Friday, May 27, 2022



Let's see if we can get through the ENTIRE SHOW!! OK??!! OK!! 

Chet is leaving PC. He's moving from CA in real life. Such a shame. He and Terry were a fun little rom-com on the side. Wish he was staying. He tells Terry the job is in Chicago. Amy says "don't take it"... and tells him she gave the people his resume to get him away from her boss (Terry) 

Nik comes into The Metro...sees Victor. Victor wants to stay while he and Ava talk. They just tell the backstory of Esme and Spencer..and fight. Victor leaves.  Ava says that they should patch up their marriage instead of catering to Esme and Spencer. She also says that she's the best thing that's ever happened to Nikolas. He says he's not crawling back to her. 

Michael on the stand. OMG Scotty brings up Michael axing Claudia  Z in the head !! WOOHOO!! Asks how long he got in jail, how long he served, yada yada. HE brings up Michael suing for custody of Avery!! OMG! Forgot it!! Brings up a bunch of other stuff. Then diane counters with how long Nina was on Nixon Falls and how she lied to Willow and Michael. She brings out Nelle's arrest file and it's HUGE. Michael's is one page. Judge wants to see them in chambers. 

Spencer comes into the Gallery, knocks something over to interrupt Rory and Trina. Rory leaves. Spencer tells Tri about his money from Ava. Trina goes to storm out. Spencer wants her to talk to talk to him. She says forget it and to stuff the envelopes hes' supposed to and clean up. When she leaves, Spencer knocks all the stuff on the floor. 

Esme calls Spencer to find out where he is. Spencer comes back in a bad mood because of Trina. Yells at Esme. He's Mad. She says Why does Trina trigger you? Spencer says he doesn't know but he does. Then wants to go for a drive. She's like NO and I might not be here when you get back! 

AT THE POOL: So, Rory went to the pool. He gets two loungers. Trina comes and sees him getting out the the pool. Admires the view LOL...they lay on the lounges together. 


Willow grabs Nina as she tries to leave the courtroom

Carly sees Sonny touch Nina's hair (Squee!)

Nikolas storms into Wydemere, pours a huge drink and Esme watches from the door. 

Terry thinks Chet should still take the job


  1. WOW! So many funny one liners today!!!! Hahahahaha! Scotty was great today with the one liners and so was the judge, but someone else wins it.

    The courtroom:

    Scotty: What's the matter Michael? Cat got your tongue?


    Judge: Counselor, just repeat your question!


    Scotty: Trouble? When this is over I'm lucky if I can practice at a food court.


    Willow and Nina: Oh my my my! Michael isn't there and Willow got her backbone back!

    Ava's gallery:

    Cabrina: Awww they are enjoying the painting.. :) Man Spencer you are so loud!

    Cabrina and Spencer: Jelly Spencer at it again!

    Spencer and Trina: Oh yeah sure Spencer. Tell her ALL about the mula you are getting. Trying to impress Trina? That won't impress her.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Victor and Nava: Nava do you really think it's a good idea to argue in front of Victor? He can use it to his own advantage! Queen Ava wins the line of the day.

    Queen Ava: Patient? I didn't chuck Esme off the parapet, so I think I showed plenty of patience.


    Nava: I really wanted them to be working together and then we find out! But nooooooooooo! They aren't working together! CRAP!

    Ava and uncle Victor: Oh uncle Victor swoops in to manipulate a vulnerable Ava? Then when Ava finds out that Vampira and Nik had sex, she is going to go into Victor's bed and sleep with him? :)

    Metrocourt pool: THE POOL IS BACK!!! YAY! :)

    Rory and the worker: Oh my! Rory has confidence! Love that!!! :) Saving a seat for Trina awwwww. :)

    Worker and Trina: Trina is all dressed up like she is from the 60's! ROFL! She went into the time machine! Oh she is looking at wet Rory!! WHOA! HELLO! :) I don't blame you Trina. :) Yeah it's the Cabrina magic. :)

    Cabrina: He is the sweetest!!!! :) I wonder why the cops have a discount.

    The hospital:

    Cherry: Oh dammit! They are ending before they began! Can't we get a recast that has chemistry with Terry? :(

    Cherry and Amy: Wow! I can't believe Amy confessed!!!


    Vampira and Spencer: Oooooo! Spencer is so ANGRY! Turning into the incredible hulk! Spencer is just angry cus he is jelly when he saw Cabrina together! If only he can see them kiss. :)

    Nik and Vampira: Nik drinking? Vampira waiting in the wings until Nik see her and grabs her to kiss her? :) Oh it's coming! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 15th 2009* Nik and Liz's first time having sex. Remember this? It's porn!!! Hahahahaha!

    Sidenote: On Memorial day GH repeat will be Tuesday, October 26, 2021, episode, where Sonny and Carly were concerned about Michael, Willow vented to Sasha, Brook Lynn confronted Gladys, Spencer pondered his prospects with Esme, and Ned turned to Austin for advice.

  2. end of the week thoughts:
    BEYOND ridiculous that Elizabeth would not say goodbye to her sons....STUPID.
    I like Greg and Alexis..
    Still think Marshall killed someone - still a waste of my time - and WHY does he hate Sonny?
    Diane is my lawyer!!! WOOHOO!
    Nina gonna lose------she and Sonny deserve each other/can't stand them---whiny people
    LOVE Rory and Trina ------------
    I'm pulling for Ava and Victor now - Nicholas is officially the stupidest character on the show.
    WHY bring Chet in for one date with Terry if he's gonna leave?

  3. Now let's see some Anna and Valentin at the pool. Shirtless Curtis; although I think he left Jo's shirt on last year. Maybe Chase and Brooklyn at the pool.

    1. "lindie says, Shirtless Curtis; although I think he left Jo's shirt on last year."

      Who is Jo? :)

  4. The show ended like what we expect from a Friday show, even though it really wasn't. Willow came out of her boredom coma.

    1. "Zazu says, Willow came out of her boredom coma."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Boredom coma.. Good one. :) That's because Michael wasn't around her. :)

  5. Every time they show a pool scene, I want to get on Amazon and order some lounge pillows. Seeing the actors crane their necks at such uncomforatable angles for so long gives me neck pain.


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