god's name would Sonny hire a newby with the West Coast moving in?? WHY? OMG Brando walks in. They look SO MUCH ALIKE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. 

Nina goes to the nail salon to talk to Scotty NOW! he's like Man! I'm getting my nails done. He says Liesl likes his nails trimmed. She's freaking out over the Invader 5 part story on her. Diane walks in, tells Nina to just drop everything. 

Jordan and Curtis talk about MARSHALL at GH. He thinks TJ should know what's going on with MARSHALL. They talk more about Marshall. Even MORE. Then, she leaves and TJ comes up and they talk about Marshall. 

So Valentin plops down next to Gladys at the Metro and takes her computer and looks at the photos of Sasha. They see she had pills. Val says this is really bad given her past. Then Sasha comes over (Val is gone) and Sasha tells Gladys they need to give the zip thing back to the photographer. Gladys is like WHY? 

Valentin talks to Carly about Nina and Wiley. :eyeroll: 


TJ shows Curtis the clarinet  

Jordan wants to find out who Willow's real mother is. 

Willow wants to know who her "real" mother is...
I think she means BIRTH mother


  1. Marshall...Wiley...Marshall...Wiley.
    Willow can not sustain a major story line. She and Michael surpass boring. She used to be more animated but has lost that. One of the few actor's on GH who is just not cutting it.
    Nina is all about herself. I had a hard time even looking at her today.

  2. I think that Willow might feel that this is why Harmony found it so easy to hand her off to Shiloh and why their relationship was always so strained.

  3. kd said..."Willow wants to know who her "real" mother is...
    I think she means BIRTH mother."

    *** Thanks for pointing that out.

    And I'm afraid if they have Sasha relapsing again I'll be FFing through all those scenes too. Soon there won't be much left to watch at all.

    And I'll just add that when Val asked Gladys about giving the memory card back and she said she was just going to finish her drink, I was really hoping she was going to drop the card in the wine with a dramatic flourish. lol

    1. "Di says, I was really hoping she was going to drop the card in the wine with a dramatic flourish. lol"

      With a dramatic flourish! ROFL!

  4. They really are trying to get the most out of that nail salon set....I'm wondering when the Metro Court pool set will be back. It was a daily fixture last summer. Did they build the nail salon over it?

  5. Nail salon:

    Nina and Scotty: OH! So Poptart Smalls's first name is Grant. He don't look like a Grant. Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Harmony Miller compared to you, you are like mother Theresa.


    Nina, Scotty, and Diane: How did Diane know that isn't Willow's bio mama?! Did Alexis tell her? Oh great we didn't see that scene on screen! UGH!

    Mildew home:

    Carly, Dante, and Mildew: Willow is concentrating really hard. I think she has a migraine. Poor thing. Come on Carly! Tell Willow her bio mama is Nina and that she is a twin! :) I really can't believe that told Carly that Nina is dangerous! Really? REALLY? And the cult wasn't?

    Mildew: She is still concentrating really really hard.

    The hospital:

    Sasha's private room:

    Sasha and TJ: HUH?! What is happening? Last time we saw Sasha was yesterday, and she was yelling at herself in the mirror and flushed the drugs down the toilet. So this scene is confusing.

    Sasha and Slimy Jim Carrey: Well lookie here. Slimy Jim Carrey. He will help her get drugs if she gives him the file drive? Very interesting.. Will his bestie Poptart Smalls condone this? Hmmm.

    Nurses station:

    Jordan and Curtis: Jordan is talking in circles. ROFL!

    Jordan and TJ: She is acting like a mama! :) Love that! :) Oh so TJ didn't go home yet. Will he go home soon?

    Curtis and TJ: Awwww. Showing his uncle what Mr. Hat man gave him. :) Hmmm will Mr. Hat man be back?!

    Dante and Jordan: Oh yes. Find out who Willow's bio mama is!! :)

    Sonny's office: BADGER BOB! :) Love the close up of badger Bob! :)

    Dex and Sonny: I thought Brick was going to work for Sonny. Why is Dex working for him? Makes no sense. This whole scene was boring. Hi Brando. Whoa! Dex and Brando look like brothers!!!

    Brando and Sonny: Brando all worried over Sasha. Brando I think you should be more worried about Dex looking like you. Related? :)

    Bodyguard and Dex: Is Dex trying to get info from him about Sonny?

    Metrocourt lounge:

    Gladys and V.C.: Gladys sticking up for Sasha awwwwwwwww. :)

    Gladys and Sasha: Will Gladys throw out the flash drive? Will Sasha wait until she does and then grab it? Hmmmmm.

    Carly and V.C.: V.C. sticking up for Nina awwwwwww. :) Wait why isn't V.C. with Anna?

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1974!

  6. are ya'll as tired as I am? Willow/Michael blah blah Curtis---Marshall blah blah
    Brando/Sasha - blah blah.....
    Valentin is not with Anna............the police didn't test Sasha for alcohol.......Carly keeps a secret.....Nina whispers all the way on the planet Sonny wouldn't hire someone to do background on Dex (which is gonna be a bad guy)......months of Liz being stalked.....all of a sudden Chet and Amy are back who cares....
    NOTHING exciting or consistent.......I went back and read notes from January and we were saying the same thing then!!!
    PLUS now a nail salon is the meeting place????????

    1. Agree. The only consistent thing is blahblahblah.

    2. "zazu says, The only consistent thing is blahblahblah."


    3. Yup. So tired that I barely watch anymore and that is very sad indeed.

  7. Nina haters get ready, because she will now be the victim of having not one but 2 babies stolen from her. I know it wasn't a Friday show but most of us want to know more about the Liz story than anything (if they di it well).

  8. tj your father is sean. hatman is nothing to you. hatman did not even know his sons. quit referring to hatman as grampa.

  9. What is wrong with this show? Did JPS and Finola have a fight? We never ee them together anymore hardly. Guess the writers broke them up already??

    1. Probably scheduling issues. Of course Valentin has chemistry with everyone but the outpouring support for Vanna is pretty high. Scenes with Robert are a close 2nd for me.

    2. I LOVE VAnna but I also love Robert and Anna. Always loved Robert and Anna

  10. The only good thing in today's show was the opening shot of Bob the Badger. It was all downhill from there.

  11. I find myself getting resentful that "GH" gives valuable screen time to Brando and Sasha. Ugh. (I do like Gladys, however, in small doses.)

  12. Guess it will be 2 YEARS or more now until Nina knows Willow is her daughter. Carly and Nina are 2 "peas in a pod" about keeping stuff secret. Tired of it all.

    1. I'm getting tired of it all too, Lindie. They'll have Nina get mad now because of Wiley visitation and the "Nina is evil" fans will start snarling. Carly will hold off telling her and the "Carly is evil" fans will start snarling and we'll get another year of hate, spit and venom. Love in the afternoon has been erased on this soap and all we get is a merry-go-round of hate where the sides line up and go at it even when the characters aren't in an episode. ...My spirit needs a rest.

  13. My daughter wanted to watch The Net with Sandra Bullock. Saw The Hat man in that movie. He had about a 5 minute part.

  14. Going to give them a pass on "real" mother being used instead of "birth" as she did just find out that Harmony the woman who called herself her mother had been pretending her whole life. Pretend/Real are kind of the opposite in this situation.



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