Friday, May 20, 2022

Last 30 MIN!


Savoy: TAGGERT is back!! Jordan is looking gorge. She and Portia have drinks. 

Marshall is hurt...taking him to the hospital. He's lost a lot of blood. Doctor wants to know his meds and Curtis says all he knows is BP medicine. 

LIZ IS cutting paper and just sitting there!!!!!!?? OH she's in a trance, doesn't remember going home!! Finn tells her he thinks it's her that's been doing all these things. She doesn't believe it 

Bobbie and Carly talk about the DNA test and Sonny hears. Carly and he talk. She won't tell him. 

Bobbie talks to Nina...she tells her to back off. Nina tells her she knows all her secrets about breaking up Laura and Scott and her cheating with so many husbands. 

Millow: WILEY WILEY WILEY... drinking wine and talking about WILEY. They kiss after talking about WILEY. BLAH AND THE MAKE THE WUB 

Violet is STILL UP? It's like 1am!! LOL OMG she eats Greg's brownie--she just HAD  a giant hot fudge sundae LOL!! MAN! She's going to be running all over town. 

Jordan remembers what Portia said about Trina and her "real father"... 

Nina calls Bobbie an ex- prostitute and Bobbie throws a drink on her LOL 

Marshall is just laying there---with no hat on. Curtis sits by him. 


  1. Well it was worth running home for. I think they must have hired a closer because old SLs are suddenly coming together.

    Glad it was sleep walking as I first suggested. The trance was the final kicker. And if it was DID she would have answered people in her other personality and would have been caught out earlier, I'm sure.

    Glad Jordan remembered what Portia said and called her on it. I hope this is cleared up soon. too.

    And what's with Bobbi using the term "entitled" to describe Nell? She was anything but entitled.

    I was hoping Marshall needed a transfusion and that neither TJ or Curtis were a match.

  2. Rebecca Herbst proved today she should be a lead actress.

  3. Brooklyn/the alley:

    2 bad guys, Superhero Mr. Hat man, TJ, and Curtis: Oh look! Curtis! :) Superhero Mr. Hat man is down! He is down! Wait his arm got slashed and he is out?!!? HUH?!

    NY hospital:

    Curtis, Tolly, and the doctor: Are they going to find anything in Superhero Mr. Hat man's bag of stuff? No? Crap. Of course the family knows nothing about what meds he takes! UGH! This is so frustrating.

    Superhero Mr. Hat man's room: Geez his arm just got slashed and it looks like he is on his death bed!

    Port Chuckles:


    Little V, Caleb, and Gregory: Thanks to little V, Caleb knows now that Liz is gaslighting herself! :) Little V needs an honorary cop badge! :)

    Little V and Gregory: GAH! Adorable! :)

    "Karen says Violet is STILL UP? It's like 1am!!"

    1 am! Hahahaha. Could be. I was thinking it was like 11:00 or so.

    Liz's home: Oh man!!! Liz cutting up that drawing little by little, really creeped me out!!!

    Liz and Cam: She can't even hear him! OH CRAP!

    Liz, Cam, and Caleb: Yeah I kept telling Caleb careful! Don't touch her!! When she moved and the scissors opened, it made me nervous!!! You can get help Liz!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT SCENE!

    Mildew's home:

    Mildew and Wiley: Wiley can talk!!!!!!!! :) Wiley wins the line of the day.

    Wiley: Daddy, 16 is old.


    Mildew: Come on Willow! You are not going to ask Michael if he has seen your toothbrush? That would be a realistic thing for her to ask writers!!! All that Wiley talk turned them on. They are having porn zex. Reminds me of when Liz and Nik had porn zex. :)

    The Savoy:

    Carly and Bobbie: I love that Bobbie is giving dirty looks to Nina! :) Ohhh Bobbie wants to tell her off! Come on Carly let her!!!!

    Sona: Come on! Stop talking and just go somewhere and have zex!! Come on Sonny! Look what she is wearing! A hooker outfit with a lot of cleavage!!! :)

    Bobbie and Nina: Oh my! How does Nina know all about Bobbie's past? Nice touch Bobbie throwing that drink at her! Now punch her! :) No? Crap!

    Taggart and Portia: HEY! THERE IS TAGGART! :) Where have you been?!

    Taggart, Portia, and Jordan: Taggart is impatient!!! I don't blame him!

    Portia and Jordan: Ooooo Jordan is remembering!!! I didn't know that she forgot. Well, I'm glad it's coming back to her! Come on! The truth about Trina's bio daddy needs to come out now!

    Sonny and Taggart: I'm glad they are on the same page about Trina and the Pam and Tommy sex tape.

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1997* Tony and Bobbie talk.

    Sidenote: I got a jury duty summons. I called and the machine said I don't need to go and that I don't need to keep calling, that they will send me another summons! WHAT?! When did that start happening?! How odd.

  4. Good scenes with Liz. Finally.
    kd has the line of the day..."Marshall is just laying there---with no hat on". lol

    1. Hahaha. Yeah that was funny and I was going to say something about that oops hahaha. I'm surprised he isn't wearing a hat! :)

  5. Constance Towers is 89 years young today

  6. ----so it is sleep walking and not DID? GOOD!
    ----still think Stella is Curtis' mom and another storyline dropped was Phyllis knowing Stella---I feel bad still that I have NO interest in Marshall.....and Jordan remembering what Portia said comes outta nowhere -----it's not like it is their wedding day (oops forgot that divorce papers haven't even been filed.)
    -----just an odd May sweeps ---------storylines we WANT aren't being shown.

  7. Easton Sweda or little Leo is in a new movie called The Present.

  8. I enjoyed the Bobbie/Nina scenes. I would have rather Nina slam Snarly to Bobbie than bring up Bobbie's past but that's just me.

  9. And Happy Birthday to Jophielle on her 8th birthday.

    1. She is such a petite 8 year old isn't she? Adorable and talented little girl

    2. I remember Kimberly McCullough being petite for her age and excellent little actress as well.

    3. That's because getting a small 5 year old to play a three year old is the way most shows go. It adds to their precociousness and makes them easier to work with.Unfortunately if they stay small they end up getting replaced when they hit their teens.


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