Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Defunkt GH Sets

NOTE: This is the blog for WED!! Please put all comments on show below!! 

Due to limited space in a soundstage, the sets at GH have often been defunkt or remodeled to suit a new storyline. We have had some pretty memorable sets over the years. Here are a few that we remember that passed us by along the way. The best part of searching for some of these videos was seeing so many GH characters that we miss and wish would still be with us


Robert's House

The thing I remember most about his house was that incredibly cheesy computer room he had hidden behind the sliding door. I know special effects were limited in the 80s, but this was really comical. The Robin intro storyline took place in this house.

NOTE: KAREN remembers this set as a penthouse? AND I think it was also used on Port Charles??  Maybe it's the Mandela effect! LOL 

NOTE from Dave: Yes, the set was on Nightshift in a 3-part dream sequence when Robert was in a coma. It brought Luke and Mac and Robert and Tiffany back for a reunion. It was very well done with lots of nostalgia. Its on youtube and so worth a look.

The Brownstone

The one set they should never have torn down. They could have always rotated residents and had characters interact with each other. The drama would always be there and always have written itself. Major mistake on the part of TPTB.

NOTE:  Karen here-- what the heck? Remember when Star (or was it Kiki) and Michael were going to open it back up? They were even renovating it!! Should be student/nursing housing. 

Campus Disco

I really wanted to find a clip from Lorena's Spa. Instead, I found this one with Richard Simmons. If this doesnt define "the 80s", nothing will.  

Luke's Club

This was a really nicely decorated set. It's a shame nothing lasts forever. Ethan could have been running it today.

Wyndham's Department Store

It really was Fascination. (And yes, I know what happens next. Lets just enjoy the dance and the song for a moment.)

The Outback

Who would have thought? A place where people can eat and drink and gather with an Australian theme and call it "The Outback". This clip is by far one of my top 5 scenes ever on GH. I was definitely on "team Lois" all the way.

The Mayor's House

Laura dies. Laura comes back. We've heard this storyline 3 or 4 times, haven't we? Ah, but it's good to see Rick, Lesley and Tiffany again, isn't it?? 

The Cafeteria

I guess all the doctor and nurse interaction happens at the nurses station now. But there was a time when the gossip happened in the cafeteria.

NOTE:  Karen again. One of my fave sets from the old days. SO much happened in the cafeteria!! Especially with young Laura. That's where she and Monica would meet and talk. Why? Laura was at such odds with Leslie, Monica was like her "second mother".  Oh, and this is the spot where Bobbie schemed her schemes! 

Luke's Club: Soap Opera Bistro

One last thing... if you know Disney, you know about the Soap Opera Bistro that was opened at Disneyland as part of the California Adventure. It was only open for 21 months, but it was a great place and SO many sets. 

Go to  YESTERLAND  to see them all!!


  1. No new episode due to Texas press conference. Today's episode will run tomorrow which will push the anniversary ep set to air Friday, June 17 to Monday, June 18.

    1. Oh you beat me to it.. Thank you for letting everyone know.

    2. Duh....MONDAY JUNE 20th!! Sorry guys!

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  3. LOVE your blast from the past Dave! Wow! I remember those sets and how much the added to the storylines. The Brownstone ALWAYS should have remained indeed! Just another dropped storyline under Frank. Shameful.

  4. I loved all those sets and storylines. That is when GH was so GOOD!!!!!!!!

  5. The Cassadine lab sets should get a mention. Especially the 'Crystal Room' from the Ice Princess story & the lab with the bottomless pit from Endgame. Also, the 1995 - 2000 Wyndemere set was stellar. Probably the best one they ever did of Wyndemere, imo. Everything since has been 'meh'.

    1. I did stumble across the set where Luke topped Mikkos and sent him into the freezing machine. I think Cassadine is a blog in itself. I know Karen has a fondness for Helena/Constance. Stay tuned... We always need filler and ideas!

  6. I miss a lot of the sets.. I love the Brownstone!! It was great seeing everyone live there and have conversations! :) Luke's night club was awesome! I remember Luke had Erykah Badu on to sing. :) I love the outback!!!! :) I love Robert's penthouse! Especially the computer room. It was so cool! :) I love love loved the hospital cafeteria, and I want it back!!!! I don't know why they got rid of it. I hate watching everyone walk around and around and around talking.. Yuck. Get the cafeteria back!!!

    1. I loved the Brownstone too. And the cafeteria. It made so much more sense than having people talking on the steps or at the elevator, or on out of place little benches in the hall.

    2. I loved the Brownstone, too. And after seeing his pic I forgot how much I liked Jake. And don't get me started on Joe va va voom!! :)
      Loved these flashbacks and pics. And I was such a fan of Night Shift. The shoot out in the hospital and Jason "saving" Robin was one of my favorite scenes that I've watched countless times on You Tube!
      And Sonya, thanks for asking, I'm fine. I was just busy lately and didn't post. But I read everything! :)

    3. "Di says, I loved the Brownstone too."

      We need it back!!!!! :)

      "And the cafeteria. It made so much more sense than having people talking on the steps or at the elevator, or on out of place little benches in the hall."

      Yeah or walking around and around and around and around. UGH!

      "Julie H says, don't get me started on Joe va va voom!! :)"

      Yes he was hot!!! :)

      "And Sonya, thanks for asking, I'm fine. I was just busy lately and didn't post."

      Oh okay good I'm glad you are fine. :)

      "But I read everything! :)"

      YAY! :)

  7. The Webber house where Laura grew up and I think Mac lived there with the girls (which is kind of Liz's house now). Original Ruby's (they moved the door to the right of the screen when it used to be to the left and back with apts upstairs that they used to show). I used to remember Robert's house as a penthouse too but I think I confused it with Sean D's place.

    1. Liz's house is definitely the (retooled) Webber house :-)


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